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rvs.1.34 Favour and health and strength bestow upon my son; triple protection, Lords of Splendour, grant to
rvs.1.47 Keep us, O Lords of Splendour: drink the Soma juice, ye strengtheners of holy law.
rvs.1.52 6 Splendour encompassed thee, forth shone thy warrior might: the rainobstructer- lay in midairs-'
rvs.1.120 Hither, ye Lords of Splendour, hither turn your eyes.
rvs.5.75 8 Ye Lords of Splendour, free from guile, come, stand at this our sacrifice.
rvs.10.131 4 Ye, Asvins, Lords of Splendour, drank full draughts of grateful Soma juice,

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