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rvs.1.62 Sure leader, yoker of the Tawny Coursers. May he, enriched with prayer, come soon and early.
rvs.1.82 Who thinks upon the wellfilled- bowl, the Tawny Coursers' harnesser. Now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay
rvs.1.84 2 His pair of Tawny Coursers bring Indra of unresisted might
rvs.2.17 Hurled down by thee the carborne- Lord of Tawny Steeds, the congregated swift ones fled in sundry
rvs.3.30 12 Surya transgresses not the ordered limits set daily by the Lord of Tawny Coursers.
rvs.3.35 Let thy Steeds eat; set free thy Tawny Horses, and roasted grain like this consume thou daily.
rvs.3.36 Him the broad earth hath never comprehended when Somas cheered the Lord of Tawny Coursers.
rvs.3.36 That splendid gift which is thine own, O Indra, vouchsafe to us, Lord of the Tawny Coursers.
rvs.3.44 Thou, Indra, knowing, thinking, Lord of Tawny Steeds, above all glories waxest great.
rvs.3.44 He takes his golden weapon, Lord of Tawny Steeds, the golden thunder in his arms.
rvs.3.49 2 Whom, most heroic, borne by Tawny Coursers, verily none subdueth in the battle;
rvs.4.16 1. IMPETUOUS, true, let Maghavan come hither, and let his Tawny Coursers speed to reach us.
rvs.4.20 2 May Indra come to us with Tawny Coursers, inclined to us, to favour and enrich us.
rvs.4.22 7 With joy, O Indra, Lord of Tawny Coursers, the Sisters then, these Goddesses, extolled thee,
rvs.4.29 1. COME, lauded, unto us with powers and succours, O Indra, with thy Tawny Steeds; exulting,
rvs.4.32 22 I praise thy pair of Tawny Steeds, wise Son of him who giveth kine
rvs.4.35 With cunning, Rbhus, rich in treasure, fashioned the two swift Tawny Steeds who carry Indra.
rvs.5.30 1. WHERE is that Hero? Who hath looked on Indra borne on lightrolling- car by Tawny Coursers,
rvs.5.45 10 Surya hath mounted to the shining ocean when he hath yoked his fairbacked- Tawny Horses.
rvs.7.31 1. SING ye a song, to make him glad, to Indra, Lord of Tawny Steeds,
rvs.7.32 And may we with our princes, Lord of Tawny Steeds! pass through all peril, led by thee.
rvs.8.24 17 Indra, whom Tawny Coursers bear, praise such as thine, preeminent,
rvs.8.46 Thou driver of the Tawny Steeds.
rvs.9.34 The Tawny One is decked with tints.
rvs.9.38 2 The Dames of Trita with the stones onward impel this Tawny One
rvs.9.39 6 In union they have sung the hymn: with stones they urge the Tawny One.
rvs.9.62 18 Drive ye that Tawny Courser, O ye pressers, on his way to war,
rvs.9.63 17 For Indra, living men adorn the Tawny Courser in the streams, Indu, the giver of delight.
rvs.9.64 Poured, Tawny One! on milk and curds.
rvs.9.67 4 Indu, urged forward, floweth through the fleecy cloth: the Tawny One
rvs.9.68 2 He bellows with a roar arourd the highest twigs: the Tawny One is sweetened as he breaks them up.
rvs.9.80 He spreads himself abroad to meet all things that be: the vigorous Tawny Steed flows sporting on
rvs.9.86 31 Onward the Singer travels over the fleecy sieve. the Tawny Steer hath bellowed in the wooden
rvs.9.86 Heglideth. like a serpent from his ancient skin, and like a playful horse the Tawny Steer hath run.
rvs.9.95 1. Loud neighs the Tawny Steed when started, settling deep in the wooden vessel while they cleanse
rvs.9.101 Bellowing out, the Tawny Steer goes on to Indras' special place.
rvs.10.23 Which his two Tawny Coursers draw, then Indra is the Sovran Lord of power whose glory spreads afar.
rvs.10.61 Protect our wealthy nobles, guard our princes unmenaced near thee, Lord of Tawny Coursers.
rvs.10.96 For Indra laud ye strength allied with Tawny Steeds, laud him whom cows content as it were with
rvs.10.96 He, Lord of Tawny Coursers, Lord of fleetfoot- Mares, will bear his Bay Steeds safely over all
rvs.10.96 When, while the bowl stands there, he grooms his Tawny Steeds, when he hath drunk strong drink,
rvs.10.104 2 Drink of the juice which men have washed in waters, and fill thee full, O Lord of Tawny Horses.
rvs.10.104 5 Through thy directions, Lord of Tawny Coursers, thine who art firm, splendid, and blest, the

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