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BOOK V (5)

HYMN XX (20)

A hymn to the War drum to secure victory

[0502001] Formed out of wood, compact with straps of leather, loud is the: War drum as he plays the hero.
Whetting thy voice and vanquishing opponents, roar at them like a lion fain to conquer!

[0502002] The fastened frame hath roared as it were a lion, like a bull bel lowing to meet the heifer.
Thou art a bull, thine enemies are weaklings: thine is the foe subduing strength of Indra.

[0502003] Like a bull marked by strength among the cattle, roar seeking kine and gathering up the booty.
Pierce through our adversaries heart with sorrow, and let our routed foes desert their hamlets.

[0502004] Victorious in the battle, loudly roaring, seizing what may be seized, look all around thee.
Utter, O Drum, thy heavenly voice with triumph.
Bring, as a priest, our enemies possessions.

[0502005] Hearing the Drum s far reaching voice resounding, let the foe s dame, waked by the roar, afflicted, Grasping her son, run forward in her terror amid the conflict of the deadly weapons.

[0502006] Thou, first of all, O Drum, thy voice shalt utter: over the ridge of earth speak forth exultant.
Crunching with might the army of the foemen, declare thy message pleasantly and clearly.

[0502007] Loud be thy roar between the earth and heaven.
Swift let thy sounds go forth in all directions.
Neigh at them, thunder, set in opposition, song maker, good ally that friends may conquer. [p. a181]

[0502008] He shall send forth his voice whom art hath fashioned.
Make thou the weapons of our warriors bristle.
With Indra for ally call out our heroes, and with thy friends scatter and chase the foemen

[0502009] Resonant, roaring, with thy powerful weapons, warning, and heard by troops in many places, Knowing all rules and winning us advantage, deal fame to many where two kings are fighting.

[0502010] Bent on advantage, mightier, gaining treasures, victor in war, the spell hath made thee keener.
As, in the press, the stone to stalks of Soma, thus, Drum! go dancing to our foes possessions.

[0502011] Foe conqueror, victor, vanquishing opponents, seeker of booty, mastering, destroying.
Speak out as a skilled speaker tells his counsel, speak strength to us that we may win the battle.

[0502012] Shaker of things unshaken, readiest corner to battles; conquer ing foes, resistless leader, Guarded by Indra, watching our assemblies, go quickly, breaker of their hearts who hate us.


A hymn to the War drum and various deities for victory

[0502101] Speak to our enemies, O Drum, discouragement and wild dismay.
We bring upon our foemen fear and discord and discomfiture.
Drum! drive these enemies away.

[0502102] When sacrificial butter hath been offered, let our foemen flee.
Through consternation, terrified, trembling in mind and eye and heart.

[0502103] Wrought out of wood, compact with straps of leather, dear to all the clan, [p. a182] Bedewed with sacrificial oil, speak terror to our enemies.

[0502104] As the wild creatures of the wood flee in their terror from a man, Even so do thou, O Drum, roar out against our foes to frighten them, and then bewilder thou their thoughts.

[0502105] As, when the wolf approaches, goats and sheep run sorely terrified, Even so do thou, O Drum, roar out against our foes to frighten them, and then bewilder thou their thoughts.

[0502106] As birds of air, day after day, fly in wild terror from the hawk, as from a roaring lion s voice, Even so do thou, O Drum, roar out against our foes to frighten them, and then bewilder thou their thoughts.

[0502107] May all the deities whose might controls the fortune of the fray Frighten away our enemies with Drum and skin of antelope.

[0502108] Let those our enemies who go yonder in their battalions shake.
In fear at shadows and the sounds of feet which Indra sporteth with.

[0502109] To all the quarters of the sky let clang of bowstrings and our Drums.
Cry out to hosts of foes that go discomfited in serried ranks.

[0502110] Aditya, take their sight away! Follow them close, ye motes of light.
Let them cleave fast to foot bound hosts when strength of arm hath past away.

[0502111] Do ye, O mighty Maruts, sons of Prisni, crush down, with Indra for ally, our foemen.
King Soma.
Varuna, great God and sovran, Indra too, aye, Death,

[0502112] May these embattled Gods, brilliant as Surya All hail! one minded conquer those who hate us.

[p. a183]


A charm against fever

[0502201] Hence, filled with holy strength let Agni, Soma, and Varuna, the Press stone, and the Altar.
And Grass, and glowing Fuel banish Fever.
Let hateful things stay at a distance yonder.

[0502202] And thou thyself who makest all men yellow, consuming them with burning heat like Agni, Thou, Fever! then be weak and ineffective.
Pass hence into the realms below or vanish.

[0502203] Endowed with universal power! send Fever down ward, far away, The spotty, like red coloured dust, sprung from a spotty ancestor.

