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BOOK V (5)

HYMN I (1)

A glorification of Trita and Varuna

[0500101] He who with special plans and deathless spirit, waxing, well born, hath come unto his birth place, As he who shines upholds the days, thus Trita, of pure life, bears the Three as their supporter.

[0500102] He who, the first, approached the holy statutes makes, after, many beauteous forms and figures.
Eager to drink, his birth place first he entered who understands the word when yet unspoken.

[0500103] He who the fluid gold, with radiant kinsmen to fervent glow delivered up thy body, On him both set names, that shall live for ever: to him the regions shall send robes to clothe him,

[0500104] As these have gone to their primeval station, each gaining an imperishable dwelling, May kissing mothers of the bards beloved bring the pole draw ing husband to the sister.

[0500105] By holy wisdom I a sage, Far Strider! offer to thee this lofty adoration.
This worship both the mighty eddying rivers, coming together to this station, heighten.

[0500106] Seven are the pathways which the wise have fashioned: to one of these may come the troubled mortal.
On sure ground where the ways are parted standeth Life s Pillar in the dwelling of the Highest.

[0500107] Working, I go my way with deathless spirit: life, spirit, bodies have gone gladly thither.
Aye, Sakra also gives his gift of treasure as when the sacrificer meets with power.

[0500108] Yea, the son asks dominion of his father: this they declared the noblest path to welfare.
Varuna, let them see thy revelations: display the wondrous shapes of times to follow. [p. a154]

[0500109] Halt with the milk, its other half, thou minglest and with that half, strong! unbeguiled! increasest.
Let us exalt the gracious friend, the mighty, Varuna son of Aditi, strength giver.
We have told him the marvels sung by poets.
The utterance of Heaven and Earth is truthful.

[p. a155]


A glorification of Indra

[0500201] In all the worlds That was the best and highest whence sprang the Mighty One of splendid valour.
As soon as born he overcomes his foemen, when those rejoice in him who bring him succour.

[0500202] Grown mighty in his strength, with ample vigour, he as a foe strikes fear into the Dasa, Eager to win the breathing and the breathless: All sang thy praise at banquet and oblation.

[0500203] All concentrate on thee their mental vigour what time these, twice or thrice, are thine assistants, Blend what is sweeter than the sweet with sweetness win quickly with our meath that meath in battle.

[0500204] If verily in every war the sages joy and exult in thee who win nest treasures, With mightier power, strong God, extend thy firmness: let not malevolent Kaokas harm thee.

[0500205] Proudly we put our trust in thee in battles, when we behold great wealth the prize of combat.
I with my words impel thy weapons onward, and sharpen with my prayer thy vital vigour.

[0500206] Thou in that house, the highest or the lowest, which thy protec tion guards, bestowest riches.
Establish ye the ever wandering mother, and bring full many deeds to their completion.

[0500207] Praise in the height Him who hath many pathways, courageous, strongest, Aptya of the Aptyas Through strength he shows himself of ample power: pattern of Prithivi, he fights and conquers.

[0500208] Brihaddiva, the foremost of light winners, hath made these holy prayers, this strength for Indra. [p. a156] Free Lord, he rules the mighty fold of cattle, winning, aglow, even all the billowy waters.

[0500209] Thus hath Brihaddiva, the great Atharvan, spoken to Indra as himself in person.
Two sisters free from stain, the Matarivans, with power impel him onward and exalt him.

[p. a157]


A prayer to Agni, Indra, and other deities for victory and prosperity

[0500301] Let strength be mine while I invoke thee, Agni! enkindling thee may we support our bodies.
May the four regions bend and bow before me: with thee for guardian may we win the combat.

[0500302] Baffling the range of our opponents, Agni! guard us as our protector round about us.
Down the steep slope go they who hate us, backward, and let their thought who watch at home be ruined.

[0500303] May all the Gods be on my side in battle, the Maruts led by Indra, Vishnu, Agni.
Mine be the middle air s extended region, and may the Wind blow favouring these my wishes.

[0500304] For me let them present all mine oblations, and let my mind s intention be accomplished.
May I be guiltless of the least transgression: may all the Gods come hither and protect me.

[0500305] May the Gods grant me riches, may the blessing and invocation of the Gods assist me.
This boon shall the celestial Hotars win us: may we, unwound ed, have brave heroes round us.

[0500306] Ye six divine Expanses, give us freedom.
Here, all ye Gods, acquit yourselves like heroes.
Let not calamity or curse overtake us, nor deeds of wickedness that merit hatred.

[0500307] Do ye three Goddesses give ample shelter and all success to us ourselves and children.
Let us not lose our children or our bodies: let us not benefit the foe, King Soma!

