Avs 01 17

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HYMN XVII (17) Raktha Dhamani Vandana

A charm to be used at venesection

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(AVŚ_1,17.1a) amūr yā yanti yoṣito hirā lohitavāsasaḥ |
(AVŚ_1,17.1c) abhrātara iva jāmayas tiṣṭhantu hatavarcasaḥ ||1||

(AVŚ_1,17.2a) tiṣṭhāvare tiṣṭha para uta tvaṃ tiṣṭha madhyame |
(AVŚ_1,17.2c) kaniṣṭhikā ca tiṣṭhati tiṣṭhād id dhamanir mahī ||2||

(AVŚ_1,17.3a) śatasya dhamanīnāṃ sahasrasya hirāṇām |
(AVŚ_1,17.3c) asthur in madhyamā imāḥ sākam antā araṃsata ||3||

(AVŚ_1,17.4a) pari vaḥ sikatāvatī dhanūr bṛhaty akramīt |
(AVŚ_1,17.4c) tiṣṭhatelayatā su kam ||4||

[0101701] Those maidens there, the veins, who run their course in robes of ruddy hue, Must now stand quiet, reft of power, like sisters who are brother less.

[0101702] Stay still, thou upper vein, stay still, thou lower, stay, thou midmost one, The smallest one of all stands still: let the great vessel even be still.

[0101703] Among a thousand vessels charged with blood, among a thousand veins, Even these the middlemost stand still and their extremities have rest.

[0101704] A mighty rampart built of sand hath circled and encompassed you: Be still, and quietly take rest.

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