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rvs.1.14 9 Away, from the Suns' realm of light, the wise invoking Priest shall bring
rvs.1.34 Thrice, grant ye us prosperity, thrice grant us fame; for the Suns' daughter hath mounted your
rvs.1.66 1. LIKE the Suns' glance, like wealth of varied sort, like breath which is the life, like ones'
rvs.1.105 The flowing of the floods is Law, Truth is the Suns' extended light. Mark this my woe, ye Earth
rvs.1.113 9 As thou, Dawn, hast caused Agni to be kindled, and with the Suns' eye hast revealed creation.
rvs.1.115 3 Auspicious are the Suns' Baycoloured- Horses, bright, changing hues, meet for our shouts of
rvs.1.121 7 When the woodpile-, made of good logs, is ready, at the Suns' worship to bind fast the Bullock,
rvs.1.130 9 Waxed strong in might at dawn he tore the Suns' wheel off. Bright red, he steals away their
rvs.1.164 The Suns' eye moves encompassed by the region: on him dependent rest all living creatures.
rvs.1.168 Ye rush from heavens' floor as though ye sought for food, on many errands like the Suns' diurnal
rvs.3.22 The waters, too, come hither, those up yonder in the Suns' realm of light, and those beneath it.
rvs.3.49 Illumining the nights, the Suns' creator, like Dhisana he deals forth strength and riches.
rvs.4.30 Thou stolest away the Suns' carwheel-.
rvs.4.41 6 For fertile fields, for worthy sons and grandsons, for the Suns' beauty and for steerlike-
rvs.5.31 11 When night was near its close he carried forward even the Suns' chariot backward in its running.
rvs.5.55 Resplendent as the Suns' beams in their light are they. Their cars moved onward as they went to
rvs.5.59 3 As the exalted horn of bulls for splendid might, as the Suns' eye set in the firmaments' expanse,
rvs.5.59 The Heroes have waxed strong like we1grown. manly youths; with floods of rain they make the Suns'
rvs.6.31 In the close fray thou rentest him: thou stolest the Suns' wheel and didst drive away misfortunes.
rvs.6.49 3 Unlike in form are the Red Gods' two Daughters: one is the Suns', and stars bedeck the other.
rvs.7.33 8 Like the Suns' growing glory is their splendour, and like the seas' is their unflathomed
rvs.7.76 3 Great is, in truth, the number of the Mornings which were aforetime at the Suns' uprising.
rvs.7.81 O Dawn, at thine arising, and the Suns', may we attain the share allotted us.
rvs.8.3 16 The Bhrgus are like Suns, like Kanvas, and have gained all that their thoughts were bent upon.
rvs.8.34 Like Suns, resplendent are they all.
rvs.8.59 No, not a thousand Suns could match thee at thy birth, not both the worlds, O Thunderer.
rvs.8.61 Together with the Suns' seven rays.
rvs.9.10 5 Winning Vivasvans' glory and producing Mornings' light, the Suns
rvs.9.63 8 He, Pavamana, high over man yoked the Suns' courser Etasa
rvs.9.101 When moving and when firmly laid in oil, resemble lovely Suns.
rvs.9.114 3 Seven regions have their several Suns; the ministering priests are seven;
rvs.10.48 My sheen is like the Suns' insufferably bright: men honour me as Lord for past and future deeds.
rvs.10.88 18 How many are the Fires and Suns in number? What is the number of the Dawns and Waters
rvs.10.92 8 Even the Suns' Bay Coursers hath lie held in check: each one fears Indra as the mightiest of all.
rvs.10.139 Indra, approaching quickly, marked their going, and looked around upon the Suns' enclosures.

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