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rvs.1.24 4 Wealth, highly lauded ere reproach hath fallen on it, which is laid,
rvs.1.141 Wealth that directs both worlds as they were guidingreins-, and, very Wise, the Gods assent in
rvs.1.167 Wealth of a thousand sorts hast thou to cheer us: may precious goods come nigh to us in thousands.
rvs.1.170 5 Thou, Lord of Wealth, art Master of all treasures, thou, Lord of friends, art thy friends' best
rvs.2.1 Thou art the hundredwintered- Ila to give strength, Lord of Wealth! Vrtraslayer- and Sarasvati.
rvs.2.37 Bring it him: seeking this he gives. Granter of Wealth, drink Soma with the Rtus from the Hotars'
rvs.2.37 Here brought by priests is Soma meath. Granter of Wealth, drink Soma with the Rtus from the
rvs.2.41 Wealth that shall bring us room and rest.
rvs.3.34 1. FORTRENDER-, Lord of Wealth, dispelling foemen, Indra with lightnings hath overcome the Dasa.
rvs.3.42 Of Hundred Powers, thou Prince of Wealth.
rvs.4.36 5 Wealth from the Rbhus is most glorious in renown, that which the Heroes, famed for vigour, have
rvs.5.17 4 Wealth loads the WonderWorkers-' car through his, the very wise Ones' power.
rvs.5.23 Wealth that overcometh all mankind, and, near us, conquereth in fight.
rvs.5.42 Wealth that brings bliss is found among the givers of horses and of cattle and of raiment.
rvs.6.6 Wealth bright, O Bright One, vast, with many heroes, give with thy bright flames to the man who
rvs.6.13 Wealth swiftly, strength in battle with our foemen, the rain besought of heaven, the flow of
rvs.6.20 Wealth that brings thousands and that wins the cornlands-, wealth, Son of Strength! that
rvs.6.20 Thou gavest to thy worshipper Rjisvan imperishable Wealth, O Bounteous Giver.
rvs.6.68 Wealth, Gods! which breaks the curse of those who vex us, be, IndraVaruna-, even our own
rvs.7.78 On car sublime, refulgent, wending hither, O Usas, bring the Wealth that makes us happy.
rvs.7.81 We yearn to be thine own, Dealer of Wealth: may we be to this Mother like her sons.
rvs.8.46 Wealth suited to our needs, O Stirrer of the thought, best wealth, O thou who stirrest thought.
rvs.8.102 Which She of Wondrous Wealth was born to harness, this car of yours I call. Drink what remaineth.
rvs.9.40 Wealth, mighty Indu, meet for lauds.
rvs.9.43 Wealth, Indu, fraught with boundless might.
rvs.9.54 Wealth from the kine to feast the Gods.
rvs.9.63 Wealth which the foeman may not win.
rvs.9.68 Even him who rich in meath, with undulating stream, Winnner of Wealth, Immortal, sends his voice
rvs.10.47 2 Wealth, fully armed, good guard and kind protector, sprung from four seas, the prop and stay of
rvs.10.47 3 Wealth, with good Brahmans, Indra! Godattended-, high, wide, and deep, arid based on broad
rvs.10.122 Wealth, Agni, with brave sons and ready for his use: welcome the man who comes with fuel unto thee.
rvs.10.132 7 Ye Twain have seated you as Lords of Wealth, as one who mounts a car to him who sits upon the

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