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rvs.1.34 3 Thrice in the selfsame- day, ye Gods who banish want, sprinkle ye thrice today- our sacrifice
rvs.1.34 4 Thrice come ye to our home, thrice to the righteous folk, thrice triply aid the man who well
rvs.1.34 Thrice, O ye Asvins, bring us what shall make us glad; thrice send us store of food as nevermore
rvs.1.34 5 Thrice, O ye Asvins, bring to us abundant wealth: thrice in the Gods assembly, thrice assist
rvs.1.34 Thrice, grant ye us prosperity, thrice grant us fame; for the Suns' daughter hath mounted your
rvs.1.34 6 Thrice, Asvins, grant to us the heavenly medicines, thrice those of earth and thrice those that
rvs.1.34 7 Thrice are ye to be worshipped day by day by us: thrice, O ye Asvins, ye travel around the earth.
rvs.1.34 8 Thrice, O ye Asvins, with the Seven Mother Streams; three are the jars, the triple offering is
rvs.1.142 Thrice, Narasamsa from the heavens, a God mid Gods adorable.
rvs.3.56 Holy and vigorous, never to be injured. Thrice may the Gods from heaven attend our synod.
rvs.8.39 Decked as our envoy let the Sage bring hither and conciliate the Thrice Eleven Deities. Let all
rvs.10.87 11 Thrice, Agni, let thy noose surround the demon who with his falsehood injures Holy Order.
rvs.10.95 5 Thrice in the day didst thou embrace thy consort, though coldly she received thy fond caresses.

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