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rvs.1.2 1 BEAUTIFUL Vayu, come, for thee these Soma drops have been prepared:
rvs.1.2 2 Knowing the days, with Soma juice poured forth, the singers glorify
rvs.1.2 Farspreading- for the Soma draught.
rvs.1.4 2 Come thou to our libations, drink of Soma; Somadrinker- thou!
rvs.1.5 Indra, with Soma juice outpoured.
rvs.1.5 6 Thou, grown at once to perfect strength, wast born to drink the Soma juice,
rvs.1.8 7 His belly, drinking deepest draughts of Soma, like an ocean swells,
rvs.1.8 That he may drink the Soma juice.
rvs.1.9 1 COME, Indra, and delight thee with the juice at all the Soma feasts,
rvs.1.14 1 To drink the Soma, Agni, come, to our service and our songs.
rvs.1.14 Bring the Gods to the Soma draught.
rvs.1.14 Agni, the pleasant Soma juice.
rvs.1.15 1 O INDRA drink the Soma juice with Rtu; let the cheering drops
rvs.1.15 5 Drink Soma after the Rtus, from the Brahmanas' bounty: undissolved,
rvs.1.16 1 LET thy Bay Steeds bring thee, the Strong, hither to drink the Soma draught,
rvs.1.16 Indra to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.1.16 6 Here are the drops of Soma juice expressed on sacred grass: thereof
rvs.1.16 Then drink the Soma juice expressed.
rvs.1.16 To drink the Soma for delight.
rvs.1.18 1 O BRAHMANASPATI, make him who presses Soma glorious,
rvs.1.18 And Soma graciously inspire.
rvs.1.18 5 Do, thou, O Brahmanaspati, and Indra, Soma, Daksina,
rvs.1.22 Approach to drink this Soma juice.
rvs.1.22 Of him who offers Soma juice.
rvs.1.22 And Tvastar, to the Soma draught.
rvs.1.22 For weal, to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.1.23 To drink of this our Soma juice.
rvs.1.23 We call to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.1.23 7 Indra, by Maruts girt, we call to drink the Soma juice: may he
rvs.1.23 10 We call the Universal Gods, and Maruts to the Soma draught,
rvs.1.23 20 Within the Waters, Soma thus hath told me, dwell all balms that heal,
rvs.1.28 Mortar, for Indra press thou forth the Soma juice that he may drink.
rvs.1.28 Sweet Soma juice for Indras' drink.
rvs.1.28 9 Take up in beakers what remains: the Soma on the filter pour,
rvs.1.32 3 Impetuous as a bull, he chose the Soma and in three sacred beakers drank the juices.
rvs.1.32 Thou hast won back the kine, hast won the Soma; thou hast let loose to flow the Seven Rivers.
rvs.1.43 7 O Soma, set thou upon us the glory of a hundred men,
rvs.1.43 8 Let not malignities, nor those who trouble Soma, hinder us.
rvs.1.43 9 Soma! head, central point, love these; Soma! know these as serving thee,
rvs.1.44 Skilled in fair rites, with Soma poured, the Kanvas light thee, the oblationwafting- God.
rvs.1.44 Bring thou the Gods who wake at dawn who see the light, this day to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.1.44 May Lawsupporting- Varuna with the Asvins twain and Usas, drink the Soma juice.
rvs.1.45 8 Singers with Soma pressed have made thee, Agni, hasten to the feast,
rvs.1.45 Who come at early morn, the host of heaven, to drink the Soma juice
rvs.1.45 Here stands the Soma, bounteous Gods drink this expressed ere yesterday.
rvs.1.46 Drink boldly of the Soma juice.
rvs.1.46 who save when Soma gladdens them.
rvs.1.46 come to the Soma and our praise.
rvs.1.47 1 ASVINS, for you who strengthen Law this sweetest Soma hath been shed.
rvs.1.47 3 O Asvins, ye who strengthen Law, drink ye this sweetest Soma juice.
rvs.1.47 The sons of Kanva, striving heavenward, call on you with draughts of Soma juice outpoured-.
rvs.1.47 Keep us, O Lords of Splendour: drink the Soma juice, ye strengtheners of holy law.
rvs.1.47 For ye have ever in the Kanvas' wellloved- house, O Asvins, drunk the Soma juice.
rvs.1.48 12 Bring from the firmament, O Usas, all the Gods, that they may drink our Soma juice,
rvs.1.49 Let red steeds bear thee to the house of him who pours the Soma, juice.
rvs.1.51 7 All power and might is closely gathered up in thee; thy bounteous spirit joys in drinking Soma
rvs.1.51 12 Thou mountest on thy car amid strong Soma draughts: Saryata brought thee those in which thou
rvs.1.51 Indra, when thou art pleased with men whose Soma flows thou risest to unchallenged glory in the
rvs.1.51 Thou, very wise, wast Mena, Vrsansvas' child: those deeds of thine must all be told at Soma feasts.
rvs.1.52 When Indra, joying in the draughts of Soma juice, forced the clouds, slaying Vrtra stayer of their
rvs.1.52 When Indra, thunderarmed-, made bold by Soma draughts, as Trta cleaveth Valas' fences, cleft him
rvs.1.52 In the wild joy of Soma had struck off with might the head of Vrtra, tyrant of the earth and
rvs.1.53 4 Well pleased with these bright flames and with these Soma drops, take thou away our poverty with
rvs.1.53 6 These our libations strengthinspiring-, Soma draughts, gladdened thee in the fight with Vrtra,
rvs.1.54 the Soma,
rvs.1.55 He bears him like a bull to drink of Soma juice, and will, as Warrior from of old, be praised for
rvs.1.55 7 Drinker of Soma, let thy heart incline to give; bring thy Bays hitherward, O thou who hearest
rvs.1.56 He stays his golden car, yoked with Bay Horses, swift, and drinks the Soma juice which strengthens
rvs.1.65 A Sage like Soma, sprung from Law, he grew like some young creature, mighty, shining far.
