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rvs.1.159 4 They with surpassing skill, most wise, have measured out the Twins united in their birth and in
rvs.3.39 3 The Mother of the Twins hath borne Twin Children: my tongues' tip raised itself and rested
rvs.9.68 3 The gladdening drink that measured out the meeting Twins fills full with milk the Eternal
rvs.9.68 5 With energetic intellect the Sage is born, deposited as germ of Law, far from the Twins.
rvs.10.8 4 For, Vasu thou precedest every Morning, and still hast been the Twins' illuminator.
rvs.10.117 Twins even diffier in their strength and vigour: two, even kinsmen, differ in their bounty.

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