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HYMN X (10)

A charm accompanying investiture with an amulet of shell

[0401001] Child of the wind firmament, sprung from the lightning and the light, May this the gold born Shell that bears the pearl preserve us from distress.

[0401002] Shell that wast born from out the sea, set at the head of things that shine! With thee we slay the Rakshasas and overcome voracious fiends.

[0401003] We stay disease and indigence, and chase Sadanvas with the Shell.
May the all healing Shell that bears the pearl preserve us from distress.

[0401004] Born in the heaven, sprung from the sea, brought to us hither from the flood.
This gold born Shell shall be to us an amulet to lengthen life.

[0401005] From ocean sprang the Amulet, from Vritra sprang the Lord of Day: May this protect us round about from shaft of God and Asura.

[0401006] Peerless amid golden ornaments art thou: from Soma wast thou born.
Thou gleamest on the quiver, thou art beautiful upon the car: may it prolong our days of life!

[0401007] Bone of the Good became the pearl s shell mother endowed with soul it moveth in the waters.
I bind this on thee for life, strength, and vigour, for long life lasting through a hundred autumns.
May the pearl s mother keep and guard thee safely!

[p. a116]

HYMN XI (11)

A glorification of the sacrificial gharma or milk caldron

[0401101] The Bull supports the wide spread earth and heaven, the Bull supports the spacious air between them.
The Bull supports the sky s six spacious regions: the universal world hath he pervaded.

[0401102] The Bull is Indra over the beasts he watches.
He, Sakra measures out three several pathways.
He, milking out the worlds, the past, the future, discharges all the Gods eternal duties.

[0401103] Being produced among mankind as Indra, the Caldron works heated and brightly glowing.
Let him not, with good sons, pass off in vapour who hath not eaten of the Ox with knowledge.

[0401104] The Ox pours milk out in the world of virtue: in earliest time, he, Pavamana, swells it.
Parjanya is the stream, Maruts his udder, sacrifice is the milk, the meed his milking.

[0401105] That which not sacrifice nor sacrificer, not giver nor receiver rules and governs, All winning, all supporting, all effecting, which of all quadru peds, tell us! is the Caldron?

[0401106] May we, fame seekers, reach the world of virtue by service of the Gharma and through fervour, Whereby the Gods went up to heaven, the centre of life eternal, having left the body.

[0401107] Prajapati, supreme and sovran ruler, Indra by form and by his shoulder Agni, Came to Visvanara, came to all men s Bullock: he firmly forti fied and held securely. [p. a117]

[0401108] The middle of the Bullock s neck, there where the shoulder bar is placed, Extends as far to east of him as that is settled to the west.

[0401109] He whosoever knows the seven exhaustless pourings of the Ox, Wins himself offspring and the world: the great Seven Rishis know this well.

[0401110] With feet subduing weariness, with legs extracting freshening draughts, Through toil the plougher and the Ox approach the honeyed beverage.

[0401111] Assigned are these twelve nights, they say, as holy to Prajapati: Whoever knows their proper prayer performs the service of the Ox.

[0401112] At evening he is milked, is milked at early morn, is milked at noon.
We know that streams of milk that flow from him are in exhaustible.

[p. a118]


A charm to mend a broken bone

[0401201] Thou art the healer, making whole, the healer of the broken bone: Make thou this whole, Arundhati!

[0401202] Whatever bone of thine within thy body hath been wrenched or cracked, May Dhatar set it properly and join together limb by limb.

[0401203] With marrow be the marrow joined, thy limb united with the limb.
Let what hath fallen of thy flesh, and the bone also grow again.

[0401204] Let marrow close with marrow, let skin grow united with the skin.
Let blood and bone grow strong in thee, flesh grow together with the flesh.

[0401205] Join thou together hair with hair, join thou together skin with skin.
Let blood and bone grow strong in thee.
Unite the broken part,.
O Plant.

[0401206] Arise, advance, speed forth; the car hath goodly fellies, naves, and wheels!! Stand up erect upon thy feet.

[0401207] If he be torn and shattered, having fallen into a pit, or a cast stone have struck him, Let the skilled leech join limb with limb, as it were the portions of a car.

[p. a119]


A charm to restore a sick man to health

[0401301] Gods, raise again the man whom ye, O Gods, have humbled and brought low.
Ye Gods, restore to life again, him, Gods! who hath committed sin.

[0401302] Here these two winds are blowing far as Sindhu from a distant land.
May one breathe energy to thee, the other blow thy fault away.

[0401303] Hither, O Wind, blow healing balm, blow every fault away, thou Wind! For thou who hast all medicine comest as envoy of the Gods.

[0401304] May the Gods keep and save this man, the Maruts host deliver him.
All things that be deliver him that he be freed from his offence.

[0401305] I am come nigh to thee with balms to give thee rest and keep thee safe.
I bring thee mighty strength, I drive thy wasting malady away.

