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rvs.1.164 I ask thee of the Stallions' seed prolific, I ask of highest heaven where Speech abideth.
rvs.1.164 The Stallions' seed prolific is the Soma; this Brahman highest heaven where Speech abideth.
rvs.1.177 2 Thy mighty Stallions, yoked by prayer, O Indra, thy. Coursers to thy mighty chariot harnessed,
rvs.3.42 7 Borne hither by thy Stallions, drink, Indra, this juice which we have pressed,
rvs.3.43 4 Yea, let thy two Bay Stallions bear thee hither, well limbed and good to draw, thy dear
rvs.5.83 6 Send down for us the rain of heaven, ye Maruts, and let the Stallions' flood descend in torrents.
rvs.6.29 With his firm arms he holds the reins; his Horses, the Stallions, are yoked ready for the journey.
rvs.6.44 19 Let thy Bay Stallions, harnessed, bring thee hither, Steeds with strong chariot and strong
rvs.10.5 2 Inhabiting one dwellingplace- in common, strong Stallions and the Mares have come together.
rvs.10.112 Let thy Bay Steeds, thy Stallions, hasten hither, with whom thou cornest nigh and art delighted.

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