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rvs.1.23 9 With conquering Indra for ally, strike Vrtra down, ye bounteous Gods
rvs.1.32 5 Indra with his own great and deadly thunder smote into pieces Vrtra, worst of Vrtras.
rvs.1.32 Emasculate yet claiming manly vigour, thus Vrtra lay with scattered limbs dissevered.
rvs.1.32 The Dragon lies beneath the feet of torrents which Vrtra with his greatness had encompassed.
rvs.1.32 But he, when he had smitten Vrtra, opened the cave wherein the floods had been imprisoned.
rvs.1.33 He with his thunderbolt dealt blows on Vrtra; and conquered, executing all his purpose.
rvs.1.36 8 Vrtra they smote and slew, and made the earth and heaven and firmament a wide abode.
rvs.1.51 When thou hadst slain with might the dragon Vrtra, thou, Indra, didst raise the Sun in heaven for
rvs.1.52 When Indra, joying in the draughts of Soma juice, forced the clouds, slaying Vrtra stayer of their
rvs.1.52 Beside that Indra when he smote down Vrtra stood his helpers, straight in form, mighty, invincible.
rvs.1.52 8 When, Indra, thou whose power is linked with thy Bay Steeds hadst smitten Vrtra, causing floods
rvs.1.52 In the wild joy of Soma had struck off with might the head of Vrtra, tyrant of the earth and
rvs.1.52 What time thou, Indra, with thy spiky weapon, thy deadly bolt, smotest the face of Vrtra.
rvs.1.53 6 These our libations strengthinspiring-, Soma draughts, gladdened thee in the fight with Vrtra,
rvs.1.56 In the lightwinning- war, Indra, in rapturous joy, thou smotest Vrtra dead and broughtest floods
rvs.1.61 Wherewith he reached the vital parts of Vrtra, strikingthe- vast, the mighty with the striker.
rvs.1.61 10 Through his own strength Indra with bolt of thunder cut piecemeal- Vrtra, drier up of waters.
rvs.1.61 12 Vast, with thine ample power, with eager movement, against this Vrtra cast thy bolt of thunder.
rvs.1.63 Vrtra;
rvs.1.74 3 And let men say, Agni is born, even he who slayeth Vrtra, he
rvs.1.80 That in thy strength, O Thunderer, thou hast struck down Vrtra from the floods, lauding thine own
rvs.1.80 Manliness, Indra, is thy might: stay Vrtra, make the waters thine, lauding thine own imperial sway.
rvs.1.80 4 Thou smotest Vrtra from the earth, smotest him, Indra, from the sky.
rvs.1.80 10 Indra hath smitten down the power of Vrtra, might with stronger might.
rvs.1.80 This was his manly exploit, he slew Vrtra and let loose the floods, lauding his own imperial sway.
rvs.1.80 When, Indra, Thunderer, Marutgirt-, thou slewest Vrtra in thy strength, lauding thine own imperial
rvs.1.80 12 But Vrtra scared not Indra with his shaking or his thunder roar.
rvs.1.80 13 When with the thunder thou didst make thy dart and Vrtra meet in war,
rvs.1.81 1. THE men have lifted Indra up, the Vrtra slayer, to joy and strength:
rvs.1.84 3 Slayer of Vrtra, mount thy car; thy Bay Steeds have been yoked by prayer.
rvs.1.85 Indra received it to perform heroic deeds. Vrtra he slew, and forced the flood of water forth.
rvs.1.103 8 As thou hast smitten Susna, Pipru, Vrtra and Kuyava, and Sambaras' forts, O Indra.
rvs.1.109 5 You, I have heard, were mightiest, IndraAgni-, when Vrtra fell and when the spoil was parted.
rvs.1.121 Vrtra, the boar who lay amid the waters, to sleep thou sentest with thy mighty thunder.
rvs.1.165 8 Vrtra I slew by mine own strength, O Maruts, having waxed mighty in mine indignation.
rvs.1.187 By whose invigorating power Trita rent Vrtra limb from limb.
rvs.2.11 9 Indra hath hurled down the magician Vrtra who lay beleaguering the mighty river.
rvs.2.11 18 Hero, assume the might wherewith thou clavest Vrtra piecemeal, the Danava Aurnavabha.
