Sabha Parva

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Section 59

LIX Vaisampayana said, When the play commenced, all those kings with Dhritarashtra at their head took their seats in that assembly. And, O Bharata, Bhishma and Drona and Kripa and the high-souled Vidura with cheerless hearts sat behind. And those kings with leonine necks and endued with great energy took their seats separately and in pairs upon many elevated seats of beautiful make and colour. And, O king, that mansion looked resplendent with those assembled kings like heaven itself with a conclave of the celestials of great good fortune. And they were all conversant with the Vedas and brave and of resplendent countenances. And, O great king, the friendly match at dice then commenced. Yudhishthira said, O king, this excellent wealth of pearls of great value, procured from the ocean by churning it of old, so beautiful and decked with pure gold, this, O king, is my stake. What is thy counter stake, O great king, the wealth with which thou wishest to play with me

Duryodhana said, I have many jewels and much wealth. But I am not vain of them. Win thou this stake' Vaisampayana continued, Then Sakuni, well-skilled at dice, took up the dice and casting them said unto Yudhishthira, Lo, I have won

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