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rvs.1.22 16 The Gods be gracious unto us even from the place whence Visnu strode
rvs.1.22 17 Through all this world strode Visnu; thrice his foot he planted, and the whole
rvs.1.22 18 Visnu, the Guardian, he whom none deceiveth, made three steps; thenceforth
rvs.1.22 20 The princes evermore behold that loftiest place where Visnu is,
rvs.1.61 7 As soon as, at libations of his mother, great Visnu had drunk up the draught, he plundered.
rvs.1.85 When Visnu saved the Soma bringing wild delight, the Maruts sate like birds on their dear holy
rvs.1.90 5 Yea, Pusan, Visnu, ye who run your course, enrich our hymns with kine;
rvs.1.90 Indra, Brhaspati be kind, and Visnu of the mighty stride.
rvs.1.154 HYMN CLIV. Visnu 154
rvs.1.154 1. I WILL declare the mighty deeds of Visnu, of him who measured out the earthly regions,
rvs.1.154 2 For this his mighty deed is Visnu lauded, like some wild beast, dread, prowling,
rvs.1.154 3 Let the hymn lift itself as strength to Visnu, the Bull farstriding-, dwelling on the mountains,
rvs.1.155 1. To the great Hero, him who sets his mind thereon, and Visnu, praise aloud in song your draught
rvs.1.155 2 Your Somadrinker- keeps afar your furious rush, Indra and Visnu, when ye come with all your
rvs.1.156 HYMN CLVI. Visnu 156
rvs.1.156 So, Visnu, even the wise must swell thy song of praise, and he who hath oblations pay thee solemn
rvs.1.156 2 He who brings gifts to him the Ancient and the Last, to Visnu who ordains, together with his
rvs.1.156 Ye, knowing even his name, have told it forth: may we, Visnu, enjoy the grace of thee the Mighty
rvs.1.156 Visnu hath power supreme and might that finds the day, and with his Friend unbars the stable of
rvs.1.156 5 Even he the Heavenly One who came for fellowship, Visnu to Indra, godly to the godlier,
rvs.1.186 Friendly are Visnu, Vata, and Rbhuksan so may I bring the Gods to make us happy.
rvs.2.1 3 Hero of Heroes, Agni! Thou art Indra, thou art Visnu of the Mighty Stride, adorable:
rvs.2.22 1. At the Trikadrukas the Great and Strong hath drunk drink blent with meal. With Visnu hath he
rvs.2.34 11 We call you such, great Maruts, following wonted ways, to the oblation paid to Visnu Speederon-.
rvs.3.54 14 To Visnu rich in marvels, songs And praises shall go as singers on the road of Bhaga,
rvs.3.55 10 Visnu, the guardian, keeps the loftiest station, upholding dear, immortal dwellingplaces-.
rvs.4.2 4 Aryaman, Mitra, Varuna, and Indra with Visnu, of the Gods, Maruts and Asvins-
rvs.4.3 What sin of ours to the farstriding- Visnu, what, Agni, wilt thou tell the Lofty Arrow.
rvs.5.46 2 O Agni, Indra, Varuna, and Mitra, give, O ye Gods, and Marut host, and Visnu.
rvs.5.46 Visnu I call, Pusan, and Brahmanaspati, and Bhaga, Samsa, Savitar that they may help.
rvs.5.46 4 May Visnu also and Vata who injures none, and Soma granter of possessions give us joy;
rvs.5.49 May Indra, Visnu, Varuna, Mitra, Agni produce auspicious days, the WonderWorkers-.
rvs.5.51 9 Associate with Varuna, with Mitra, Soma, Visnu, come,
rvs.5.87 1. To Visnu, to the Mighty whom the Maruts follow let your hymns born in song go forth, Evayamarut;
rvs.5.87 Like carborne- men, oneminded- with the mighty Visnu, keep enmity far from us with your deeds of
rvs.6.17 He, Pusan Visnu, poured forth three great vessels to him, the juice that cheers, that slaughters
rvs.6.20 When thou, Impetuous! leagued with Visnu, slewest Vrtra the Dragon who enclosed the waters.
rvs.6.21 Pusan and Visnu, Agni and Purandhi, Savitar also, and the Plants and Mountains.
rvs.6.49 13 He who for mans' behoof in his afiliction thrice measured out the earthly regions, Visnu-
rvs.6.50 12 May Rudra and Sarasvati, accordant, Visnu and Vayu, pour down gifts and bless us;
rvs.6.69 1. INDRA and Visnu, at my tasks' completion I urge you on with food and sacred service.
rvs.6.69 2 Ye who inspire all hymns, Indra and Visnu, ye vessels who contain the Soma juices,
rvs.6.69 3 Lords of joygiving- draughts, Indra and Visnu, come, giving gifts of treasure, to the Soma.
rvs.6.69 4 May your foeconquering- horses bring you hither, Indra and Visnu, sharers of the banquet.
rvs.6.69 7 Drink of this meath, O Indra, thou, and Visnu; drink ye your fill of Soma, WonderWorkers-.
rvs.7.35 May Visnu give felicity, and Pusan, the Air that cherisheth our life, and Vayu.
rvs.7.36 9 May this our song of praise reach you, O Maruts, and Visnu guardian of the future infant.
rvs.7.39 And Aryaman, and Aditi, and Visnu. Sarasvati be joyful, and the Maruts.
rvs.7.40 5 With offerings I propitiate the branches of this swiftmoving- God, the bounteous Visnu.
