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rvs.2.2 9 Song chanted by us men, O Agni, Ancient One, has swelled unto the deathless Gods in lofty heaven;
rvs.4.32 8 They turn thee not another way, when, lauded, Lover of the Song,
rvs.4.32 11 The sages sing those manly deeds which, Indra, Lover of the Song,
rvs.6.45 13 Thou, Indra, Lover of the Song, whom men must stir to help, hast been
rvs.6.45 Hither, chief Lover of the Song.
rvs.6.45 28 These songs with every draught we pour come, Lover of the Song, to thee,
rvs.6.50 6 With a new hymn extol, O thou who singest, the Lover of the Song, the Hero Indra.
rvs.8.1 26 So drink, thou Lover of the Song, as the first drinker, of this juice.
rvs.8.2 Lover of Song, renowned by songs.
rvs.8.13 4 Indra, Song lover-, here for thee the worshippers' libation flows.
rvs.8.24 For splendid wealth and power, thou Lover of the Song.
rvs.8.32 7 O Indra, Lover of the Song, the singers of thy praise are we:
rvs.8.50 So Indra, Maghavan, thou Lover of the Song, we with pressed Soma call on thee,
rvs.8.57 10 So seek we thee with sacrifice and songs, chief Lover of the Song,
rvs.8.79 3 Prayers unsurpassed are offered up to thee the Lover of the Song.
rvs.8.84 2 Bright juices bitherward have sped thee, Indra, Lover of the Song.
rvs.8.87 7 Now have we, Indra, Friend of Song, sent our great wishes forth to thee,
rvs.8.88 Thy loftiest glories claim our lauds beside the juice, O Indra, Lover of the Song.
rvs.8.95 We with our Soma ready, Lover of the Song! call, Indra Maghavan, on thee.
rvs.8.96 8 The offercr whom thou, Indra, Lover of the Song, liberal Maghavan, favourest,
rvs.9.99 He as it were impregns the cow, and babbles on, the Lord of Song.
rvs.10.189 3 Song is bestowed upon the Bird: it rules supreme through thirty realms

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