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rvs.1.6 1 They who stand round him as he moves harness the bright, the ruddy Steed
rvs.1.36 The glorious Bull, invoked, hath stood at Kanvas' side: loud neighed the Steed in frays for kine.
rvs.1.149 3 He who hath lighted up the joyous castle, wise Courser like the Steed of cloudy heaven,
rvs.1.162 When we declare amid the congregation the virtues of the strong Steed, Goddescended-.
rvs.1.162 4 When thrice the men lead round the Steed, in order, who goeth to the Gods as meet oblation,
rvs.1.162 Those who prepare the cookingvessels- for the Steed, may the approving help of these promote our
rvs.1.162 The halters which restrain the Steed, the heelropes-, all these, as grateful to the Gods, they
rvs.1.162 22 May this Steed bring us allsustaining- riches, wealth in good kine, good horses, manly
rvs.1.162 Freedom from sin may Aditi vouchsafe us: the Steed with our oblations gain us lordship!
rvs.1.163 Limbs of the deer hadst thou, and eagle pinions. O Steed, thy birth is nigh and must be lauded.
rvs.1.163 2 This Steed which Yama gave hath Trita harnessed, and him, the first of all, hath Indra mounted.
rvs.1.163 12 The strong Steed hath come forward to the slaughter, pondering with a mind directed Godward-.
rvs.1.163 13 The Steed is come unto the noblest mansion, is come unto his Father and his Mother.
rvs.1.168 Steed.
rvs.3.7 9 The many seek the great Steed as a stallion: the reins obey the Lord of varied colour.
rvs.4.38 7 And that strong Steed, victorious and faithful, obedient with his body in the combat,
rvs.4.38 9 The people praise the overpowering swiftness of this fleet Steed who giveth men abundance.
rvs.4.38 May the strong Steed who winneth hundreds, thousands, requite with sweetness these my words and
rvs.4.39 2 I praise the mighty Steed who fills my spirit, the Stallion Dadhikravan rich in bounties,
rvs.4.39 6 So have I glorified with praise strong Dadhikravan, conquering Steed.
rvs.5.1 Him who spread out both worlds by Law Eternal they balm with oil, strong Steed who never faileth.
rvs.6.45 Be to one craving steeds a Steed.
rvs.7.37 May thy strong Steed, through our ancestral worship, bring food and wealth with heroes to our
rvs.8.40 Once may he come unto us with his Steed, come unto us to win us strength, and to complete the
rvs.8.63 10 Steed, cow, a lord of heroes, bright like Indra, who shall fill the car.
rvs.9.15 5 He moves, a vigorous Steed, adorned with beauteous rays of shining gold,
rvs.9.20 5 As thou art cleansed, O Wondrous Steed, O Soma, thou hast entered, like
rvs.9.26 1. THE sages with the fingers' art have dressed and decked that vigorous Steed
rvs.9.28 1. URGED by the men, this vigorous Steed, Lord of the mind, Omniscient,
rvs.9.29 2 The singers praise him with their song, and learned priests adorn the Steed,
rvs.9.36 The Steed steps forward to the goal.
rvs.9.43 1. WE will enrobe with sacred song the Lovely One who, as a Steed,
rvs.9.53 4 For Indra to the streams they drive the tawny rapturedropping- Steed,
rvs.9.62 Swift Steed who carries off the spoil.
rvs.9.64 29 Led by his drivers, and sent forth, the Strong Steed hath come nigh for spoil,
rvs.9.66 Farsighted- Indu is a Steed.
rvs.9.72 1. THEY cleanse the Goldhued-: like a red Steed is he yoked, and Soma in the jar is mingled with
rvs.9.80 He spreads himself abroad to meet all things that be: the vigorous Tawny Steed flows sporting on
rvs.9.95 1. Loud neighs the Tawny Steed when started, settling deep in the wooden vessel while they cleanse
rvs.10.56 3 Strong Steed art thou: go to the yearning Maidens with vigour, happily go to heaven and praises:
rvs.10.97 Steed, cow, and garment may I win, win back thy very self, O man.
rvs.10.132 When the Steed bringeth down your grace and favour in bodies dear and worshipful.
rvs.10.136 5 The Steed of Vata, Vayus' friend, the Muni, by the Gods impelled,
rvs.10.188 1. Now send ye Jatavedas forth, send hitherward the vigorous Steed

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