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This is the only completed Sama Veda project available online in Wiki format apart from Wikisource at Wikipedia. Wikisource however does not contain hyper-links interconnecting nouns in the text. This wiki contains 34 front pages and more than 300 noun pages and more than 4000 hyperlinks inter connecting related nouns or words found in the Samaveda-text.

Individual pages for around 300 nouns are created explaining their context as well as enhancing their meaning and understanding. The source of plain text is

Below is the master-index of the Samaveda arranged into two parts, with 6 books in the first part and 9 books in the second part. In the first part, each book contains two chapters and each chapter contains around five hymns. Each hymn contains five couplets (ten lines) and hence are called decades. In the second part, book 1 to 5 contains two chapters each and book 6 to 9 contains three chapters each. Each chapter in the books of second part contains around twenty hymns. The hymns are but shorter containing only a few couplets. The hymns are taken from Rigveda with some rearrangements and added words to enhance melody.

Sama Veda contains 458 hymns arranged in 34 chapters, 15 books and two parts. Part 1 contains 59 hymns arranged in 12 chapters and 6 books. Part 2 contains 399 hymns arranged in 22 chapters and 9 books.

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