References: Santanu (Mbh) Santanu Video Emperor Bharata Bhisma Kripa Drona

The prominent kings in the lineage of Kuru were Pratipa and his son Santanu. Mahabharata focus on the life of Santanu in great detail. He was not the first son of Pratipa. The eldest son Devapi became an ascetic. Santanu's another brother Bahlika established another kingdom. Santanu became the king of Hastinapura. He married a woman whose linage is not well known. She is mentioned as the daughter of Jahnu. (Jahnu was a king in the lineage of Bharata. (Bharata > Bhumanyu > Suhotra > Ajamidha > Jahnu.) There was also a sage known as Janhu.) The myth-makers portray her as a river none other than the mighty Ganga. This could mean that she lived on the banks of Ganga. The name 'Ganga' do not have any Sanskrit root. Thus it belonged to some language spoken on the banks of Ganga during those times. She was extremely beautiful and that is why Santanu married her. Ganga, the queen of Santanu seemed to be suffering from some psychological disorder or some illness that affected delivering healthy babies. Her first seven births were probably still-births or short lived babies. She throw them into river Ganga, before it was ever known to Santanu or the people of the palace if they were alive or healthy or if they were already dead. The rumor that spread was that the queen is killing her babies as soon as they are born by throwing them into river.

References: Santanua (Mbh) Santanu Video Emperor Bharata Bhisma Kripa Drona

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