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HYMN X (10)

A new year prayer

[0301001] The First hath dawned.
With Yama may it be a cow to pour forth milk.
May she be rich in milk and stream for us through many a com ing year.

[0301002] May she whom Gods accept with joy, Night who approacheth.
as a cow, She who is Consort of the Year, bring us abundant happiness

[0301003] Thou whom with reverence we approach, O Night, as model of the Year, Vouchsafe.
us children long to live; bless us with increase of our wealth.

[0301004] This same is she whose light first dawned upon us: she moves established in the midst of others: [p. a76] Great powers and glories are contained within her: a first born bride, she conquers and bears children.

[0301005] Loud was the wooden pass gear s ring and rattle, as it made annual oblation ready.
First Ashtaka! may we be lords of riches, with goodly children and good men about us.

[0301006] The shrine of Ila flows with oil and fatness: accept, O Jatavedas, our oblations.
Tame animals of varied form and colour may all the seven abide with me contented.

[0301007] Come thou to nourish me and make me prosper.
Night! may the favour of the Gods attend us.
Filled full, O Ladle, fly thou forth.
Completely filled fly back again.
Serving at every sacrifice bring to us food and energy.

[0301008] This Year hath come to us, thy lord and consort, O Ekashtaka.
Vouchsafe us children long to live, bless us with increase of our wealth.

[0301009] The Seasons, and the Seasons Lords I worship, annual parts and groups.
Half years, Years, Months, I offer to the Lord of all existing things.

[0301010] I offer to the Seasons, to their several groups, to Months, to Years.
Dhatar, Vidhatar, Fortune, to the lord of all existing things.

[0301011] With fatness and libation we sacrifice and adore the Gods.
Wealthy in kine may we retire to rest us in our modest homes.

[0301012] Ekashtaka, burning with zealous fervour, brought forth her babe the great and glorious Indra.
With him the Gods subdued their adversaries: the Lord of Might became the Dasyus slayer.

[0301013] Indra s and Soma s mother! thou art daughter of Prajapati.
Satisfy thou our hearts desires.
Gladly accept our sacrifice.

[p. a77]

HYMN XI (11)

A charm for the recovery of a dangerously sick man

[0301101] For life I set thee free by this oblation both from unmarked
decline and from consumption: Or if the grasping demon have possessed him, free him from her,.
O Indra, thou and Agni!

[0301102] Be his days ended, be he now departed, be he brought very near to death already, Out of Destruction s lap again I bring him, save him for life to last a hundred autumns. [p. a78]

[0301103] With sacrifice thousand eyed and hundred powered, bringing a hundred lives, have I restored him, That Indra through the autumns may conduct him safe to the farther shore of all misfortune.

[0301104] Live, waxing in thy strength a hundred autumns, live through a hundred springs, a hundred winters! Indra, Agni, Savitar, Brihaspati give thee a hundred! With hundred lived oblation have I saved him,

[0301105] Breath, Respiration, come to him, as two car oxen to their stall! Let all the other deaths, whereof men count a hundred, pass away.

[0301106] Breath, Respiration, stay ye here.
Go ye not hence away from him, Bring, so that he may reach old age, body and members back again.

[0301107] I give thee over to old age, make thee the subject of old age.
Let kindly old age lead thee on.
Let all the other deaths, whereof men count a hundred, pass away!

[0301108] Old age hath girt thee with its bonds even as they bind a bull with rope.
The death held thee at thy birth bound with a firmly knotted noose, Therefrom, with both the hands of Truth, Brihaspati hath loose ned thee.

[p. a79]


A benediction on a newly built house

[0301201] Here, even here I fix my firm set dwelling; flowing with fatness may it stand in safety.
May we approach thee, House! with all our people, uncharmed and goodly men, and dwell within thee,

[0301202] Even here, O House, stand thou on firm foundation, wealthy in horses, rich in kine and gladness.
Wealthy in nourishment.
in milk and fatness, rise up for great felicity and fortune.

[0301203] A spacious store, O House, art thou, full of clean corn and lofty roofed.
Let the young calf and little boy approach thee, and milch kine streaming homeward in the evening.

[0301204] This House may Savitar and Vayu stablish, Brihaspati who knows the way, and Indra.
May the moist Maruts sprinkle it with fatness, and may King Bhaga make our corn land fruitful.

[0301205] Queen of the home! thou, sheltering, kindly Goddess, wast sta blished by the Gods in the beginning.
Clad in thy robe of grass be friendly minded, and give us wealth with goodly men about us.

[0301206] Thou Pole, in ordered fashion mount the pillar.
Strong, shining forth afar, keep off our foemen.
House! let not those who dwell within thee suffer.
Live we with all our men, a hundred autumns.