[0401306] Felicitous is this my hand, yet more felicitous is this.
This hand contains all healing balms, and this makes whole with gentle touch.

[0401307] The tongue that leads the voice precedes.
Then with our tenfold branching hands.
With these two healers of disease, we stroke thee with a soft caress.

[p. a120]


Accompanying the sacrifice of a he goat

[0401401] The Goat was verily produced from Agni.
Through sorrow he beheld, at first, his father.
Through him at first the Gods attained to godhead, and, meet for sacrifices, were exalted.

[0401402] Bearing in hands seethed viands, go with Agni to the cope of heaven.
Reaching the sky that touches heaven, mix with the company of Gods.

[0401403] From earth s high ridge to middle air I mounted, and from mid air ascended up to heaven.
From the high pitch of heaven s cope I came into the world of light.

[0401404] Mounting the sky they look not round; they rise to heaven through both the worlds, Sages who paid the sacrifice that pours its streams on every side.

[0401405] First among all the deities, come forward, thou who art eye of Gods and men, O Agni.
Imploring, and accordant with the Bhrigus, to heaven in safety go the sacrificers!

[0401406] With milk and butter I anoint the mighty, celestial Goat, strong winged, and full of juices.
Through him will we attain the world of virtue, ascending to the loftiest cope, to heaven.

[0401407] Set the Goat s head toward the eastern region, and turn his right side to the southern quarter.
His hinder part turn to the western quarter, and set his left side to the northern region.

[0401408] Set the Goat s backbone upmost in the zenith, and lay his belly downward in the nadir; set his midportion in mid air between them.

[0401409] over the dressed Goat lay a dressed skin to robe him prepared, in perfect form, with all his members.
Rise upward to the loftiest vault of heaven: with thy four feet stand firmly in the regions.

[p. a121]

HYMN XV (15)

A charm to hasten the coming of the rains

[0401501] Let all the misty regions fly together, let all the rain clouds sped by wind, assemble.
Let waters satisfy the earth, the voices of the great mist enve loped Bull who roareth.

[0401502] Let them show forth, the strong, the bounteous Maruts: let plants and shrubs be hung with drops of moisture.
Let floods of rain refresh the ground with gladness and herbs spring various with each form and colour.

[0401503] Cause us who sing to see the gathering vapours: out burst in many a place the rush of waters! Let floods of rain refresh the ground with gladness; and herbs spring various with each form and colour.

[0401504] Apart, Parjanya! let the troops of Maruts, roaring, swell the song.
Let pouring torrents of the rain that raineth rain upon the earth.

[0401500] 5.
Up from the sea lift your dread might, ye Maruts: as light and splendour, send the vapour upward! [p. a122] Let waters satisfy the earth, the voices of the great mist enve loped Bull who roareth.

[0401506] Roar, thunder, set the sea in agitation, bedew the ground with thy sweet rain, Parjanya! Send plenteous showers on him who seeketh shelter, and let the owner of lean kine go homeward.

[0401507] Let the boon Maruts, let the springs and coiling serpents tend! you well.
Urged by the Maruts let the clouds pour down their rain upon.
the earth.

[0401508] Let lightning flash on every side: from all the regions blow the winds! Urged by the Maruts let the clouds pour down their rain upon the earth.

[0401509] May waters, lightning, cloud, and rain, boon springs and serpents tend you well.
Urged by the Maruts let the clouds pour down their rain upon the earth.

[0401510] May he who hath become the plants high regent, suiting our bodies, Agni of the Waters, May Jatavedas send us rain from heaven, Amrit and vital breath to earthly creatures.

[0401511] Sending up waters from the flood and ocean Prajapati move the sea to agitation! Forth flow the moisture of the vigorous stallion! With this thy roar of thunder come thou hither,

[0401512] Our father, Lord divine pouring the torrents.
Let the streams breathe, O Varuna, of the waters.
Pour the floods down: along the brooks and channels let frogs with speckled arms send out their voices.

[0401513] They who lay quiet for a year, the Brahmans who fulfil their vows.
The frogs, have lifted up their voice, the voice Parjanya hath.

[0401514] Speak forth a welcome, female frog! Do thou O frog, accost the rain.
Stretch thy four feet apart, and swim in the middle of the lake.

[0401515] Khanvakha, ho! Khaimakha, ho! thou in the middle, Taduri! Fathers, enjoy the rain from one who strives to win the Marut s heart.[p. a123]

[0401516] Lift up the mighty cask and pour down water; let the wind blow, and lightnings flash around us.
Let sacrifice be paid, and, widely scattered, let herbs and plants be full of joy and gladness.


On the omnipresence and omniscience of Varuna

[0401601] The mighty Ruler of these worlds beholds as though from close at hand, The man who thinks he acts by stealth: all this the Gods perceive and know.

