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rvs.1.112 And lent to Vyasva and to Prthi favouring help, Come hither unto us, O Asvins, with those aids.
rvs.8.9 10 As erst Kaksivan and the Rsi Vyasva, as erst Dirghatamas invoked your presence,
rvs.8.23 16 Vyasva the sage, who sought the Bull, hath won thee, finder of good things:
rvs.8.24 22 As Vyasva did, praise Indra, praise the Strong unfluctuating Guide,
rvs.8.24 23 Now, son of Vyasva, praise thou him who to the tenth time still is new,
rvs.8.26 9 For we, like Vyasva, lifting up our voice like oxen, call on you:
rvs.8.26 11 O Heroes, listen to the son of Vyasva, and regard me here,
rvs.9.65 7 Sing forth your songs, as Vyasva sang, to Soma Pavamana, to,

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