rvs.2.14 2 Ye ministers, to him who with the lightning smote, like a tree, the rainwithholding- Vrtra?
rvs.2.19 4 To him who worshippeth hath Indra given many and matchless gifts. He slayeth Vrtra.
rvs.2.30 2 His Mother, for she knew, spake and proclaimed him who was about to cast his bolt at Vrtra.
rvs.2.30 3 Aloft he stood above the airy region, and against Vrtra shot his deadly missile.
rvs.3.30 Thou with might, Indra, smotest dead the scorner, the footless Vrtra as he waxed in vigour.
rvs.3.32 By them impelled to act he reached the vitals Of Vrtra, though he deemed that none might wound him.
rvs.3.32 6 When thou didst loose the streams to run like racers in the swift contest, having smitten Vrtra
rvs.3.33 6 Indra who wields the thunder dug our channels: he smote down Vrtra, him who stayed our currents.
rvs.3.34 3 Leading, his band Indra encompassed Vrtra; weak grew the wily leader of enchanters.
rvs.3.36 When Indra had consumed the first sweet viands, he, after slaying Vrtra, claimed the Soma.
rvs.3.37 1. O INDRA, for the strength that slays Vrtra and conquers in the fight,
rvs.3.37 Indra, that Vrtra may be slain.
rvs.3.45 2 He who slew Vrtra, burst the cloud, brake the strongholds and drave the floods,
rvs.3.47 The Maruts following, whom thou madest sharers, gave thee the victory, and thou slewest Vrtra.
rvs.4.16 7 He smote away the floods' obstructer, Vrtra; Earth, conscious, lent her aid to speed thy thunder.
rvs.4.17 Thou in thy vigour having slaughtered Vrtra didst free the floods arrested by the Dragon.
rvs.4.17 He slaughtered Vrtra with his bolt, exulting, and, their lord slain, forth flowed the waters
rvs.4.17 Who slayeth Vrtra and acquireth booty, giver of blessings, Maghavan the bounteous:
rvs.4.18 With his great thunderbolt my Son hath slaughtered Vrtra, and set these rivers free to wander.
rvs.4.18 Then Indra said, about to slaughter Vrtra, O my friend Vrtra, stride full boldly forward.
rvs.4.19 And both the worlds elected, thee the Mighty, High, waxen strong, alone to slaughter Vrtra.
rvs.4.19 8 Through many a morn and many a lovely autumn, having slain Vrtra, he set free the rivers.
rvs.4.21 10 So Indra is the truthful Lord of treasure. Freedom he gave to man by slaying Vrtra.
rvs.4.24 2 To be invoked and hymned in fight with Vrtra, that wellpraised- Indra gives us real bounties.
rvs.4.32 1. O THOU who slewest Vrtra, come, O Indra, hither to our side,
rvs.6.16 48 The Gods enkindle Agni, best slayer of Vrtra, first in rank,
rvs.6.17 Thou who, O Bold One, armed with thunder smotest Vrtra with might, and every hostile being.
rvs.6.17 Vrtra.
rvs.6.18 Vrtra.
rvs.6.18 9 With saving might that must be praised and lauded, Indra, ascend thy car to smite down Vrtra.
rvs.6.20 When thou, Impetuous! leagued with Visnu, slewest Vrtra the Dragon who enclosed the waters.
rvs.6.44 15 May Indra drink this Soma poured to please him, and cheered therewith slay Vrtra with his
rvs.6.45 5 Thou, Slaughterer of Vrtra, art Guardian and Friend of one and two,
rvs.6.47 Vrtra,
rvs.6.68 One with his might and thunderbolt slays Vrtra; the other as a Sage stands near in troubles.
rvs.6.72 3 Ye slew the flood obstructing- serpent Vrtra, Indra and Soma: Heaven approved your exploit.
rvs.7.19 Thou capturedst the hundredth in thine onslaught; thou slewest Namuci, thou slewest Vrtra.
rvs.7.20 2 Waxing greatness Indra slayeth Vrtra: the Hero with his aid hath helped the singer.
rvs.7.21 With thine own power and might thou slewest Vrtra: no foe hath found the end of thee in battle.
