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rvs.1.13 11 God, Sovran of the Wood, present this our oblation to the Gods,
rvs.1.24 May he to whom prayed fettered Sunahsepa, may he the Sovran Varuna release us.
rvs.1.24 Him may the Sovran Varuna deliver, wise, Never deceived, loosen the bonds that bind him.
rvs.1.25 7 He knows the path of birds that fly through heaven, and, Sovran of the sea,
rvs.1.28 6 O Sovran of the Forest, as the wind blows soft in front of thee,
rvs.1.32 Over all living men he rules as Sovran, containing all as spokes within the felly.
rvs.1.59 Of all the riches in the hills, the waters, the herbs, among mankind, thou art the Sovran.
rvs.1.71 He, Bhrgulike- I hath gone as his companion, as on commission to a greater Sovran.
rvs.1.143 4 Send thou with hymns that Agni to his own abode, who rules, one Sovran Lord of wealth, like
rvs.1.156 4 The Sovran Varuna and both the Asvins wait on this the will of him who guides the Marut host.
rvs.1.178 2 Let not the Sovran Indra disappoint us in what shall bring both Sisters to our dwelling.
rvs.2.1 From out the forest trees and herbs that grow on ground, thou, Sovran Lord of men art generated
rvs.2.1 10 A Rbhu art thou, Agni, near to be adored thou art the Sovran Lord of foodful spoil and wealth.
rvs.2.4 Over all worlds let Agni be the Sovran, the messenger of Gods with rapid coursers.
rvs.2.27 10 Thou over all, O Varuna, art Sovran, be they Gods, Asura! or be they mortals.
rvs.2.28 6 Far from me, Varuna, remove all danger accept me graciously, thou Holy Sovran.
rvs.2.33 The strength of Godhead Never departs from Rudra, him who is Sovran of this world, the mighty.
rvs.2.41 6 Fed with oblation, Sovran Kings, Adityas, Lords of liberal gifts.
rvs.3.8 1. GODSERVING- men, O Sovran of the Forest, with heavenly meath at sacrifice anoint thee.
rvs.3.8 6, Ye whom religious men have firmly planted; thou Forest Sovran whom the axe hath fashioned,
rvs.3.46 1. OF thee, the Bull, the Warrior, Sovran Ruler, joyous and fierce, ancient and ever youthful,
rvs.3.46 Thyself alone the universes' Sovran: so send forth men to combat and to rest them.
rvs.3.54 Young, Sovran Rulers, Varuna and Mitra, the wise and very glorious Adityas.
rvs.4.5 Of this, whatever it be, thou art the Sovran, yea, all the wealth that is in earth or
rvs.4.19 2 The Gods, as worn witheld, relaxed their efforts: thou, Indra, born of truth, wast Sovran Ruler.
rvs.4.19 10 To the wise man, O Sage and Sovran Ruler, the man who knoweth all thine ancient exploits.
rvs.4.21 Whose will is like a Sovran in assembly, who rules the people, Conqueror, allsurpassing-.
rvs.4.55 8 Agni is Sovran Lord of wealth, Agni of great prosperity:
rvs.5.68 2 Full springs of fatness, Sovran Kings, Mitra. and Varuna, the Twain,
rvs.5.85 Therewith the universes' Sovran waters earth as the shower of rain bedews the barley.
rvs.6.1 For in thee Bounteous One, in thee the Sovran, Agni, are many boons for him who serves thee.
rvs.6.9 Agni Vaisvanara, when born as Sovran, hath with his lustre overcome the darkness.
rvs.6.27 The liberal Sovran, giveth me. This guerdon of Prthus' seed is hard to win from others.
rvs.6.36 For thou art Lord of men, without an equal: of all the world thou art the only Sovran.
rvs.7.6 2 Sage, Sing, Food, Light, they bring him from the mountain, the blessed Sovran of the earth and
rvs.7.49 3 Those amid whom goes Varuna the Sovran, he who discriminates mens' truth and falsehood-
rvs.7.58 The Sovran whom ye aid destroys the foeman. May this your gift, ye Shakers, be distinguished.
rvs.7.90 Viands attend the car that beareth Heroes, your car, ye Sovran Pair, Indra and Vayu.
rvs.7.101 5 May this my song to Sovran Lord Parjanya come near unto his heart and give him pleasure.
rvs.8.12 14 Aditi also hath brought forth a hymn for Indra, Sovran Lord:
rvs.8.14 1. IF I, O Indra, were, like thee, the single Sovran of all wealth,
rvs.8.16 1. PRAISE Indra whom our songs must laud, sole Sovran of mankind, the Chief
rvs.8.19 Also in thee is found perfect security thou art the Sovran Lord of wealth.
rvs.8.19 The Sovran, Trasadasyus' Friend.
rvs.8.37 3 Sole Ruler, thou art Sovran of this world of life, O Indra, Lord of Strength, with all thy
rvs.8.46 16 Him, Sovran Ruler of all precious things, who even hath power over this fair form of his,
rvs.8.53 Thou art the Sovran of the folk.
rvs.8.58 17 With reverence they come hitherward to him as to. a Sovran lord,
rvs.8.59 1. HE who, as Sovran Lord of men, moves with his chariots unrestrained,
rvs.8.84 For thou art King and Sovran Lord of all the families of men.
rvs.9.11 8 Heartknower-, Sovran of the heart, thou art effused, O Soma, that Indra may drink thee and
rvs.9.15 Becoming Sovran of the streams.
rvs.9.85 Full many a wise man lifts to thee the song of praise, and hails thee with a kiss as Sovran of
rvs.9.86 5 O thou who seest all things, Sovran as thou art and passing strong, thy rays encompass all
rvs.9.86 8 The Sovran dips him in the seain and the streams, and set in rivers with the waters' wave moves
rvs.9.86 28 These are thy generations of celestial seed thou art the Sovran Lord of all the world of life.
rvs.9.86 37 As Sovran Lord thereof thou Passest through these worlds, O Indu, harnessing thy tawny
rvs.9.104 5 Thou, Indu, art the food of Gods, O Sovran of all gladdening drinks:
rvs.9.114 Pav reverence to King Soma born the Sovran Ruler of the plants. Flow, Indu, flow for Indras' sake.
rvs.10.15 Grant them, O Sovran Lord, the world of spirits and their own body, as thy pleasure wills it.
rvs.10.22 3 He who is Sovran Lord of great and perfect strength, exerter of heroic might,
rvs.10.23 Which his two Tawny Coursers draw, then Indra is the Sovran Lord of power whose glory spreads afar.
rvs.10.44 1. MAY Sovran Indra come to the carousal, he who by Holy Law is strong and active,
rvs.10.84 5 Unyielding bringing victory like Indra, O Manyu, be thou here our Sovran Ruler.
rvs.10.89 10 Indra is Sovran Lord of Earth and Heaven, Indra is Lord of waters and of mountains.
rvs.10.97 22 With Soma as their Sovran Lord the Plants hold colloquy and say:
rvs.10.111 He made the Cow, and be became the Sovran of Heaven, primeval, matchless, and unshaken.
rvs.10.116 7 To thee have we presented this oblation: accept it, Sovran Ruler, free from anger.
rvs.10.174 Over these beings may I rule, may I be Sovran of the folk.

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