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rvs.10.81 HYMN LXXXI. Visvakarman. 81
rvs.10.81 Whence Visvakarman, seeing all, producing the earth, with mighty power disclosed the heavens.
rvs.10.81 5 Nine highest, lowest, sacrificial natures, and these thy midmost- here, O Visvakarman,
rvs.10.81 6 Bring thou thyself, exalted with oblation, O Visvakarman, Earth and Heaven to worship.
rvs.10.81 7 Let us invoke today-, to aid our labour, the Lord of Speech, the thoughtswift- Visvakarman.
rvs.10.82 HYMN LXXXII. Visvakarman. 82
rvs.10.82 2 Mighty in mind and power is Visvakarman, Maker, Disposer, and most lofty Presence.

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