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rvs.1.51 10 The might which Usana hath formed for thee with might rends in its greatness and with strength
rvs.1.51 11 When Indra hath rejoiced with Kavya Usana, he mounts his steeds who swerve wider and wider yet.
rvs.1.83 Usana Kavya straightway hither drove the kine. Let us with offerings honour Yamas' deathless birth.
rvs.1.121 The bolt which Kavya Usana erst gave thee, strong, gladdening, Vrtraslaying-, hath he fashioned.
rvs.4.16 Like Usana, the priest a laud shall utter, a hymn to thee, the Lord Divine, who markest.
rvs.4.26 Kutsa the son of Arjuni I master. I am the sapient Usana behold me.
rvs.5.29 9 What time ye came with strong steeds swiftly speeding, O Usana and Indra, to the dwelling,
rvs.5.31 Ye both assailed the fierce: thou barest Kutsa: when Gods and Usana came to you together.
rvs.5.34 When Usana, that he might slay the monstrous beast, gave him the mighty weapon with a thousand
rvs.6.20 11 Favouring Usana the son of Kavi, thou wast his ancient strengthener, O Indra.
rvs.8.23 17 Usana Kavya stablished thee, O Agni, as Invoking Priest:
rvs.9.87 3. Rsi and Sage, the Champion of the people, cleft and sagacious, Usana in wisdom,
rvs.9.97 7 The God declares the Deities' generations, like Usana, proclaiming lofty wisdom.
rvs.10.22 6 When ye approach, men ask you, thee and Usana: Why come ye to our dwellingplace-?
rvs.10.40 7 To Bhujyu and to Vasa ye come near with help, O Asvins, to Sinjara and to Usana.

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