[0401602] If a man stands or walks or moves in secret, goes to his lying down or his uprising, What two men whisper as they sit together, King Varuna knows: he as the third is present.

[0401603] This earth, too, is King Varuna s possession, and the high heaven whose ends are far asunder.
The loins of Varuna are both the oceans, and this small drop of water, too, contains him. [p. a124]

[0401604] If one should flee afar beyond the heaven, King Varuna would still be round about him.
Proceeding hither from the sky his envoys look, thousand eyed, over the earth beneath them.

[0401605] All this the royal Varuna beholdeth, all between heaven and earth and all beyond them.
The twinklings of men s eyelids hath he counted.
As one who plays throws dice he settles all things.

[0401606] Those fatal snares of thine which stand extended, threefold, O Varuna, seven by seven, May they all catch the man who tells a falsehood, and pass un harmed the man whose words are truthful.

[0401607] Varuna, snare him with a hundred nooses! Man s watcher! let not him who lies escape thee.
There let the villain sit with hanging belly and bandaged like a cask whose hoops are broken.

[0401608] Varuna sends, and drives away, diseases: Varuna is both native and a stranger, Varuna is celestial and is human.

[0401609] I bind and hold thee fast with all these nooses, thou son of such a man and such a mother.
All these do I assign thee as thy portion.

[p. a125]


A charm to secure freedom from various evils

[0401701] We seize and hold thee, Conquering One! the queen of medi cines that heal.
O Plant, I have endowed thee with a hundred powers for every man,

[0401702] Still conquering, banishing the curse, mighty, with thy reverted.
Thee and all Plants have I invoked: Hence let it save us! was my prayer.

[0401703] She who hath cursed us with a curse, or hath conceived a murderous sin, Or seized our son to take his blood, may she devour the child she bare.

[0401704] What magic they have wrought for thee in dish unbaked or burnt dark red, What they have wrought in flesh undressed, conquer the sorcerers therewith.

[0401705] Ill dream and wretchedness of life, Rakshasa, monster, stingy hags, All the she fiends of evil name and voice, we drive away from us.

[0401706] Death caused by famine, caused by thirst, failure of children,.
loss of kine, With thee, O Apamarga, all this ill we cleanse and wipe away.

[0401707] Death caused by thirst, death caused by stress of hunger, loss at play with dice, All this, O Apamarga with thine aid we cleanse and wipe away.

[0401708] The Apamarga is alone the sovran of all Plants that grow.
With this we wipe away whatever hath fallen on thee: go in health!

[p. a126]


A counter charm against the incantations of enemies

[0401801] The moonlight equalleth the sun, night is the rival of the day.
I make effectual power my help: let magic arts be impotent.

[0401802] Gods! if one make and bring a spell on some man s house who knows it not, Close as the calf that sucks the cow may it revert and cling to him.

[0401803] When one puts poison in a dish of unbaked clay to kill a man, It cracks when set upon the fire with the sharp sound of many stones.

[0401804] Endowed with thousand powers! adjure the bald and those with necks awry.
Back to its author turn the spell like a dear damsel to her friend!

[0401805] I with this Plant have ruined all malignant powers of witchery.
The spell which they have laid upon thy field, thy cattle, or thy men.

[0401806] No power had he who wrought the spell: he hurt his foot, he broke his toe.
His act hath brought us happiness and pain and sorrow to him self.

[0401807] Let Apamarga sweep away chronic disease and every curse, Sweep sorceresses clean away, and all malignant stingy hags.

[0401808] Sweep thou away the sorcerers, all stingy fiendish hags away.
All this, O Apamarga, with thine aid we wipe away from us.

[p. a127]


A counter charm and charm to secure general protection.

[0401901] Thou breakest ties of kith and kin, thou causest, too, relation ship: So bruise the sorcerer s offspring, like a reed that groweth in the Rains.

[0401902] Thou hast been blessed with blessing by the Brahman, Kanva Narshada.
Thou fliest like a flashing dart: there is no fear or danger, Plant! within the limit of thy range.

[0401903] Illumining, as it were, with light, thou movest at the head of plants.
The saviour of the simple man art thou, and slayer of the fiends.

[0401904] As once when time began the Gods with thee expelled the Asuras, Even thence, O Plant, wast thou produced as one who wipes and sweeps away.

[0401905] Thy father s name was Cleaver.
Thou with thousand branches cleavest all.
Do thou, turned backward, cleave and rend the man who treateth us as foes.

[0401906] The evil sprang from earth; it mounts to heaven and spreads to vast extent.
Reverted, shaking him with might, thence on its maker let it fall.

[0401907] For thou hast grown reverted, and turned backward also is thy fruit.
Remove all curses far from me, keep most remote the stroke of death. [p. a128]

[0401908] Preserve me with a hundred, yea, protect me with a thousand aids.
May mighty Indra, Lord of Plants! give store of strength and.
power to thee.

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