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rvs.1.112 5 Wherewith ye raised from waters, prisoned and fast bound, Rebha, and Vandana to look upon the
rvs.1.116 What time ye, knowing well his case, delivered Vandana from the pit like hidden treasure.
rvs.1.117 5 Ye brought forth Vandana, ye WonderWorkers-, for triumph, like fair gold that hath been buried,
rvs.1.118 6 Ye raised up Vandana, strong WonderWorkers-! with great might, and with power ye rescued Rebha.
rvs.1.119 Ye made the cow of Sayu stream refreshing milk, and Vandana was holpen to extended life.
rvs.1.119 7 Doers of marvels, skilful workers, ye restored Vandana, like a car, worn out with length of days.
rvs.10.39 Ye rescued Vandana and raised him from the pit, and in a moment gave Vispala power to move.

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