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A glorification of vak or speech

[0403001] I travel with the Rudras and the Vasus, with the Adityas and All Gods I wander.
I hold aloft both Varuna and Mitra, I hold aloft Indra and both the Asvins.

[0403002] I am the Queen, the gatherer up of treasures, most thoughtful, first of those who merit worship.
The Gods, making me enter many places, in diverse spots have set mine habitation.

[0403003] I, verily, myself announce and utter the word that Gods, and men alike shall welcome.
I make the man I love exceeding mighty, make him a sage, a Rishi, and a Brahman.

[0403004] Through me alone all eat the food that feeds them, each man who sees, breathes, hears, the word out spoken.
They know it not, but yet they dwell beside me.
Hear, one and all, the truth as I declare it.

[0403005] I bend the bow for Rudra that his arrow may strike and slay the hater of devotion.
I rouse and order battle for the people, and I have penetrated Earth and Heaven.

[0403006] I cherish and sustain high swelling Soma, and Tvashtar I support, Pashan, and Bhaga.
I load with wealth the zealous sacrificer who pours the juice and offers his oblation.

[0403007] On the world s summit I bring forth the Father: my home is in the waters, in the ocean.
Thence I extend over all existing creatures, and touch even yonder heaven with my forehead.

[0403008] I breathe a strong breath like the wind and tempest, the while I hold together all existence. [p. a140] Beyond this wide earth and beyond the heavens I have become so mighty in my grandeur.


A hymn to Manyu or Wrath

[0403101] Borne on with thee, O Manyu girt by Maruts, let our brave men, impetuous, bursting forward, March on, like flames of fire in form, exulting, with pointed arrows, sharpening their weapons.

[0403102] Flashing like fire, be thou, O conquering Manyu, invoked, O victor, as our army s leader.
Slay thou our foes, distribute their possession: show forth thy vigour, scatter those who hate us.

[0403103] O Manyu, overcome those who assail us.
On! breaking, slaying, crushing down the foemen.
They have not hindered thine impetuous vigour: mighty! sole born! reduce them to subjection.

[0403104] Alone of many thou art worshipped, Manyu: sharpen the spirit of each clan for combat.
With thee to aid, O thou of perfect splendour, we raise the glorious battle shout for conquest.

[0403105] Unyielding, bringing victory like Indra, O Manyu be thou here our sovran ruler. [p. a141] To thy dear name.
O victor, we sing praises: we know the spring from which thou art come hither.

[0403106] Twin borne with power, destructive bolt of thunder the highest conquering might is thine, subduer! Be friendly to us in thy spirit, Manyu! O much invoked, in shock of mighty battle!

[0403107] For spoil let Varuna and Manyu give us the wealth of both sides gathered and collected; And let our enemies with stricken spirits, over whelmed with.
terror, sling away defeated.


A hymn to Manyu

[0403201] He who hath reverenced thee, Manyu, destructive bolt! breeds.
for himself forthwith all conquering energy.
Arya and Dasa will we conquer with thine aid, with thee the conqueror, with conquest conquest sped.

[0403202] Manyu was Indra, yea, the God was Manyu; Manyu was Hotar Varuna, Jatavedas.
The tribes of human lineage worship Manyu.
Accordant, with thy fervour, Manyu! guard us.

[0403203] Come hither, Manyu, mightier than the mighty: smite, with thy fervour, for ally, our foemen.
Slayer of foes, of Vritra, and of Dasyu, bring thou to us all kinds of wealth and treasure.

[0403204] For thou art, Manyu, of surpassing vigour, fierce, queller of the foe, and self existent, Shared by all men, victorious, subduer: vouchsafe to us superior strength in battles.

[0403205] I have departed still without a portion, wise God! according to thy will, the mighty.
I, feeble man, was wroth with thee, O Manyu.
Come in thy proper form and give us vigour.

[0403206] Come hither, I am all thine own: advancing, turn thou to me, victorious, all bestowing. [p. a142] Come to me, Manyu, wielder of the thunder: bethink thee of thy friend, and slay the Dasyus.

[0403207] Approach, and on our right hand hold thy station, then let us slay a multitude of foemen.
The best of meath I offer to support thee: may we be first to drink thereof in quiet.


A prayer to Agni for protection and prosperity

[0403301] Chasing our pain with splendid light, O Agni, shine thou wealth on us.
His lustre flash our pain away.

[0403302] For goodly fields, for pleasant homes, for wealth we sacrifice to thee.
His lustre flash our pain away!

[0403303] Best praiser of all these be he, and foremost be our noble chiefs.
His lustre flash our pain away!

[0403304] So that thy worshipper and we, thine, Agni! in our sons may live.
His lustre flash our pain away!

[0403305] As ever conquering Agni s beams of splendour go to every side, His lustre flash our pain away.

