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rvs.1.11 7 The wily Susna, Indra! thou overthrewest with thy wondrous powers.
rvs.1.33 12 Indra broke through Ilibisas' strong castles, and Susna with his horn he cut to pieces:
rvs.1.51 6 Thou savedst Kutsa when Susna was smitten down; to Atithigva gavest Sambara for a prey.
rvs.1.54 5 When with a roar that fills the woods, thou forcest down on winds' head the stores which Susna
rvs.1.63 Thou, by his side, for young and glorious Kutsa, with steed and car in battle slewest Susna,
rvs.1.101 Who extirpated Susna the insatiate, him girt by Maruts we invoke to be our Friend.
rvs.1.103 8 As thou hast smitten Susna, Pipru, Vrtra and Kuyava, and Sambaras' forts, O Indra.
rvs.1.121 When thou, O Muchinvoked-, assisting Kutsa with endless deadly darts didst compass Susna.
rvs.1.121 Thou rentest, out of heaven, though firmly knotted, the might of Susna that was thrown around him.
rvs.1.175 Thou barest Kutsa with the steeds of Wind to Susna as his death.
rvs.2.14 5 Ye ministers, to him who struck down Svasna, and did to death Vyamsa and greedy Susna,
rvs.3.31 8 Peer of each noble thing, yea, all excelling, all creatures doth he know, he slayeth Susna.
rvs.4.16 12 For Kutsa, with thy thousand, thou at daybreak- didst hurl down greedy Susna, foe of harvest.
rvs.4.30 13 Valiantly didst thou seize and take the store which Susna had amassed,
rvs.5.29 Thou camest thither conquering- together with Kutsa and the Gods: thou slewest Susna.
rvs.5.32 Susna.
rvs.6.18 Indra crushed Cumuri, Dhuni, Sambara, Pipru, and Susna, that their castles fell in ruin.
rvs.6.20 5 What time the thunder fell and Susna perished, all lifes' support from the great Druh was taken.
rvs.6.26 3 Thou didst impel the sage to win the daylight, didst ruin Susna for the pious Kutsa.
rvs.6.31 3 With Kutsa, Indra! thou didst conquer Susna, voracious, bane of crops, in fight for cattle.
rvs.7.19 When, aiding Arjuneya, thou subduedst to him both Kuyava and the Dasa Susna.
rvs.8.40 Him who with might demolisheth even the brood of Susna, and winneth for us the heavenly streams.
rvs.8.85 With weapons broughtest low the migbt of Susna, and, Indra, foundest by thy strength the cattle.
rvs.8.95 8 He who hath. overtaken Krvi with his might, and silenced Susna with deathbolts,
rvs.10.22 We pray to thee for help as thou didst strike the monster Susna dead.
rvs.10.61 Resistless foe, be found the hidden treasure of Susna multiplied in numerous offspring.
rvs.10.111 5 The counterpart of heaven and earth is Indra: he knoweth all libations, slayeth Susna.

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