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rvs.1.35 Driving off Raksasas and Yatudhanas, the God is present, praised in hymns at evening.
rvs.10.87 Pierce to the heart therewith the Yatudhanas, and break their arms uplifed to attack thee.
rvs.10.87 5 Pierce through the Yatudhanas' skin, O Agni; let the destroying dart with fire consume him.
rvs.10.87 Demolish with thy flame his ribs, O Agni, the Yatudhanas' root destroy thou triply.
rvs.10.87 Each arrowy taunt sped from the angry spirit, pierce to the heart therewith the Yatudhanas.
rvs.10.87 Break thou the Yatudhanas' strength, the vigour of the Raksasa.
rvs.10.120 With mightier power, Bold God, extend thy firmness: let not malignant Yatudhanas harm thee.

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