[0301207] To this the tender boy hath come, to this the calf with all the beasts, To this crock of foaming drink, hither with jars of curdled milk.

[0301208] Bring hitherward, O dame, the well filled pitcher, the stream of molten butter blent with nectar.
Bedew these drinkers with a draught of Amrit.
May all our hopes fulfilment guard this dwelling.

[0301209] Water that kills Consumption, free from all Consumption, here I bring.
With Agni, the immortal one, I enter and possess the house.

[p. a80]


A benediction on a newly cut water channel

[0301301] As ye, when Ahi had been slain, flowed forth together with a roar, So are ye called the Roaring Ones: this, O ye Rivers, is your name.

[0301302] As driven forth by Varuna ye swiftly urged your rolling waves, There Indra reached you as you flowed; hence ye are still the Water floods.

[0301303] Indra restrained you with his might.
Goddesses, as ye glided on Not in accordance with his will: hence have ye got the name of Streams.
[0301304] One only God set foot on you flowing according to your will, [p. a81] The mighty ones breathed upward fast: hence; Water is the name they bear.

[0301205] Water is good, water indeed is fatness.
Agni and Soma, truly, both bring water.
May the strong rain of those who scatter sweetness come helpful unto me with breath and vigour.

[0301206] Then verily, I see, yea, also hear them: their sound approaches me, their voice comes hither.
Even then I think I am enjoying Amrit, what time I drink my fill of you, gold coloured!

[0301207] Here, O ye Waters, is your heart.
Here is your calf, ye holy ones.
Flow here, just here, O mighty Streams, whither I now am lead ing you.

[p. a82]


A benediction on a cattle pen

[0301401] A Pen wherein to dwell at ease, abundance and prosperity, Whatever is called the birth of day, all this do we bestow on you.

[0301402] May Aryaman pour gifts on you, and Pushan, land Brihaspati, And Indra, winner of the prize.
Make ye my riches grow with me.

[0301403] Moving together, free from fear, with plenteous droppings in this pen, Bearing sweet milk like Soma juice, come hither free from all disease.

[0301404] Come hither, to this place, O Cows: here thrive as though ye were manured.
Even here increase and multiply; let us be friendly, you and me.

[0301405] Auspicious be this stall to you.
Prosper like cultivated rice.
Even here increase and multiply.
Myself do we bestow on you.

[0301406] Follow me, Cows, as master of the cattle.
Here may this Cow pen make you grow and prosper, Still while we live may we approach you living, ever increasing with the growth of riches.

HYMN XV (15)

A merchant s prayer for success in his business

[0301501] I stir and animate the merchant Indra; may he approach and be our guide and leader. [p. a83] Chasing ill will, wild beast, and highway robber, may he who hath the power give me riches.

[0301502] The many paths which Gods are wont to travel, the paths which go between the earth and heaven, May they rejoice with me in milk and fatness that I may make rich profit by my purchase.

[0301503] With fuel.
Agni! and with butter, longing, mine offering I present for strength and conquest; With prayer, so far as I have strength, adoring this holy hymn to gain a hundred treasures.

[0301504] Pardon this stubbornness of ours.
O Agni, the distant pathway which our feet have trodden.
Propitious unto us be sale and barter, may interchange of mer chandise enrich me.
Accept, ye twain, accordant, this libation! Prosperous be our ventures and incomings.

[0301505] The wealth wherewith I carry on my traffic, seeking, ye Gods! wealth with the wealth I offer, May this grow more for me, not less: O Agni, through sacrifice chase those who hinder profit!

[0301506] The wealth wherewith I carry on my traffic, seeking, ye Gods! wealth with the wealth I offer, Herein may Indra, Savitar, and Soma, Prajapati, and Agni give me splendour.

[0301507] With reverence we sign thy praise, O Hotar priest Vaisvanara.
Over our children keep thou watch, over our bodies, kine, and lives.

[0301508] Still to thee ever will we bring oblation, as to a stabled horse, O Jatavedas.
Joying in food and in the growth of riches may we thy servants, Agni, never suffer.

[p. a84]


A Rishi s morning prayer

[0301601] Agni at dawn, and Indra we invoke at dawn, and Varuna and Mitra, and the Asvins twain: Bhaga at dawn, Pushan and Brahmanaspati, Soma at dawn, and Rudra we invoke at dawn.

[0301602] We all strong Bhaga, conqueror in the morning, the son of Aditi, the great Disposer, Whom each who deems himself poor, strong and mighty, a king, addresses thus, Grant thou my portion!

