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rvs.1.80 7 Indra, unconquered might is thine, Thunderer, Caster of the Stone;
rvs.4.32 5 As such, O Caster of the Stone, come with thy succours wonderful,
rvs.5.35 5 O Satakratu, Lord of Strength, O Indra, Caster of the Stone.
rvs.5.36 3 Invoked of many, Caster of the Stone my heart quakes like a rolling wheel for fear of penury.
rvs.5.38 3 O Darter of the Stone, the powers which readily obey thy will,
rvs.5.47 A gayhued- Stone set in the midst of heaven, he hath gone forth and guards midairs-' two limits.
rvs.5.54 3 They gleam with lightning, Heroes, Casters of the Stone, windrapid- Maruts, overthrowers of the
rvs.6.45 9 Lord of Strength, Caster of the Stone, destroy the firm forts built by men,
rvs.6.46 2 As such, O Wonderful, whose hand holds thunder, praised as mighty, Caster of the Stone!
rvs.8.1 5 O Caster of the Stone, I would not sell thee for a mighty price,
rvs.8.12 4 Accept this laud for aid, made pure like oil, thou Caster of the Stone,
rvs.8.13 26 O Indra, Caster of the Stone, thou helpest him who praises thee:
rvs.8.15 Which, Caster of the Stone! gives room and shines like gold.
rvs.8.81 27 Even from far away our songs reach thee, O Caster of the Stone:
rvs.8.86 9 O Caster of the Stone, nor Gods nor mortals have attained to thee.
rvs.10.76 3 Juice that this Stone pours out removes defect of ours, as in old time it brought prosperity to
rvs.10.76 6 Stirred be the glorious Stones: let it press out the juice, the Stone with heavenly song that

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