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rvs.1.116 3 Yea, Asvins, as a dead man leaves his riches, Tugra left Bhujyu in the cloud of waters.
rvs.1.117 14 Ye, everyouthful- Ones, again remembered Tugra, according to your ancient manner:
rvs.1.117 15 The son of Tugra had invoked you, Asvins; borne on he went uninjured through the ocean.
rvs.1.118 From out the sea ye saved the son of Tugra, and gave his youth again unto Cyavana.
rvs.1.182 6 Four ships most welcome in the midst of ocean, urged by the Asvins, save the son of Tugra,
rvs.1.182 7 What tree was that which stood fixed in surrounding sea to which the son of Tugra supplicating
rvs.6.20 8 The crafty Vetasu, the swift Dasni, and Tugra speedily with all his servants,
rvs.6.26 Along with Vetasu thou slewest Tugra, and madest Tuji strong, who praised thee, Indra.
rvs.6.62 6 So ye, with birds, out of the sea and waters bore Bhujyu, son of Tugra, through the regions.
rvs.8.5 22 When did the son of Tugra serve you, Men? Abandoned in the sea,
rvs.10.39 Ye lifted up the son of Tugra from the floods. At our libations must all these your acts be
rvs.10.49 4 Smadibha, Tugra, and the Vetasus I gave as prey to Kutsa, fatherlike-, to succour him.

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