[0500308] Foodful and much invoked, at this our calling may the far reaching Bull grant us wide shelter.
Lord of bay coursers, Indra, bless our children: harm us not, give us not as prey to others.

[0500309] Lord of the world, Creator and Disposer, may the God Savitar who quells assailants, May the Adityas, Rudras, both the Asvins, Gods, guard the sacrificer from destruction.

[0500310] Let those who are our foemen stay afar from us: with Indra and with Agni we will drive them off. [p. a158] The Adityas and the Rudras, over us on high, have made me strong, a thinker, and a sovran lord.

[0500311] Yea, we call Indra hitherward, the winner of wealth in battle and of kine and horses.
May he mark this our worship when we call him, Lord of bay steeds, thou art our friend and comrade.


A charm against fever and other ailments

[0500401] Thou who wast born on mountains, thou most mighty of all plants that grow.
Thou Banisher of Fever, come, Kushtha! make Fever pass away.

[0500402] Brought from the Snowy Mountain, born on the high hill where eagles breed, Men seek to buy thee when they hear: for Fever s Banisher they know.

[0500403] In the third heaven above us stands the Asvattha tree, the seat of Gods.
There the Gods sought the Kushtha Plant, embodiment of end less life.

[0500404] There moved through heaven a golden ship, a ship with cordage wrought of Gold.
There the Gods won the Kushtha Plant, the blossom of eternal life. [p. a159]

[0500405] They sailed on pathways paved with gold, the oars they piled were wrought of gold: All golden were the ships wherein they carried Kushtha down to earth.

[0500406] O Kushtha, bring thou hitherward this man of mine, restore his health, Yes, free him from disease for me.

[0500407] Thou art descended from thee Gods, Soma s benignant friend art thou, Befriend my breath and vital air be gracious unto this mine eye.

[0500408] Sprung, northward, from the Snowy Hill thou art conveyed to eastern men.
There they deal out among themselves Kushtha s most noble qualities.

[0500409] Most excellent, indeed, art thou, Kushtha! most noble is thy sire.
Make all Consumption pass away and render Fever powerless.

[0500410] Malady that affects the head, eye weakness, bodily defect All this let Kushtha heal and cure: aye, godlike is the vigorous power.

HYMN V (5)

A charm to mend a broken bone

[0500501] Aryaman is thy grandsire, Night thy mother, and the Cloud thy sire.
Thy name is called Silachi.
Thou, thyself, art sister of the Gods.

[0500502] Whoever drinketh thee hath life: thou savest and protectest man.
As nursing mother of mankind, thou takest all upon thy lap.

[0500503] Thou clingest close to every tree, as a fond damsel clasps her love. [p. a160] Thy name is called The Conqueror, She who Stands Fast, The Rescuer.

[0500504] Whatever wound the arrow, or the staff, or violence inflicts, Thereof thou art the remedy: as such restore this man to health.

[0500505] Thou springest from blest Plaxa, or Asvattha, Dhava, Khadira, Parna, or blest Nyagrodha, so come thou to use, Arundhati!

[0500506] Gold coloured, bringing happy fate, most lovely, brilliant as the Sun, Mayst thou, O Healing! come unto the fracture: Healing is thy name.

[0500507] Gold coloured, bringing happy fate, odorous, hairy bodied one, The sister of the Waters art thou, Laksha! and thy soul is Wind.

[0500508] Silachi is thy name: thy sire, O goat brown! is a damsel s son.
Thou hast been sprinkled by the mouth of Yama s tawny coloured horse.

[0500509] Issuing from the horse s blood away she glided to the trees.
Become a winged water brook, and come to us, Arundhati!


A prayer for protection and prosperity

[0500601] Eastward at first the prayer was generated: Vena disclosed bright flashes from the summit, [p. a161] Disclosed his deepest nearest revelations, womb of the non existent and existent.

[0500602] None have attained to those of old, those who wrought holy acts for you, Let them not harm our heroes here.
Therefore I set before you this.

[0500603] Sweet tongued, exhaustless, they have sent their voices down together in heaven s vault that pours a thousand streams.
His wildly restless warders never close an eye: in every place the snarers stand to bind men fast.

[0500604] Speed forward, conquering all foes, to win the spoil, Thou comest on thy haters with a surging sea.
Thy name is Fragile.
The thirteenth month is Indra s home.

[0500605] Through this now hast thou sent thy gifts.
All hail! With sharpened arms and missiles, kind and friendly, be gracious unto us, Soma and Rudra!

[0500606] Through this hast thou been left in want.
All hail! With sharpened arms and missiles, kind and friendly, be gracious unto us, Soma and Rudra!