[0403306] To every side thy face is turned, thou art triumphant everywhere.
His lustre flash our pain away!

[0403307] O thou whose face looks every way, bear off our foes as in a ship.
His lustre flash our pain away!

[0403308] As in a ship across the flood, transport us to felicity.
His lustre flash our pain away

[p. a143]


Glorification of the Vishtari sacrifice

[0403401] The head of this is prayer, its back the Brihat, Odanas s belly is the Vamadevya; Its face reality, its sides the metre, Vishtari sacrifice produced from fervour.

[0403402] Boneless, cleansed, purified by him who cleanseth, they go res plendent to the world of splendour.
Fire burneth not their organ of enjoyment: much pleasure have they in the world of Svarga.

[0403403] Never doth want or evil fortune visit those who prepare oblation called Vishtari.
He goes unto the Gods, he dwells with Yama, he joys among Gandharvas meet for Soma.

[0403404] Yama robs not of generative vigour the men who dress oblation called Vishtari.
Borne on his car, a charioteer, he travels: endowed with wings he soars beyond the heavens.

[0403405] Strongest is this, performed, of sacrifices: he hath reached heaven who hath prepared Vishtari.
The oval fruited lotus spreads his fibre: there bloom the nelo phar and water lilies.
Abundant with their overflow of sweetness, these streams shall reach thee in the world of Svarga, whole lakes with lotus blossom shall approach thee.

[0403406] Full lakes of butter with their banks of honey, flowing with wine, and milk and curds and water Abundant with their overflow of sweetness, these streams shall reach thee in the world of Svarga, whole lakes with lotus blossom shall approach thee.

[0403407] I give four pitchers, in four several places, filled to the brim with milk and curds and water. [p. a144] Abundant with their overflow of sweetness, these streams shall reach thee in the world of Svarga, whole lakes with lotus blossom shall approach thee.

[0403408] I part this Odana among the Brahmans, Vishtari, conquering worlds and reaching heaven.
Let me not lose it: swelling by its nature, be it my perfect Cow to grant all wishes!


Magnification of the Odana or oblation of milk and rice

[0403501] Odana which Prajapati, the firstborn of Order, dressed with fervour for the Brahman, which guards the worlds from breaking atIthe centre, I with this Odana will conquer Mrityu. [p. a145]

[0403502] Whereby the World Creators vanquished Mrityu, that which they found by fervour, toil and trouble, That which prayer first made ready for the Brahman, I with this Odana will conquer Mrityu.

[0403503] That which upholds the Earth, the all sustainer, that which hath filled air s middle realm with moisture, Which, raised on high in grandeur, stablished heaven, I with this Odana will conquer Mrityu.

[0403504] From which the months with thirty spokes were moulded, from which the twelve spoked year was formed and fashioned.
Which circling day and night have never overtaken, I with this Odana will conquer Mrityu.

[0403505] Which hath become breath giver, life bestower; to which the worlds flow full of oil and fatness, To whom belong all the refulgent regions, I with this Odana will conquer Mrityu.

[0403506] From which, matured, sprang Amrit into being, which hath become Gayatris lord and ruler, In which the perfect Vedas have been treasured, I with this Odana will conquer Mrityu,

[0403507] I drive away the hostile God despiser: far off be those who are mine adversaries, I dress Brahmaudana that winneth all things.
May the Gods hear me who believe and trust them.


A charm against fiends, human enemies, and other pests

[0403601] Endowed with true strength, let the Bull, Agni Vaisvanara, burn them up.
Him who would pain and injure us, him who would treat us as a foe. [p. a146]

[0403602] Him who, unharmed, would injure us, and him who, harmed, would do us harm, I lay between the doubled fangs of Agni, of Vaisvanara.

[0403603] Those who, what time the moon is dark, hunt with loud cry and answering shout, Flesh eaters, others who would harm, all these I overcome with might.

[0403604] I conquer the Pisachas with my power, and take their wealth away.
All who would injure us I slay.
Let mine intention have success.

[0403605] With Gods who flee with him, and match their rapid motion with the Sun, I with those animals who dwell in rivers and on hills am found.

[0403606] I trouble the Pisachas as the tiger plagues men rich in kine.
They, even as dogs when they have seen a lion, find no hiding place.

[0403607] Naught with Pisachas can I do, with thieves, with roamers of the wood.
Pisachas flee and vanish from each village as I enter it.

[0403608] Into whatever village this mine awful power penetrates, Thence the Pisachas flee away, and plot no further mischief there.

[0403609] Those who enrage me with their prate, as flies torment an elephant, I deem unhappy creatures, like small insects troublesome to man.

[0403610] Destruction seize upon the man, as with a cord they hold a horse, The fool who is enraged with me! He is not rescued from the noose.