[0502204] When I have paid obeisance to Fever I send him downward forth.
So let Sakambhara s boxer go again to the Mahavrishas.

[0502205] His mansions are the Mujavans, and the Mahavrishas his home, Thou, Fever, ever since thy birth hast lived among the Bahlikas.

[0502206] Fever, snake, limbless one, speak out! Keep thyself far away fi om us.
Seek thou a wanton Dast girl and strike her with thy thunder bolt.

[0502207] Go, Fever, to the Mujavans, or, farther, to the Bahlikas.
Seek a lascivious Sara girl and seem to shake her through and through.

[0502208] Go hence and eat thy kinsmen the Mahavrishas and Mujavans.
These or those foreign regions we proclaim to Fever for his home.

[0502209] In a strange land thou joyest not; subdued, thou wilt be kind to us.
Fever is eager to depart, and to the Bahlikas will go,

[0502210] Since thou now cold, now burning hot, with cough besides, hast made us shake, Terrible, Fever, are thy darts: forbear to injure us with these.

[0502211] Take none of these to be thy friends, Cough, or Consumption or Decline: Never come thence again to us! O Fever, thus I counsel thee.

[0502212] Go, Fever, with Consumption, thy brother, and with thy sister, Cough. [p. a184] And with thy nephew Herpes, go away unto that alien folk.

[0502213] Chase Fever whether cold or hot, brought by the summer or the rains, Tertian, intermittent, or autumnal, or continual.

[0502214] We to Gandharis, Mujavans, to Angas and to Magadhas.
Hand over Fever as it were a servant and a thing of price.


A charm against parasitic worms

[0502301] I have called Heaven and Earth to aid, have called divine Sarasvati, Indra and Agni have I called: Let these destroy the worm, I prayed.

[0502302] O Indra, Lord of Treasures, kill the worms that prey upon this boy.
All the malignant spirits have been smitten by my potent spell. [p. a185] We utterly destroy the worm, the worm that creeps around the eyes.
The worm that crawls about the nose, the worm that gets bet ween the teeth.

[0502303] Two of like colour, two unlike, two coloured black, two coloured red.
The tawny and the tawny eared, Vulture and Wolf, all these are killed.

[0502304] Worms that are white about the sides, those that are black with black hued arms, All that show various tints and hues, these worms we utterly destroy.

[0502305] Eastward the Sun is mounting, seen of all, destroying thing unseen, Crushing and killing all the worms invisible and visible.

[0502306] Let the Yevashas, Kaskashas, Ejatkas, Sipavitnukas, Let both the worm that we can see, and that we see not, be destroyed.

[0502307] Slain the Yevasha of the worms, slain too is the Nadaniman.
I have reduced them all to dust like vetches with the pounding stone.

[0502308] The worm Saranga, white of hue, three headed, with a triple hump, I split and tear his ribs away, I wrench off every head he has.

[0502309] I kill you, worms, as Atri, as Kanva and Jamadagni killed.
I crush the worms to pieces with a spell that erst Agastya used.

[0502310] The King of worms hath been destroyed, he who was lord of these is slain.
Slain is the worm whose mother, whose brother and sister have been slain.

[0502311] Destroyed are his dependants, who those dwell around him are destroyed, And all the worms that seem to be the little ones are done to death

[0502312] Of every worm and insect, of the female and the male alike, I crush the head to pieces with a stone and burn the face with fire.

[p. a186]


A priest s prayer for protection and assistance

[0502401] Savitar, Lord of furthering aids, protect me, in this my prayer, in this mine act, in this my sacerdotal charge, in this perfor mance, in this thought, in this my plan and wish, in this my calling on the Gods! All hail!

[0502402] May Agni, Lord of forest trees, protect, me, in, etc.

[0502403] May Heaven and Earth, the Queens of bounties, save me.

[0502404] May Varuna, the Lord of waters, save me.

[0502405] May Mitra Varuna, Lords of rain, preserve me.

[0502406] Lords of the mountains, may the Maruts save me.

[0502407] May, Soma, Lord of plants and herbs, protect me.

[0502408] May Vayu, Lord of middle air, protect me.

[0502409] May Surya, sovran Lord of eyes, protect me.

[0502410] May the Moon, Lord of constellations, save me.

[0502411] May Indra who is Lord of heaven protect me.

[0502412] The Maruts father, Lord of cattle, save me.

[0502413] May Mrityu, Lord of living creatures, save me.

[0502414] May Yama, Regent of the Fathers, save me.

[0502415] May the Forefathers of old time protect me.

[0502416] May Fathers of succeeding ages save me.

[0502417] Next may the Fathers of our fathers save me, in this my prayer,.
in this mine act, in this my sacerdotal charge, in this perfor mance, in this thought, in this my plan and wish, in this my calling on the Gods! All hail!

