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rvs.1.161 Ye went as Rbhus, Vibhvan, Vaja to the Gods, and skilled in war, obtained your share in sacrifice.
rvs.4.33 May Vaja, Vibhvan, Rbhu, joined with Indra , protect our sacrifice, the Somalovers-.
rvs.4.33 The Gods expert artificer was Vaja, Indras' Rbhuksan, Varunas' was Vibhvan.
rvs.4.34 1. To this our sacrifice come Rbhu, Vibhvan, Vaja, and Indra with the gift of riches,
rvs.4.36 In synods must be sung the car which Vibhvan wrought: that which ye favour, Gods! is famed among
rvs.4.36 Great store of wealth and manly power hath he obtained whom Vaja, Vibhvan, Rbhus have looked
rvs.5.42 out by Vibhvan,
rvs.5.46 And may the Rbhus and the Asvins, Tvastar and Vibhvan remember us so that we may have wealth.
rvs.7.48 May Indra, Vibhvan, Vaja, and Rbhuksan destroy by turns the wicked foemans' valour.

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