[p. a147]


A charm against Gandharvas and Apsarases

[0403701] With thee, O Plant, in olden time Atharvans smote and slew the fiends.
Kasyapa smote with thee, with thee did Kanava and Agastya smite.

[0403702] With thee we scare and drive away Gandharvas and Apsarases.
O Ajasringi, chase the fiends.
Cause all to vanish with thy smell.

[0403703] Let the Apsarases, puffed away, go to the river, to the ford, Guggulu, Pila, Naladi, Aukshagandhi, Pramandini.
Ye have become attentive since the Apsarases have past away.

[0403704] Where great trees are, Asvatthas and Nyagrodhas with their leafy crests, There where your swings are green and bright, and lutes and cymbals sound in tune, Ye have become attentive since the Apsarases have past away.

[0403705] Hither hath come this one, the most effectual of herbs and plants.

[0403706] Let Ajasringi penetrate, Arataki with sharpened horn.

[0403707] From the Gandharva, dancing near, the lord of the Apsarases, Wearing the tuft of hair, I take all manhood and virility.

[0403708] With those dread hundred iron spears, the darts of Indra, let it pierce.
The Blyxa fed Gandharvas, those who bring no sacrificial gift.

[0403709] With those dread hundred golden spears, the darts of Indra, let it pierce. [p. a148] The Blyxa fed Gandharvas, those who bring no sacrificial gift.

[0403710] O Plant, be thou victorious, crush the Pisachas, one and all, Blyxa fed, shining in the floods, illumining the selfish ones.

[0403711] Youthful, completely decked with hair, one monkey like, one like a dog, So the Gandharva, putting on a lovely look, pursues a dame.
Him with an efficacious charm we scare and cause to vanish hence.

[0403712] Your wives are the Apsarases, and ye, Gandharvas, are their lords.
Run ye, immortal ones, away: forbear to interfere with men!


A charm for success in gambling

[0403801] Hither I call the Apsaras, victorious, who plays with skill, Her who comes freely fort to view, who wins the stakes in games of dice.
[0403802] Hither I call that Apsaras who scatters and who gathers up. [p. a149] The Apsaras who plays with skill and takes her winnings in the game.

[0403803] Dancing around us with the dice, winning the wager by her play.
May she obtain the stake for us and gain the victory with skill.
May she approach us full of strength: let them not win this wealth of ours.

[0403804] Hither I call that Apsaras, the joyous, the delightful one Those nymphs who revel in the dice, who suffer grief and yield to wrath.

[0403805] Who follow in their course the rays of Surya, or as a particle of light attend him.
Whose leader from afar, with store of riches, compasses quickly all the worlds and guards them.
Pleased, may he come to this our burnt oblation, together with the Air, enriched with treasure.

[0403806] Together with the Air, O rich in treasure, guard here the white cow and the calf, O mighty! Here are abundant drops for thee, come hither! Here is thy white calf, let thy mind be with us.

[0403807] Together with the Air, O rich in treasure, keep the white calf in safety here, O mighty! Here is the grass, here is the stall, here do we bind the calf.
We are your masters, name by name.
All Hail!


A prayer to various deities for health, wealth, and prosperity
[0403901] Agni no earth kath had mine homage. May he bless me. [p. a150] As I have bowed me down to Agni on the earth, so let the Favouring Graces bow them down to me.

[0403902] Earth is the Cow, her calf is Agni.
May she with her calf Agni yield me food, strength, all my wish, life first of all, and off spring, plenty, wealth.
All Hail!

[0403903] Vayu in air hath had mine homage.
May he bless me.
As I have bowed me down to Vayu in the air, so let the Favour ing Graces bow them down to me.

[0403904] Air is the Cow, her calf is Vayu.
May she with her calf Vayu yield me food, strength, all my wish, life first of all, and off spring, plenty, wealth.
All Hail!

[0403905] The Sun in heaven hath had my homage.
May he bless me.
As I have bowed me down unto the Sun in heaven, so let the Favouring Graces bow them down to me.

[0403906] Heaven is the Cow, her calf Aditya.
May she yield with her calf the Sun food, strength, and all my wish, life first of all, and offspring, plenty, wealth.
All Hail!

[0403907] To Chandra in the quarters have I bowed me.
May he bless me.
As unto Chandra in the quarters I have bent, so let the Favour ing Graces bow them down to me.

[0403908] The quarters are the Cows, their calf is Chandra.
May they yield with their calf the Moon food, strength and all my wish, life first of all, and offspring, plenty, wealth.
All Hail!

[0403909] Agni moves having entered into Agni, the Rishis son, who guards from imprecations, I offer unto thee with reverent worship.
Let me not mar the Gods appointed service.

[0403910] Skilled in all ways, O God, O Jatavedas, I offer what is cleansed by heart and spirit.
To all thy seven mouths, O Jatavedas.
Do thou accept with pleasure my libation.

[p. a151]

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