Udyoga Parva

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Section 89

LXXXIX Vaisampayana said, Rising up from his bed at day-dawn, Krishna went through his morning rites, and taking leave of the Bharatas, set out for the city of the Kurus. Ana all the inhabitants of Vrikasthala, bidding farewell unto that mighty one of long arms while he was about to depart, all returned to their homes. And all the Dhartarashtras except Duryodhana, attired in excellent robes, and with Bhishma, Drona, Kripa, and others, went out to meet him. And the citizens by thousands, O king, on cars of diverse kinds, and many on foot, also came out, desirous of beholding Hrishikesa. And meeting on the way Bhishma of spotless deed, and Drona, and Dhritarashtra's sons, he entered the city, surrounded by them all.

And in honour of Krishna, the city was beautifully adorned, and the principal streets were decorated with diverse jewels and gems. And, O king, O bull of the Bharata race, on that occasion no one, man, woman, or child, remained in doors, so eager were the citizens for beholding Vasudeva. And all the citizens came out and lined the streets and bent their heads down to the ground singing eulogies in his honour, O king, when Hrishikesa entered the city and passed through it. And substantial mansions, filled with high-born ladies, seemed to be on the point of falling down on the ground in consequence of their living weight. And although Vasudeva's steeds were endued with great speed, yet they moved very slowly through that dense mass of human beings. And that lotus-eyed grinder of foes then entered Dhritarashtra's ash-coloured palace which was enriched with numerous buildings. And having passed through the first three chambers of the palace, that chastiser of foes, Kesava, came upon the royal son of Vichitravirya. And upon that son of Dasarha's race approaching his presence, the blind monarch of great fame stood up along with Drona and Bhishma, Kripa and Somadatta, and king Vahlika also, all stood up for honouring Janardana. And the Vrishni hero, having approached king Dhritarashtra of great fame, worshipped him and Bhishma with proper words and without losing any time. And having offered that worship unto them according to established usage, Madhava the slayer of Madhu, greeted the other kings according to their seniority in years.

And Janardana then accosted the illustrious Drona and his son, and Vahlika, and Kripa, and Somadatta. And there in that chamber Jay a spacious seat of beautiful workmanship, made of gold and set with jewels. And at Dhritarashtra's request, Achyuta took that seat; and the priests of Dhritarashtra duly offered Janardana a cow, honey and curds and water. And after the rites of hospitality were over, Govinda remained there for a while, surrounded by the Kurus, laughing and jesting with them according to their relationship with him. And that illustrious grinder of foes, honoured and worshipped by Dhritarashtra, came out with the king's permission. And Madhava having duly greeted all the Kurus in their assembly, then went to the delightful abode of Vidura; and Vidura, having approached Janardana of Dasarha's race thus arrived at his abode, worshipped him with every auspicious and desirable offering. And he said, What use, O lotus-eyed one, in telling thee of the joy I feel at this advent of thine, for thou art the inner Soul of all embodied creatures' And after the hospitable reception was over, Vidura, conversant with all the principles of morality, enquired of Govinda, the slayer of Madhu, about the welfare of Pandavas. And that scion of Dasarha's race, that chief of the Vrishnis, unto whom the past and the future were as the present, knowing that Vidura was loved by the Pandavas and friendly towards them, and learned, and firm in morality, and honest, and harbouring no wrath against the Pandavas, and wise, began to tell him everything in detail about the doings of the sons of Pandu

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