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rvs.1.163 2 This Steed which Yama gave hath Trita harnessed, and him, the first of all, hath Indra mounted.
rvs.1.163 3 Yama art thou, O Horse; thou art Aditya; Trita art thou by secret operation.
rvs.1.164 To what is One, sages give many a title they call it Agni, Yama, Matarisvan.
rvs.7.33 The Apsaras brought hither the Vasisthas wearing the vesture spun for them by Yama.
rvs.7.33 Destined to wear the vesture spun by Yama, sprang from the Apsaras to life, Vasistha.
rvs.10.10 7 I, Yami, am possessed by love of Yama, that I may rest on the same couch beside him.
rvs.10.10 In heaven and earth the kindred Pair commingle. On Yami be the unbrotherly act of Yama.
rvs.10.10 13 Alas! thou art indeed a weakling, Yama we find in thee no trace of heart or spirit.
rvs.10.13 They sacrificed Brhaspati the Rsi. Yama delivered up his own dear body.
rvs.10.14 HYMN XIV. Yama. 14
rvs.10.14 1. HONOUR the King with thine oblations, Yama, Vivasvans' Son, who gathers men together,
rvs.10.14 2 Yama first found for us a place to dwell in: this pasture never can be taken from
rvs.10.14 3 Mitali prospers there with Kavyas, Yama with Angiras' sons, Brhaspati with Rkvans:
rvs.10.14 4 Come, seat thee on this bed of grass, O Yama, in company with Angirases and Fathers.
rvs.10.14 5 Come, Yama, with the Angirases the Holy, rejoice thee here with children of Virupa.
rvs.10.14 Mere' shalt thou look on both the Kings enjoying their sacred food, God Varuna and Yama.
rvs.10.14 8 Meet Yama, meet the Fathers, meet the merit of free or ordered acts, in highest heaven.
rvs.10.14 Yama bestows on him a place to rest in adorned with days and beams of light and waters.
rvs.10.14 Draw nigh then to the graciousminded- Fathers where they rejoice in company with Yama.
rvs.10.14 11 And those two dogs of thine, Yama, the watchers, foureyed-, who look on men and guard the
rvs.10.14 13 To Yama pour the Soma, bring to Yama consecrated gifts:
rvs.10.14 To Yama sacrifice prepared and heralded by Agni goes.
rvs.10.14 14 Offer to Yama holy gifts enriched with butter, and draw near:
rvs.10.14 15 Offer to Yama, to the King, oblation very rich in meath:
rvs.10.14 The Gayatri, the Trstup, all metres in Yama are contained.
rvs.10.15 With these let Yama, yearning with the yearning, rejoicing eat our offerings at his pleasure.
rvs.10.18 Here let the Fathers keep this pillar firm for thee, and there let Yama make thee an abidingplace-.
rvs.10.21 He was Vivasvans' envoy, at your glad carousethe- weIlloved- friend of Yama, Thou art waxing great.
rvs.10.51 Then Yama marked thee, God of wondrous splendour! effulgent from thy tenfold secret dwelling,
rvs.10.52 3 Who is the Priest? Is he the Priest of Yama? On whom is thrust this Godappointed- honour?
rvs.10.58 1. THY spirit, that went far away to Yama to Vivasvans' Son,
rvs.10.60 10 Subandlins' spirit I have brought from Yama, from Vivasvans' Son,
rvs.10.64 To Sun and Moon, two Moons, to Yama in the heaven, to Trita, Vata, Dawn, Night, and the Atvins
rvs.10.92 11 For these, the Earth and Heaven with their abundant seed, fourbodied- Narasamsa, Yama, Aditi,
rvs.10.123 On thee with wings of gold, Varunas' envoy, the Bird that hasteneth to the home of Yama.
rvs.10.135 HYMN CXXXV. Yama. 135
rvs.10.135 1. IN the Tree clothed with goodly leaves where Yama drinketh with the Gods,
rvs.10.135 7 Here is the seat where Yama dwells, that which is called the Home of Gods:
rvs.10.154 The Fathers, Yama! Fervourmovedeven-, to those let him depart.
rvs.10.154 The Rsis, Yama! Fervourmoved-, even to those let him depart.
rvs.10.165 To him who sent it hither as an envoy, to him be reverence paid, to Death, to Yama.

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