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BOOK XX (20)

HYMN CXX (120)

[2012101] Though, Indra, thou art called by men eastward and westward, north and south, [p. 357] Thou chiefly art with Anava and Turvasa, brave Champion! urged by men to come.

[2011802] Or, Indra, when with Ruma, Rusama, Syavaka, and Kripa thou rejoicest thee, Still do the Kanvas bring praises, with their prayers, O Indra, draw thee hither: come.


[2012101] Over the three great distances, past the Five Peoples go thy way, O Indra, noticing our voice.

[2012102] Send forth thy ray like Surya: let my songs attract thee hither ward.
Like waters gathering to the vale.


[2012201] With Indra splendid feasts be ours enriched with ample spoil, wherewith, Wealthy in food, we may rejoice.

[2012202] Like thee, thyself, the singers friend, thou movest as it were, besought, Bold One, the axle of the car.

[2012203] That, Satakratu, thou to grace and please thy praisers, as it were, Stirrest the axle with thy strength.

[p. 358]


[2012301] This is the Godhead, this the might of Surya: he hath with drawn what spread over work unfinished.
When he hath loosed his horses from their station, straight over all night spreadeth out her garment.

[2012302] In the sky s lap the Sun this form assumeth for Mitra and for Varuna to look on.
His bay steeds well maintain his power eternal, at one time bright and darksome at another.


[2012401] With what help will he come to us, wonderful, ever waxing Friend, With what most mighty company?

[2012402] What genuine and most liberal draught will spirit thee with juice to burst.
Open even strongly guarded wealth?

[2012403] Do thou who art protector us thy friends who praise thee With hundred aids approach us.

[2012404] We will, with Indra and all Gods to help us, bring these existing worlds into subjection.
Our sacrifice, our bodies, and our offspring shall Indra form together with the Adityas.

[2012405] With the Adityas, with the band of Maruts, may Indra be pro tector of our bodies.
As when the Gods came after they had slaughtered the Asuras, keeping safe their Godlike nature,

[2012406] Brought the Sun hitherward with mighty powers, and looked about them on their vigorous Godhead. [p. 359] With this may we obtain strength God appointed, and joy with brave sons through a hundred winters.


[2012501] Drive all our enemies away, O Indra, the western, mighty Conqueror, and the eastern, Hero, drive off our northern foes and southern, that we in thy wide shelter may be joyful.

[2012502] What then? As men whose fields are full of barley reap the ripe corn removing it in order, So bring the food of those men, bring it hither, who come not to prepare the grass for worship.

[2012503] Men come not with one horse at sacred seasons; thus they obtain no honour in assemblies.
Sages desiring herds of kine and horses strengthen the mighty Indra for his friendship.

[2012504] Ye, Asvins, Lords of Splendour, drank full draughts of grateful Soma juice, And aided Indra in his work with Namuchi of Asura birth.

[2012505] As parents aid a son, both Asvins, Indra, aided thee with their wondrous powers and wisdom When thou, with might, hadst drunk the draught that glad dens, Sarasvati, O Maghavan refreshed thee.

[2012506] Indra is strong to save, rich in assistance: may he, possessing all, be kind and gracious.
May he disperse our foes and give us safety, and may we be the lords of hero vigour.

[2012507] May we enjoy his favour, his the holy: may we enjoy his blessed loving kindness.
May this rich Indra, as our good protector, drive off and keep afar all those who hate us.

[p. 360]


