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rvs.6.61 1. To Vadhryasva when. be worshipped her with gifts she gave fierce Divodasa, canceller of debts.
rvs.10.69 4 Accept this offering, Agni, whom aforetime Vadhryasva, hath entreated and enkindled.
rvs.10.69 5 Be splendid, guard us Kinsman of Vadhryasva: let not the enmity of men overcome thee,
rvs.10.69 10 Like as a father bears his son, O Agni, Vadhryasva bare thee in his lap and served thee.
rvs.10.69 12 This Agni of Vadhryasva, Vrtraslayer-, lit from of old, must be invoked with homage.
rvs.10.69 As such assail our enemies, Vadhryasva, whether the foes be strangers or be kinsmen.

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