[0500607] Through this hast thou committed faults.
All hail! With sharpened arms and missiles, kind and friendly, be gracious unto us, Soma and Rudra!

[0500608] Free us from trouble, free us from dishonour, accept our wor ship, give us life immortal.

[0500609] O missile of the eye, missile of spirit, thou missile of devotion and of fervour! Thou art the weapon shot against the weapon.
Let those be weaponless who sin against us.

[0500610] Make with thy weapon weaponless, O Agni, all wicked men who deal with us as foemen with eye, with thought, with spirit, or intention.

[0500611] Thou art the house of Indra.
I betake me to thee, I enter thee with all my cattle, With all my people and with all my body, with all my soul, with mine entire possessions.

[0500612] Thou art the guard of Indra.
I betake me to thee, etc.

[0500613] Thou art the shield of Indra.
I betake me to thee, etc.

[0500614] Indra s protection art thou.
I betake me to thee, I enter thee with all my cattle.
With all my people and with all my body, with all my soul, with [p. a162] mine entire possessions.


A charm to deprecate Arati or Malignity

[0500701] Bring thou to us, bar not the way, Arati! Stay not the guerdon that is being brought us.
Homage be paid to Failure, to Misfortune, and Malignity.

[0500702] The man whom thou preferrest, O Arati, he who prates to us This man of thine, we reverence.
Baffle not thou my heart s desire,

[0500703] May our desire which Gods have roused fulfil itself by day and night.
We seek to win Arati: to Arati be our homage paid.

[0500704] We, suppliant, call on Bhaga, on Sarasvati, Anumati, Pleasant words have I spoken, sweet as honey is, at invocations of the Gods.

[0500705] The portion that I crave with speech intelligent and full of power, May faith, presented with the gift of tawny Soma, find to day.

[0500706] Do not thou make our words or wishes fruitless.
Let the twain Indra Agni, bring us treasures.
All, fain to day to give us gifts, welcome Arati with your love. [p. a163]

[0500707] Misfortune! go thou far away: we turn thy harmful dart aside.
I know thee well, Arati! as oppressor, one who penetrates.

[0500708] Oft, coming as a naked girl thou hauntest people in their sleep, Baffling the thought, Arati! and the firm intention of a man.

[0500709] To her the mighty vast in size, who penetrates all points of space, To her mine homage have I paid, Nirriti with her golden hair.

[0500710] Auspicious, with her golden hue, pillowed on gold, the mighty one To this Arati clad in robes of gold mine homage have I paid.


A charm for the discomfiture and destruction of hostile priests

[0500801] With fuel of Vikankata bring molten butter to the Gods.
O Agni, make them joyful here: let them all come unto my call.

[0500802] O Indra, come unto my call, This will I do.
So hear it thou.
Let these exertions for the sake of Indra guide my wish aright.
Therewith, O Jatavedas, Lord of Bodies! may we win us strength.

[0500803] Whatever plot from yonder, O ye Gods, that godless man would frame, Let not the Gods come to his call, nor Agni bear his offering up.
Come, ye, come hither to my call.

[0500804] Run, ye Exertions, farther on By Indra s order smite and slay.
As a wolf worrieth a sheep, so let not him escape from you while life remains.
Stop fast his breath.

[0500805] The Brahman whom those yonder have appointed priest, for injury, He, Indra! is beneath thy feet.
I cast him to the God of Death.

[0500806] If they have issued forth, strongholds of Gods, and made their shield of prayer, [p. a164] Gaining protection for their lives, protection round about, make all their instigation powerless.

[0500807] Exertions which that man hath made, Exertions which he yet will make Turn them, O Indra, back again, O Vritra slayer, back again on him that they may kill that man.

[0500808] As Indra, having seized him, set his foot upon Udvachana, Even so for all the coming years I cast those men beneath my feet.

[0500809] Here, Indra Vritra slayer, in thy strength pierce thou their vital.
Here, even here, attack them, O Indra.
Thine own dear friend am I.
Indra, we closely cling to thee.
May we be in thy favouring grace.


A prayer to Heaven and Earth for protection and assistance

[0500901] All hail to Heaven!

[0500902] All hail to Earth!

[0500903] All hail to Air!

[0500904] All hail to Air!

[0500905] All hail to Heaven!

[0500906] All hail to Eartht!

[0500907] Mine eye is Siirya and my breath is Vata, Air is my soul and Prithivi my body.
I verily who never have been conquered give up my life toe Heaven and Earth for keeping. [p. a165]

[0500908] Exalt my life, my strength, my deed and action; increase my understanding and my vigour.
Be ye my powerful keepers, watch and guard me, ye mistresses of life and life s creators! Dwell ye within me, and forbear to harm me.

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