Adi Parva

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Section 14

XIV Astika Parva continued Sauti said, That Brahmana of rigid vows then wandered over the earth for a wife but a wife found he not. One day he went into the forest, and recollecting the words of his ancestors, he thrice prayed in a faint voice for a bride. Thereupon Vasuki rose and offered his sister for the Rishi's acceptance. But the Brahmana hesitated to accept her, thinking her not to be of the same name with himself. The high-souled Jaratkaru thought within himself, I will take none for wife who is not of the same name with myself' Then that Rishi of great wisdom and austere penances asked him, saying, Tell me truly what is the name of this thy sister, O snake' Vasuki replied, O Jaratkaru, this my younger sister is called Jaratkaru.

Given away by me, accept this slender-waisted damsel for thy spouse. O best of Brahmanas, for thee I reserved her. Therefore, take her' Saying this, he offered his beautiful sister to Jaratkaru who then espoused her with ordained rites So ends the thirteenth section in the Astika Parva of the Adi Parva.

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