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Section 81

LXXXIII Sanjaya said, Then king Yudhishthira, the son of Kunti, saluting Devaki's son Janardana, and cheerfully addressed him saying Hast thou passed the night happily, O slayer of Madhu? Are all thy perceptions clear, O thou of unfading glory? Vasudeva also made similar enquiries of Yudhishthira. Then the orderly came and represented that the other Kshatriya warriors were waiting to be introduced. Commanded by the king, the man introduced that concourse of heroes, consisting of Virata and Bhimasena and Dhrishtadyumna and Satyaki, and Dhrishtaketu, the ruler of the Chedis, and the mighty car-warriors, Drupada, and Sikhandin, and the twins Nakula and Sahadeva, and Chekitana, and the ruler of the Kalikayas, and Yuyutsu, of Kuru's race, and Uttamaujas of the Panchalas, and Yudhamanyu, and Suvahu, and the five sons of Draupadi. These and many other Kshatriyas, approaching that high-souled bull among the Kshatriyas, sat down on excellent seats. Those mighty and high-souled heroes of great splendour viz, Krishna and Yuyudhana, both sat on the same seat. Then in the hearing of them all, Yudhishthira addressing the lotus-eyed slayer of Madhu, and said unto him these sweet words: Relying on thee alone, we, like the celestial one, the deity of a thousand eyes, seek, victory in battle and eternal happiness. Thou art aware, O Krishna, of the deprivation of our kingdom, our exile at the hands of the foe, and all our diverse woes.

O lord of all, O thou that art compassionate unto those that are devoted to thee, upon thee wholly rests the happiness of us all and our very existence, O slayer of Madhu! O thou of Vrishni's race, do that by which my heart may ever rest on thee! Do also that, O Lord, by which the proposed vow of Arjuna may be realised. O, rescue us today from this ocean of grief and rage. O Madhava, become thou today a boat unto us that are desirous of crossing that ocean. The car-warriors desirous of slaying the foe cannot, in battle, do that for the success of his object which, O Krishna, the car-driver can do, if he exerts himself carefully. O Janardana, as thou always savest the Vrishnis in all calamities, even so it behoveth thee to save us from this distress, O mighty-armed one! O bearer of the conch, discus, and mace, rescue the sons of Pandu sunk in the fathomless and boatless Kuru-ocean, by becoming a boat unto them. I bow to thee, O God of the lord of the gods, O thou that art eternal, O supreme Destroyer, O Vishnu, O Jishnu, O Hari, O Krishna, O Vaikuntha, O best of mate beings! Narada described thee as that ancient and best of Rishis called Narayana that giveth boons, that beareth the bow Saranga, and that is the foremost of all.

O Madhava, make those words true. Thus addressed in the midst of that assembly by king Yudhishthira the just, Kesava, that foremost of speakers, replied unto Yudhishthira in a voice deep as that of clouds charged with rain, saying, In all the worlds including that of the celestials, there is no bowman equal to Dhananjaya, the son of Pritha! Possessed of great energy. accomplished in weapons, of great prowess and great strength, celebrated in battle, ever wrathful, and of great energy, Arjuna is the foremost of men. Youthful in years bull-necked, and of long arms, he is endued with great strength. Treading like a lion or a bull, and exceedingly beautiful he will slay all thy foes. As regards myself, I will do that by which Arjuna, the son of Kunti, may be able to consume the troops of Dhritarashtra's son like a swelling conflagration. This very day, Arjuna will, by his arrows despatch that vile wretch of sinful deeds, that slayer of Subhadra's son, viz, Jayadratha, to that road from which no traveller comes back. Today vultures and hawks and furious jackals and other carnivorous creatures will feed on his flesh. O Yudhishthira, if even all the gods with Indra become his protectors today, Jayadratha will still, slain in the thick of battle, repair to Yama's capital.

Having slain the ruler of the Sindhus, Jishnu will come to thee in the evening. Dispel thy grief and the fever of thy heart, O king, and be thou graced with prosperity

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