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rvs.1.44 8 At dawn of day, at night, Usas and Savitar, the Asvins, Bhaga, Agnis' self:
rvs.1.44 May Lawsupporting- Varuna with the Asvins twain and Usas, drink the Soma juice.
rvs.1.48 1 DAWN on us with prosperity, O Usas, Daughter of the Sky,
rvs.1.48 O Usas, waken up for me the sounds of joy: send us the riches of the great.
rvs.1.48 3 Usas hath dawned, and now shall dawn, the Goddess, driver forth of cars
rvs.1.48 The. princes who, O Usas, as thou comest near, direct their thoughts to liberal gifts.
rvs.1.48 5 Like a good matron Usas comes carefully tending everything:
rvs.1.48 Usas, the Daughter of the Sky, the opulent, shines foes and enmities away.
rvs.1.48 9 Shine on us with thy radiant light, O Usas, Daughter of the Sky,
rvs.1.48 11 O Usas, win thyself the strength which among men is wonderful.
rvs.1.48 12 Bring from the firmament, O Usas, all the Gods, that they may drink our Soma juice,
rvs.1.48 13 May Usas whose auspicious rays are seen resplendent round about,
rvs.1.48 O Usas, graciously answer our songs of praise with bounty and with brilliant light.
rvs.1.48 15 Usas, as thou with light to day hast opened the twin doors of heaven,
rvs.1.48 To allsubduing- splendour, Usas, Mighty One, to strength, thou rich in spoil and wealth.
rvs.1.49 1 EEN' from above the skys' bright realm come, Usas, by auspicious ways:
rvs.1.49 2 The chariot which thou mountest, fair of shape, O Usas light to move,
rvs.1.49 3 Bright Usas, when thy times return, all quadrupeds and bipeds stir,
rvs.2.15 6 With mighty power he made the stream flow upward, crushed with his thunderbolt the car of Usas,
rvs.3.44 2 In love thou madest Usas glow, in love thou madest Surya shine.
rvs.3.58 She with the splendid chariot brings refulgence. The praise of Usas hath awoke the Asvins.
rvs.3.61 HYMN LXI. Usas. 61
rvs.3.61 1. O Usas, strong with strength, endowed witli knowledge, accept the singers' praise, O wealthy
rvs.4.30 9 Thou, Indra, Mighty One, didst crush Usas, though Daughter of the Sky.
rvs.4.30 10 Then from her chariot Usas fled, affrighted, from her ruined car.
rvs.4.30 11 So there this car of Usas lay, broken to pieces, in Vipas,
rvs.7.77 6 O Usas, noblyborn-, Daughter of Heaven, whom the Vasisthas with their hymns make mighty,
rvs.7.78 On car sublime, refulgent, wending hither, O Usas, bring the Wealth that makes us happy.
rvs.7.78 Usas approaches in her splendour, driving all evil darkness far away, the Goddess.
rvs.7.80 1 THE priests, Vasisthas, are the first awakened to welcome Usas with their songs and praises,
rvs.7.81 3 Promptly we woke to welcome thee, O Usas, Daughter of the Sky,
rvs.7.81 May she who prompts the wealthy, Lady of sweet strains, may Usas dawn our foes away.
rvs.10.73 6 Two of like name for him didst thou demolish, as Indra striking down the car of Usas.
rvs.10.138 Bright Usas was afraid of Indras' slaughtering bolt: she went upon her way and left her chariot

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