[0301603] Bhaga, our guide, Bhaga whose gifts are faithful, favour this hymn and give us wealth, O Bhaga.
Bhaga, augment our store of kine and horses.
Bhaga, may we be rich in men and heroes.

[0301604] So may felicity be ours at present, and when the Sun advances, and at noontide; And may we still, O Bounteous One, at sunset be happy in the Gods protecting favour. [p. a85]

[0301605] May Bhaga verily be bliss bestower, and through him, Gods! may happiness attend us.
As such with all my might I call and call thee: as such be thou our leader here, O Bhaga.

[0301606] To this our sacrifice may the Dawns incline them, and come to the pure place like Dadhikravan.
As strong steeds draw a chariot may they bring me hitherward Bhaga who discovers treasure.

[0301607] May the kind Mornings dawn on us for ever with, wealth of kine, of horses, and of heroes.
Streaming with all abundance, pouring fatness, Do ye preserve us evermore with blessings!


A farmer s song and prayer to speed the plough

[0301701] Wise and devoted to the Gods the skilful men bind plough ropes fast, [p. a86] And lay the yokes on either side.

[0301702] Lay on the yokes and fasten well the traces: formed is the furrow, sow the seed within it.
Viraj vouchsafe us hearing fraught with plenty! Let the ripe grain come near and near the sickle.

[0301703] The keen shared plough that bringeth bliss, furnished with traces and with stilts, Shear out for me a cow, a sheep, a rapid drawer of the car, a blooming woman, plump and strong!

[0301704] May Indra press the furrow down, may Pushan guard and cherish her.
May she, well stored with milk yield milk for us through each succeeding year.

[0301705] Happily let the shares turn up the ploughland, the ploughers happily follow the oxen.
Pleased with our sacrifice, Suna and Sira! make the plants bring this man abundant produce.

[0301706] Happily work our steers and men! May the plough furrow happily, Happily be the traces bound.
Happily ply the driving goad.

[0301707] Suna and Sira, welcome ye this laud, and with the milk that ye have made in heaven, Bedew ye both this earth of ours.

[0301708] Auspicious Sita, come thou near: we venerate and worship thee.
That thou mayst bless and prosper us and bring us fruits abundantly.

[0301709] Loved by the Visvedevas and the Maruts, let Sita be bedewed.
with oil and honey.
Turn thou to us with wealth of milk, O Sita, in vigorous strength and pouring streams of fatness.

[p. a87]


A jealous wife s incantation against a rival

[0301801] From out the earth I dig this Plant, and herb of most effectual power, Wherewith one quells the rival wife and gains the husband for one s self.

[0301802] Auspicious, with expanded leaves, sent by the Gods, victorious Plant, Drive thou, the rival wife away, and make my husband only mine.

[0301803] Indeed he hath not named her name: thou with this husband dalliest not, Far into distance most remote we drive the rival wife away. [p. a88]

[0301804] Stronger am I, O stronger one, yea, mightier than the mightier; Beneath me be my rival wife, down, lower than the lowest dames!

[0301805] I am the conqueror, and thou, thou also art victorious: As victory attends us both we will subdue my fellowwife.

[0301806] I have girt thee with the conquering Plant, beneath thee laid the mightiest one.
As a cow hastens to her calf, so let thy spirit speed to me, hasten like water on its way.


A glorification of the office of a king s household priest

[0301901] Quickened is this my priest rank, quickened is manly strength and force, Quickened be changeless power, whereof I am the conquering President!

[0301902] I quicken these men s princely sway, the might, the manly strength and force; I rend away the foemen s arms with this presented sacrifice.

[0301903] Down fall the men, low let them lie, who fight against our mighty prince, I ruin foemen with my spell, and raise my friends to high estate.

[0301904] Keener than is the axe s edge, keener than Agni s self are they, Keener than Indra s bolt are they whose Priest and President am I.

[0301905] The weapons of these men I whet and sharpen, with valiant heroes I increase their kingdom. [p. a89] Victorious be their power and ever ageless! May all the Gods promote their thoughts and wishes.

[0301966] Let their fierce powers, O Maghavan, be heightened, and upward go the shout of conquering heroes.
Apart and clear, let shout and roar and shriek and lamentation rise! Let the Gods led by Indra, let the Maruts with our army go.

[0301907] Advance and be victorious, men I Exceeding mighty be your arms! Smite with sharp pointed arrows those whose bows are weak.
With your strong arms and weapons smite the feeble foe.

[0301908] Loosed from the bowstring fly away, thou Arrow, sharpened by our prayer.
Assail the foemen, vanquish them, conquer each bravest man of theirs, and let not one of them escape.

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