rvs.8.2 32 Vrtra he slays with his right hand, even Indra, great with mighty power,
rvs.8.2 36 The Sage who, winning spoil with steeds, slays Vrtra, Hero with the men,
rvs.8.3 19 Thou from the lofty plains above, O Indra, hurledst Vrtra down.
rvs.8.6 13 When his wrath thundered, when he rent Vrtra to pieces, limb by limb,
rvs.8.7 23 They sundered Vrtra limb from limb and split the gloomy mountainclouds-,
rvs.8.12 22 For slaying Vrtra have the Gods set Indra in the foremost place.
rvs.8.12 26 When Vrtra, stayer of the floods, thou siest", Thunder with might,
rvs.8.24 2 For thou by slaying Vrtra art the Vrtraslayer-, famed for might.
rvs.8.32 26 He, meet for praise, slew Vrtra, slew Ahisuva, Urnavabhas' son,
rvs.8.37 1. THIS prayer, and those who shed the juice, in wars with Vrtra thou holpest, Indra, Lord of
rvs.8.51 That thou with power dost slay Vrtra, O Lord of Strength.
rvs.8.52 12 With us are raining Rudras, clouds accordant in call to battle, at the death of Vrtra,
rvs.8.65 3 Indra, with Marut Friends grown strong, hath rent asunder Vrtra, and
rvs.8.78 In rapid torrent let the mother waters spread. Slay Vrtra, win the light of heaven.
rvs.8.79 4 For thou, O Maghavan, art truthful, Never subdued and bringest many a Vrtra low.
rvs.8.82 Slew Vrtra and smote Ahi dead.
rvs.8.82 7 We make this Indra very strong to strike the mighty Vrtra dead:
rvs.8.85 7 Flying in terror from the snort of Vrtra, all Deities who were thy friends forsook thee.
rvs.8.88 When thou attackest Vrtra all the hostile bands shrink and faint, Indra, at thy wrath.
rvs.8.89 Let us slay Vrtra, let us free the rivers let them flow loosed at the command of Indra.
rvs.9.61 22 Flow onward thou who strengthenedst Indra to slaughter Vrtra who
rvs.10.28 Exulting with the bolt I slaughtered Vrtra, and for the offerer oped with might the cowstall-.
rvs.10.50 Hero, Lord of the brave, all cars are thy delight, warring with Vrtra, or for waters, or for spoil.
rvs.10.55 down Vrtra,
rvs.10.65 2 Indra and Agni, Herolords- when Vrtra fell, dwelling together, speeding emulously on,
rvs.10.66 Obeying Order, these whose priest is Agni, free from falsehood, poured the waters out when Vrtra
rvs.10.83 Slayer of foes, of Vrtra, and of Dasyu, bring thou to us all kinds of wealth and treasure.
rvs.10.89 7 As an axe fells the tree so be slew Vrtra, brake down the strongholds and dug out the rivers.
rvs.10.104 O Indra, cherish evermore thy body with those which thou hast won in quelling Vrtra.
rvs.10.104 Vrtra he quelled, and gave men room and freedom: gakra, victorious, hath conquered armies.
rvs.10.111 6 The Vrtraslaver- with his bolt felled Vrtra: the magic of the godless, waxen mighty,
rvs.10.113 When Indra Maghavan with those who followed him had smitten Vrtra he deserved the choice of Gods.
rvs.10.113 3 When, bearing warlike weapons, fain to win thee praise, thou mettest Vrtra, yea, the Dragon, for
rvs.10.113 What time the Potent One rent Vrtra with his strength, who held the waters back, whom darkness
rvs.10.113 As Agni eats the dry food with his tcetlv, he ate Vrtra, the Dragon, maimed by Indras' deadly dart.
rvs.10.116 Vrtra.
rvs.10.124 Let us two slaughter Vrtra. Forth, O Soma! Thou art oblation: we therewith will serve thee.
rvs.10.124 And they, like people who elect their ruler, have in abhorrence turned away from Vrtra.
rvs.10.138 1. ALLIED with thee in friendship, Indra, these, thy priests, remembering Holy Law, rent Vrtra
rvs.10.147 1. I TRUST in thy first wrathful deed, O Indra, when thou slewest Vrtra and didst work to profit
rvs.10.147 2 Thou with thy magic powers didst rend the conjurer Vrtra, O Blameless One, with heart that

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