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rvs.1.82 Therewith in rapture of the juice, draw near to thy beloved Spouse. Now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay
rvs.1.82 Pusan and thy Spouse.
rvs.1.156 Spouse,
rvs.5.44 7 Surya the Sage, as if unwedded, with a Spouse, in battleloving- spirit moveth over the foes.
rvs.5.61 4 Go ye, O Heroes, far away, ye bridegrooms with a lovely Spouse
rvs.7.69 Your car whereon your Spouse is wont to travel marks with its track the farthest ends of heaven.
rvs.7.75 5 She who is rich in spoil, the Spouse of Surya, wondrously opulent, rules all wealth and
rvs.10.17 But Yamas' Mother, Spouse of great Vivasvan, vanished as she was carried to her dwelling.
rvs.10.159 5 Destroyer of the rival wife, Sole Spouse, victorious, conqueror,

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