[2012601] Men have abstained from pouring juice; nor counted Indra as a God.
Where at the votary s store my friend Vrishakapi hath drunk his fill.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012602] Thou, Indra, heedless passest by the ill Vrishakapi hath wrought; Yet nowhere else thou findest place wherein to drink the Soma juice.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012603] What hath he done to injure thee, this tawny beast Vrishakapi, With whom thou art so angry now? What is the votary s food ful store? Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012604] Soon may the hound who hunts the boar seize him and bite him in the ear, O Indra, that Vrishakapi whom thou protectest as a friend.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012605] Kapi hath marred the beauteous things, all deftly wrought, that were my joy.
In pieces will I rend his head; the sinner s portion shall be woe.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012606] No dame hath ampler charms than I, or greater wealth of love s delights.
None with more ardour offers all her beauty to her lord s embrace.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012607] Mother whose love is quickly won,I say what verily will be, My breast, O mother, and my head and both my hips seem quivering Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012608] Dame with the lovely hands and arms, with broad hair plaits and ample hips, Why, O thou hero s wife, art thou angry with our Vrishakapi? Supreme is Indra over all.
[2012609] This noxious creature looks on me as one bereft of hero s love. [p. 361] Yet heroes for my sons have I, the Maruts friend and Indra s Queen Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012610] From olden time the matron goes to feast and general sacrifice.
Mother of heroes, Indra s Queen, the rite s ordainer is extolled.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012611] So have I heard Indrani called most fortunate among these dames, For never shall her Consort die in future time through length of days.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012612] Never, Indrani have I joyed without my friend Vrishakapi, Whose welcome offering here, made pure with water, goeth to the Gods.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012613] Wealthy Vrishakapayi, blest with sons and consorts of thy sons, Indra will eat thy bulls, thy dear oblation that effecteth much.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012614] Fifteen in number, then, for me a score of bullocks they prepare.
And I devour the fat thereof: they fill my belly full with food.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012615] Like as a bull with pointed horn, loud bellowing amid the herds, Sweet to thine heart, O Indra, is the brew which she who tends thee pours.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012616] Indrani speaks.
Non ille fortis (ad Venerem) est cujus mentula laxe inter femora dependet; fortis vero estille cujus, quum sederit, membrum pilosum se extendit.
Super omnia est Indra.

[2012617] Indra speaks.
Non fortis est ille cujus, quum sederit, membrum pilosum se extendit: fortis vero est ille cujus mentula laxe inter femora dependet.
Super omnia est Indra.

[2012618] O Indra, this Vrishakapi hath found a slain wild animal, Dresser, and new made pan, and knife, and wagon with a load of wood.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012619] Distinguishing the Dasa and the Arya, viewing all, I go.
I look upon the wise, and drink the simple votary s Soma juice.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012620] The desert plains and steep descents, how many leagues in length they spread! Go to the nearest houses, go unto thine home, Vrishakapi.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012621] Turn thee again Vrishakapi; we twain will bring thee happiness.
Thou goest homeward on thy way along this path which leads to sleep.
Supreme is Indra over all.

[2012622] When, Indra and Vrishakapi, ye travelled upward to your home, Where was that noisome beast, to whom went it, the beast that troubles man? Supreme is Indra over all.
[2012623] Daughter of Manu, Parsu bare a score of children at a birth. [p. 362] Her portion verily was bliss although her burthen caused her grief.

[p. 363]


A hymn in praise of the good Government of King Kaurama

[2012701] Listen to this, ye men, a laud of glorious bounty shall be sung.
Thousands sixty, and ninety we, O Kaurama, among the Rusamas have received.

[2012702] Camels twice ten that draw the car, with females by their side, he gave.
Fain would the chariot s top bow down escaping from the stroke of heaven.

[2012703] A hundred chains of gold, ten wreaths, upon thee Rishi he bestowed, And thrice a hundred mettled steeds, ten times a thousand cows he gave.

[2012704] Glut thee, O Singer, glut thee like a bird on a ripe fruited tree.
Thy lips and tongue move swiftly like the sharp blades of a pair of shears.

[2012705] Quickly and willingly like kine forth come the singers and their hymns: Their little maidens are at home, at home they wait upon the cows.

[2012706] O Singer, bring thou forth the hymn that findeth cattle, findeth: wealth. [p. 364] Even as an archer aims his shaft address this prayer unto the Gods.

[2012707] List to Parikshit s eulogy, the sovran whom all people love, The King who ruleth over all, excelling mortals as a God.

[2012708] Mounting his throne, Parikshit, best of all, hath given us peace and rest, Saith a Kauravya to his wife as he is ordering his house.