[p. a187]


A charm to facilitate conception

[0502501] Let the man, sower of the germ, lay, as a feather on a shaft.
Limb drawn from limb, whatever is culled from cloud and from the womb of heaven.

[0502502] Even as this broad earth received the germ of all the things that be, Thus within thee I lay the germ.
I call thee, Earth, to strengthen it.

[0502503] O Sinivali, set the germ, set thou the germ, Sarasvati! In thee let both the Asvins, crowned with lotuses, bestow the germ.

[0502504] Let Mitra Varuna and God Brihaspati lay the germ in thee.
Indra and Agni lay the germ, Dhatar bestow the germ in thee.

[0502505] Let Vishnu form and mould the womb, let Tvashtar duly shape the forms, Prajapati infuse the stream, and Dhatar lay for thee the germ.

[0502506] Drink thou the procreative draught well known to Varuna the King, Known to divine Sarasvati, and Indra slayer of the foe.

[0502507] Thou art the germ of plants and herbs, thou art the germ of forest trees, The germ of each existing thing, so here, O Agni, lay the germ.

[0502508] Rise up, put forth thy manly strength, and lay thy germ within the womb.
A bull art thou with vigorous strength: for progeny we bring thee near.

[0502509] Prepare thee, Barhatsama, let the germ be laid within thy side.
The Soma drinking Gods have given a son to thee, thy son and mine.

[0502510] O Dhatar, thou Disposer, lay within the body of this dame.
A male germ with the noblest form, for her, in the tenth month, to bear.

[0502511] Tvashtar, celestial artist, lay within the body of this dame.
A male germ with the noblest form for her in the tenth month to bear. [p. a188]

[0502512] Savitar, vivifier, lay within the body of this dame A male germ with the noblest form for her in the tenth month to bear.

[0502513] O Lord of Life, Prajapati, within this woman s body lay A male germ with the noblest form for her in the tenth month to bear.


A hymn of invitation to the gods

[0502601] In sacrifice for you may sapient Agni All hail! use Yajus texts and fuel.

[0502602] May Savitar the God All hail! foreknowing, chief in this sacrifice, employ them.

[0502603] In this great rite All hail! may sapient Indra use lauds, rejoicings, well yoked coursers.

[0502604] Bring Praishas in the rite All hail! and Nivids, learned, con nected, with the Consorts.

[0502605] As a dame brings her son All hail! O Maruts, connected, in the rite bring measures.

[0502606] Here Aditi is come All hail! preparing the rite with grass and lustral waters.

[0502607] Let Vishnu in this rite in varied manner All hail! use well yoked steeds, his fervours.

[0502608] Let Tvashtar in this rite in varied manner All hail! use forms, his well yoked coursers. [p. a189]

[0502609] Let Bhaga in this rite use prayers, foreknowing All hail! for this use well yoked coursers.

[0502610] Let Soma in this rite in varied manner All hail! use milk streams, well yoked coursers.

[0502611] Let Indra in this rite in varied manner All hail! use powers,.
his well yoked coursers.

[0502612] Hitherward come ye with the prayer, O Asvins, exalting sacrifice with cry of Vashat! Brihaspati! All hail! with prayer come hither.
Here is the rite, here heaven for him who worships.


An Apri or Propitiatory hymn

[0502701] Uplifted be this sacrificer s fuel: lofty and brilliant be the flames of Agni! Splendidly bright, fair faced, with all his offspring, Tanunapat the Asura, many handed.

[0502702] God among Gods, the God bedews the paths with fatness and with mead.

[0502703] With store of mead to sacrifice comes Agni, comes Narasansa Agni, friendly minded, comes Savitar, righteous God who brings all blessings.

[0502704] Hither he comes with power and fatness also, the luminous,.
implored with adoration. [p. a190]

[0502705] At holy rites and offerings Agni loveth the scoops: let this man worship Agni s greatness.

[0502706] He is the furtherer at glad oblations: there stood the Vasus and the treasure givers.

[0502707] Ever the Doors divine, and all protect this worshipper s holy work.

[0502708] Far reaching, ruling by the Law of Agni, May Dawn and Night, the holy, speeding near us, aid this our sacrificial ceremony.

[0502709] Celestial Hotars, with the tongues of Agni praise and extol our lofty ceremony, so that our sacrifice be well conducted!

[0502710] Three Goddesses upon this grass, be seated, Ida, Sarasvati, Mahi, and Bharati adored with praise.

[0502711] This our nutritious genial flow, God Tvashtar! and growth of wealth, pour down on this man s kindred.

[0502712] Vanaspati, rejoicing, of thyself send God ward! Let Agni, Immolator, sweeten our libation.

[0502713] Pay sacrifice to Indra, Jatavedas Agni, with Hail! Let all the Gods accept the gifts we offer.

