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rvs.1.167 Well grasped, bright, decked with gold there is Vak also, like to a courtly, eloquent dame, among
rvs.8.89 HYMN LXXXIX Indra. Vak. 89
rvs.8.89 10 When, uttering words which no one comprehended, Vak, Queen of Gods, the Gladdener, was seated,
rvs.8.89 11 The Deities generated Vak the Goddess, and animals of every figure speak her.
rvs.8.89 May she, the Gladdener, yielding food and vigour, the Milchcow- Vak, approach us meetly lauded.
rvs.10.71 3 With sacrifice the trace of Vak they foIlowed, and found her harbouring within the Rsis.
rvs.10.71 4 One man hath Never seen Vak, and yet he seeth: one man hath hearing but hath never heard her.
rvs.10.71 6 No part in Vak hath he who hath abandoned his own dear friend who knows the truth of friendship.
rvs.10.71 Having attained to Vak in sinful fashion spin out their thread in ignorance like spinsters.
rvs.10.114 A thousand spots contain the mighty thousand. Vak spreadeth forth as far as Prayer extendeth.
rvs.10.114 9 What sage hath learned the metres' application? Who hath gained Vak, the spirits' aim and object?
rvs.10.125 HYMN CXXV. Vak. 125

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