[2012709] Which shall I set before thee, curds, gruel of milk, or barley brew? Thus the wife asks her husband in the realm which King Parikshit rules.

[2012710] Up as it were to heavenly light springs the ripe corn above the cleft.
Happily thrive the people in the land where King Parikshit reigns.

[2012711] Indra hath waked the bard and said, Rise, wander singing here and there.
Praise me, the strong: each pious man will give thee riches in return,

[2012712] Here, cows! increase and multiply, here ye, O horses, here, O men.
Here, with a thousand rich rewards, doth Pushan also seat him self.

[2012713] O Indra, let these cows be safe, their master free from injury.
Let not the hostile hearted or the robber have control of them.

[2012714] Oft and again we glorify the hero with our hymn of praise, with prayer, with our auspicious prayer.
Take pleasure in the songs we sing: let evil never fall on us.

[p. 365]


Sacrificial formulas

[2012801] The worshipper who pours the juice, for gathering and assembly fit, And yonder foe destroying Sun, these have the Gods designed of old.

[2012802] He who defiles a sister, he who willingly would harm a friend, The fool who slights his elder, these, they say, must suffer down.

[2012803] Whenever any good man s son becometh bold and spirited, Then hath the wise Gandharva said this pleasant upward point ing word.

[2012804] The most unprofitable churl, the wealthy men who brings no.
gift, These, verily, as we have heard, are cast away by all the wise.

[2012805] But they who have adored the Gods, and they who have best owed their gifts, Those liberal lords are filled with wealth like Surya risen up to heaven.

[2012806] With unanointed eyes and limbs, wearing no gem or ring of gold.
No priest, no Brahman s son is he: these things are ordered in the rules.

[2012807] With well anointed limbs and eyes, wearing fair gem and golden, ring, Good priest is he, the Brahman s son; these things are ordered in the rules.

[2012808] Pools with no place for drinking, and the wealthy man who.
giveth naught, The pretty girl you may not touch, these things are ordered in: the rules. [p. 366]

[2012809] Pools with good drinking places, and the wealthy man who freely gives, The pretty girl who may be touched, these things are ordered in the rules.

[2012810] The favourite wife neglected, and the man who safely shuns the fight, A sluggish horse whom none may guide, these things are order ed in the rules.

[2012811] The favourite wife most dearly loved, the man who safely goes to war, The fleet steed who obeys the rein, these things are ordered in the rules.

[2012812] When, Indra, thou, as no man could, didst plunge into the Ten Kings fight, That was a guard for every man: for he is formed to stay disease.

[2012813] Easily conquering Maghavan, thou, Hero, bentest Raji down, Rentest asunder Rauhina, calvest in pieces Vritra s head.

[2012814] Thou who didst separate the clouds and penetrate the water floods, To thee, great slayer of the foe, be glory, Indra, yea, to thee!

[2012815] They said to Auchchaihsravasa running as side horse of the Bays, Safely to victory, O Steed, bear Indra with the beauteous wreath.

[2012816] They yoke the white mares, on the Bay s right harness Auchchaihsravasa.
He joyeth as he carrieth Indra the foremost of the Gods.

[p. 367]


[2012901] These mares come springing forward to Pratipa Pratisutvana.

[2012903] 4.
One of them is Hariknika.
Hariknika, what seekest thou?

[2012905] 6.
The excellent, the golden son: where now hast thou aban doned him?

[2012907] 8.
There where around those distant trees, three Sisus that are standing there,

[2012909] 10.
Three adders, breathing angrily, are blowing loud the threatening horn.

[2012911] 12.
Hither hath come a stallion: he is known by droppings on his way,

[2012913] 14.
As by their dung the course of kine.
What wouldst thou in the home of men?

[2012915] 16.
Barley and ripened rice I seek.
On rice and barley hast thou fed,

[2012917] 18.
As the big serpent feeds on sheep.
Cow s hoof and horse s tail hast thou,

[2012919] 20.
Winged with a falcon s pinion is that harmless swelling of thy tongue.

[p. 368]

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