[p. a191]


A charm to ensure general protection and prosperity

[0502801] For lengthened life, to last through hundred autumns, they equalize with nine the nine aspirations.
Three in gold, three in silver, three in iron by heat are stablished in their several places.

[0502802] May Agni, Sun, and Moon, and Earth, and Waters, Sky, Air, the Quarters and the Points between them, And Parts of Years accordant with the Seasons by this three threaded Amulet preserve me.

[0502803] In three threaded Charm rest triple fulness! Let Pushan cover it with milk and butter.
Here rest abundant store of food and people, may ample store of cattle rest within it.

[0502804] Enrich this charm, Adityas, with your treasure; magnify this, when magnified, O Agni.
Endow it with heroic strength, O Indra: therein be lodged a triple power of increase.

[0502805] With gold let Earth protect thee, and with iron, accordant, all sustaining Agni save thee! And in accordance with the plants may silver, regarding thee with favour, grant thee vigour.

[0502806] This gold, born threefold at its first production, grew the one thing that Agni loved most dearly: it fell away, one part of injured Soma.
One part they call seed of the sapient Waters.
This gold bring thee long life when triply threaded!

[0502807] Three lives of Jamadagni, thrice the vital force of Kasyapa, Three sights of immortality, three lives have I prepared for thee.

[0502808] When with the three stringed charm came three strong eagles, sharing the Sacred Syllable and mighty, With immortality they drove off Mrityu, obscuring and conceal ing all distresses.

[0502809] The golden guard thee from the sky, the silvern guard thee from the air, The iron guard thee from the earth! This man hath reached the forts of Gods.

[0502810] May these three castles of the Gods keep thee secure on every side.
Endowed with strength, possessing these, be thou the master of thy foes, [p. a192]

[0502811] The God who first bound on in the beginning the deities im mortal golden castle, Him I salute with ten extended fingers.
Blest be the three stringed charm I bind upon thee.

[0502812] Aryaman be thy binder on, and Pushan and Brihaspati: Whatever name the brood of day possess, therewith we fasten thee.

[0502813] With Seasons and with Lengths of Time, for vigour and exten ded life, With all the splendour of the Sun we fasten thee about the neck.

[0502814] Drawn forth from butter and with meath besprinkled, firm as the earth, unshakable, triumphant.
Breaking down foes and casting them beneath me, be fastened on me for exalted fortune!


A charm for the destruction of malignant goblins

[0502901] Made ready in the east drive forth, take notice of what is hap pening here, omniscient Agni! [p. a193] Thou bringest medicine and healest sickness: through thee may we win horses, kine, and people.

[0502902] Accordant with all Gods, O Jatavedas Agni, perform this work as we beseech thee, That this defence of his may fall, whoever hath caused us pain, whoever hath consumed us.

[0502903] Unanimous, with all the Gods together, so do this thing O Agni Jatavedas, that this defence of his may fall and fail him.

[0502904] Pierce both his eyes, pierce thou the heart within him, crush thou his teeth and cleave his tongue asunder.
Rend thou, most youthful Agni, that Pisacha whoso amid them all of this hath eaten.

[0502905] Whatever of his body hath been taken, plundered, borne off, or eaten by Pisachas, This, Agni, knowing it, again bring hither! We give back flesh and spirit to his body.

[0502906] If some Pisacha in my food raw, ready, thoroughly cooked, or, spotty, hath deceived me, Let the Pisachas with their lives and offspring atone for this, and let this man be healthy.

[0502907] If one hath cheated me in milk or porridge, in food from grain or plants that need no culture.
Let the Pisachas, etc.

[0502908] If one, flesh eater, in a draught of water have wronged me lying in the bed of goblins, Let the Pisachas, etc.

[0502909] If one, flesh eater, in the day or night time have wronged me lying in the bed of goblins, Let the Pisachas, etc.

[0502910] O Agni Jatavedas, slay the bloody Pisacha, flesh devourer, mind destroyer, Strong Indra strike him with his bolt of thunder, courageous Soma cut his head to pieces!

[0502911] Thou, Agni, ever slayest Yatudhanas, the fiends have never con quered thee in battles.
Consume thou from the root the flesh devourers, let none of them escape thy heavenly weapon

[0502912] Collect, O Jatavedas, what hath been removed and borne away.
Let this man s members grow, let him swell like the tendril of a plant. [p. a194]

[0502913] Like as the Soma s tendril, thus, O Jatavedas let him swell, Let him live, Agni I Make him fat, free from consumption, full of sap.

[0502914] Here, Agni, is the fuel, here are logs that crush Pisachas down.
O Jatavedas, willingly accept them and be pleased therewith.

[0502915] Accept, O Agni, with thy flame the billets of Tarshtagha wood.
Let the flesh eater who would take the flesh of this man lose his form.

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