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rvs.8.8 Carers for Vatsa, through our prayers and lauds, O yewho hearour call.
rvs.8.8 The Rsi Vatsa, Kanvas' son, hath magnified you with his songs.
rvs.8.8 Vatsa the sage, the sages' son, hath sung a song of sweets to you.
rvs.8.8 15 Vatsa the Rsi with his songs, Nasatyas, hath exalted you:
rvs.8.8 To Vatsa who with prayer and hymn, lovers of song, hath honoured you.
rvs.8.9 1. To help and favour Vatsa now, O Asvins, come ye hitherward.
rvs.8.9 This your own Vatsa gains not by his hymns alone: ye visit him who offers gifts.
rvs.8.9 Therewith, great Sages, grant a home to Vatsa and to Vimada.
rvs.8.11 7 May Vatsa draw- thy mind away even from thy loftiest dwellingplace-,

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