rvs.7.44 Indra, and Visnu, Pusan, Brahmanaspati, Adityas, Heaven and Earth, the Waters, and the Light.
rvs.7.93 Never may the Maruts, Indra, Visnu slight us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.
rvs.7.99 HYMN XCIX. Visnu. 99
rvs.7.99 Both thy two regions of the earth, O Visnu, we know: thou God, knowest the highest also.
rvs.7.99 2 None who is born or being born, God Visnu, hath reached the utmost limit of thy grandeur.
rvs.7.99 Both these worlds, Visnu, hast thou stayed asunder, and firmly fixed the earth with pegs around it.
rvs.7.99 5 Ye have destroyed, thou, Indra, and thou Visnu, Sambaras' nineandninety— fenced castles.
rvs.7.99 I laud you in the solemn synods, Visnu: pour ye food on us in our camps, O Indra.
rvs.7.99 7 O Visnu, unto thee my lips cry Vasat! Let this mine offering, Sipivista, please thee.
rvs.7.100 HYMN C. Visnu. 100
rvs.7.100 1 Never doth the man repent, who, seeking profit, bringeth his gift to the farstriding- Visnu.
rvs.7.100 2 Thou, Visnu, constant in thy courses, gavest goodwill- to all men, and a hymn that lasteth,
rvs.7.100 Foremost be Visnu, stronger than the strongest: for glorious is his name who lives for ever.
rvs.7.100 4 Over this earth with mighty step strode Visnu, ready to give it for a home to Manu.
rvs.7.100 6 What was there to be blamed in thee, O Visnu, when thou declaredst, I am Sipivista?
rvs.7.100 7 O Visnu, unto thee my lips cry Vasat! Let this mine offering, Sipivista, please thee.
rvs.8.10 I call Brhaspati, Indra, Visnu, all the gods, the Asvins borne by rapid steeds.
rvs.8.12 27 When Visnu, through thine energy, strode wide those three great steps of his,
rvs.8.15 9 Visnu the lofty ruling Power, Varuna, Mitra sing thy praise:
rvs.8.25 12 May we, unharmed, serve bountiful Visnu, the God who slayeth none:
rvs.8.25 Boon Indra, and boon Visnu have one mind with us.
rvs.8.27 8 O Maruts, Visnu, Asvins, Pusan, haste away with minds turned hitherward to Me.
rvs.8.35 1. WITH Agni and with Indra, Visnu. Varuna, with the Adityas, Rudras, Vasus, closely leagued;
rvs.8.35 14 With Visnu and the Angirases attending you, and with the Maruts come unto your praisers' call.
rvs.8.66 10 All these things Visnu brought, the Lord of ample stride whom thou hadst sent-
rvs.8.72 7 Regard us, Indra, Visnu, here, ye Asvins and the Marut host,
rvs.8.89 12 Step forth with wider stride, my comrade Visnu; make room, Dyaus, for the leaping of the
rvs.8.96 He to whom Visnu came striding his three wide steps, as Mitras' statutes ordered it.
rvs.8.98 4 May Pusan, Visnu, and Sarasvati befriend, and the Seven Streams, this call of mine:
rvs.9.33 3 To Indra, Vayu, Varuna, to Visnu, and the Maruts, flow
rvs.9.34 To Visnu, flows the Soma juice.
rvs.9.56 4 Flow hitherward, O Indu, sweet to Indra and to Visnu: guard
rvs.9.63 3 For Indra and for Visnu poured, Soma hath flowed into the jar:
rvs.9.65 To Visnu and the Marut host.
rvs.9.90 5 O Soma, gladden Varuna and Mitra; cheer, Indu Pavamana! Indra, Visnu.
rvs.9.96 Father of Agni, Suryas' generator, the Father who begat Indra and Visnu.
rvs.9.100 O Soma, as most rich in sweets for Indra, Visnu, and the Gods.
rvs.10.1 3 Here, being manifested, lofty Visnu, full wise, protects his own supremest station.
rvs.10.15 3 1 have attained the graciousminded- Fathers, I have gained son and progeny from Visnu.
rvs.10.65 Adityas, Maruts, Visnu, Soma, lofty Sky, Rudra and Aditi, and Brahmanaspati.
rvs.10.66 4 Aditi, Heaven and Earth, the great eternal Law, Indra, Visnu, the Maruts, and the lofty Sky.
rvs.10.66 5 With Holy Thoughts Sarasvan, firmlawed- Varuna, great Vayu, Pusan, Visnu, and the Asvins Twain,
rvs.10.92 God Tvastar Wealthbestower-, the Rbhuksanas, Rodasi, Maruts, Visnu, claim and merit praise.
rvs.10.113 2 This majesty of his Visnu extols and lauds, making the stalCthat gives the meath flow forth with
rvs.10.128 2 May all the Gods be on my side in battle, the Maruts led by Indra, Visnu, Agni.
rvs.10.141 Adityas, Visnu, Surya, and the Brahman Priest Brhaspati.
rvs.10.141 Vata, Visnu, Sarasvati and the Strong Courser Savitar.
rvs.10.181 1. Vasistha mastered the Rathantara, took it from radiant Dhatar, Savitar, and Visnu,
rvs.10.181 From radiant Dhatar, Savitar, and Visnu, from Agni, Bharadvaja brought the Brhat.
rvs.10.181 From radiant Dhatar, Savitar, and Visnu, from Surya did these sages bring the Gharma.
rvs.10.184 1. MAY Visnu form and mould the womb, may Tvastar duly shape the forms,

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