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rvs.1.42 5 Wise Pusan, Wonder Worker, we claim of thee now the aid wherewith
rvs.1.62 6 This is the deed most worthy of all honour, the fairest marvel of the Wonder Worker,
rvs.1.92 Health givers Wonder Workers, borne on paths of gold.
rvs.1.112 24 Make ye our speech effectual, O ye Asvins, and this our hymn, ye mighty Wonder Workers.
rvs.1.116 Ye gave him eyes, Nasatyas, Wonder Workers, Physicians, that he saw with sight uninjured.
rvs.1.117 5 Ye brought forth Vandana, ye Wonder Workers, for triumph, like fair gold that hath been buried,
rvs.1.117 20 Ye, Wonder Workers, filled with milk for Sayu the milkless cow, emaciated, barren;
rvs.1.117 21 Ploughing and sowing barley, O ye Asvins, milking out food for men, ye Wonder Workers,
rvs.1.117 True, he revealed to you, O Wonder Workers, sweet Soma, Tvastar s secret, as your girdle.
rvs.1.118 Wonder Workers.
rvs.1.118 6 Ye raised up Vandana, strong Wonder Workers! with great might, and with power ye rescued Rebha.
rvs.1.138 So, Wonder Worker! may we turn thee hither with effectual lauds.
rvs.2.1 4 Agni, thou art King Varuna whose laws stand fast; as Mitra, Wonder Worker, thou must be implored.
rvs.2.9 5 The twofold opulence, O Wonder Worker, of thee new born each day never decreases.
rvs.2.20 6 He verily, the God, the glorious Indra, hath raised him up for man, best Wonder Worker.
rvs.3.39 Their strengthener was Indra the Majestic he spread their stalls of kine the Wonder Worker.
rvs.3.58 Wonder Workers.
rvs.4.44 6 Now for us both, mete out, O Wonder Workers, riches exceeding great with store of heroes,
rvs.4.55 Have ordered as perpetual Ordainers, and beamed as holy thoughted Wonder Workers.
rvs.5.17 4 Wealth loads the Wonder Worker s car through his, the very wise One s power.
rvs.5.49 May Indra, Visnu, Varuna, Mitra, Agni produce auspicious days, the Wonder Workers.
rvs.5.55 Never, ye Wonder Workers, are your Milch kine dry. Their cars moved onward as they went to victory.
rvs.6.62 5 With newest hymn I call those Wonder Workers, ancient and brilliant, and exceeding mighty,
rvs.6.63 Gave, Heroes! to the singer Bharadvaja. Ye Wonder Workers, let the fiends be slaughtered.
rvs.6.69 7 Drink of this meath, O Indra, thou, and Visnu; drink ye your fill of Soma, Wonder Workers.
rvs.7.22 8 Never do men attain, O Wonder Worker, thy greatness, Mighty One, who must be lauded,
rvs.7.68 1. COME, radiant Asvins, with your noble horses: accept your servant s hymns, ye Wonder Workers:
rvs.8.5 2 Like Heroes on your will yoked car farshining, Wonder Workers! ye
rvs.8.5 11 Ye Lords of splendour, glorified, ye Wonder Workers borne on paths
rvs.8.9 5 Whatever ye have done in floods, in the tree, Wonder Workers, and in growing plants,
rvs.8.22 17 Come, Wonder Workers, to our home, our home, O Asvins, rich in cattle, steeds, and gold,
rvs.8.26 6 For, Wonder Workers, with fleet steeds ye fly completely round this All,
rvs.10.11 Then when the Aryan tribes chose as Invoking Priest Agni the Wonder Worker, and the hymn rose up.
rvs.10.40 14 O Asvins, Wonder Workers, Lords of lustre, where and with what folk do ye delight yourselves

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