rvs.1.76 Bring hither with his Bays the Lord of Soma: here is glad welcome for the Bounteous Giver.
rvs.1.80 1. THUS in the Soma, in wild joy the Brahman hath exalted thee:
rvs.1.84 1. The Soma hath been pressed for thee, O Indra; mightiest, bold One, come.
rvs.1.84 9 He who with Soma juice prepared amid the many honours thee,
rvs.1.84 10 The juice of Soma thus diffused, sweet to the taste, the bright cows drink,
rvs.1.84 11 Craving his touch the dappled kine mingle the Soma with their milk.
rvs.1.85 When Visnu saved the Soma bringing wild delight, the Maruts sate like birds on their dear holy
rvs.1.85 The Maruts, bounteous Givers, sending forth their voice, in the wild joy of Soma wrought their
rvs.1.86 4 Upon this heros' sacred grass Soma is poured in daily rites:
rvs.1.87 5 We speak by our descent from our primeval Sire; our tongue, when we behold the Soma, stirs
rvs.1.88 6 To you this freshening draught of Soma rusheth, O Maruts, like the voice of one who prayeth.
rvs.1.89 Aryaman, Varuna, Soma, the Asvins. May Sarasvati, auspicious, grant felicity.
rvs.1.91 HYMN XCI. Soma. 91
rvs.1.91 1. Thou, Soma, art preeminent for wisdom; along the straightest path thou art our leader.
rvs.1.91 2 Thou by thine insight art most wise, O Soma, strong by thine energies and all possessing,
rvs.1.91 3 Thine are King Varunas' eternal statutes, lofty and deep, O Soma, is thy glory.
rvs.1.91 Allpure- art thou like Mitra the beloved, adorable, like Aryaman, O Soma.
rvs.1.91 With all of these, wellpleased- and not in anger, accept, O royal Soma, our oblations.
rvs.1.91 5 Thou, Soma, art the Lord of heroes, King, yea, Vrtraslayer- thou:
rvs.1.91 6 And, Soma, let it be thy wish that we may live and may not die:
rvs.1.91 8 Guard us, King Soma, on all sides from him who threatens us: never let
rvs.1.91 9 With those delightful aids which thou hast, Soma, for the worshipper,
rvs.1.91 10 Accepting this our sacrifice and this our praise, O Soma, come,
rvs.1.91 11 Wellskilled- in speech we magnify thee, Soma, with our sacred songs:
rvs.1.91 Be, Soma, a good Friend to us.
rvs.1.91 13 Soma, be happy in our heart, as milchkine- in the grassy meads,
rvs.1.91 14 O Soma, God, the mortal man who in thy friendship hath delight,
rvs.1.91 15 Save us from slanderous reproach, keep us., O Soma, from distress:
rvs.1.91 16 Soma, wax great. From every side may vigorous powers unite in thee:
rvs.1.91 17 Wax, O most gladdening Soma, great through all thy rays of light, and be
rvs.1.91 Waxing to immortality, O Soma: win highest glories for thyself in heaven.
rvs.1.91 Wealthgiver-, furtherer with troops of heroes, sparing the brave, come, Soma, to our houses.
rvs.1.91 20 To him who worships Soma gives the milchcow-, a fleet steed and a man of active knowledge,
rvs.1.91 Born amid hymns, wellhoused-, exceeding famous, victor, in thee will we rejoice, O Soma.
rvs.1.91 22 These herbs, these milchkine-, and these running waters, all these, O Soma, thou hast generated.
rvs.1.91 23 Do thou, God Soma, with thy Godlike spirit, victorious, win for us a share of riches.
rvs.1.92 18 Hither may they who wake at dawn bring, to drink Soma both the Gods
rvs.1.93 1 AGNI and Soma, mighty Pair, graciously hearken to my call,
rvs.1.93 2 The man who honours you today-, Agni and Soma, with this hymn,
rvs.1.93 Agni and Soma, shall enjoy great strength, with offspring, all his life.
rvs.1.93 4 Agni and Soma, famed is that your. prowess wherewith ye stole the kine, his food, from Pani.
rvs.1.93 5 Agni and Soma, joined in operation ye have set up the shining lights in heaven.
rvs.1.93 From curse and from reproach, Agni and Soma, ye freed the rivers that were bound in fetters.
rvs.1.93 Strengthened by holy prayer Agni and Soma have made us ample room for sacrificing.
rvs.1.93 7 Taste, Agni, Soma, this prepared oblation; accept it, Mighty Ones, and let it please you.
rvs.1.93 8 Whoso with oil and poured oblation honours, with Goddevoted- heart, Agni and Soma,
rvs.1.93 10 Agni and Soma, unto him who worships you with holy oil
rvs.1.93 11 Agni and Soma, be ye pleased with these oblations brought to you,
rvs.1.93 12 Agni and Soma, cherish well our horses, and let our cows be fat who yield oblations.
rvs.1.94 14 This is thy grace that, kindled in thine own abode, invoked with Soma thou soundest forth most
rvs.1.99 1. FOR Jatavedas let us press the Soma: may he consume the wealth of the malignant.
rvs.1.100 In strength like Soma, guard of the Five Peoples, may Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.101 9 We, fain for thee, strong Indra, have pressed Soma, and, O thou sought with prayer, have made
rvs.1.102 Soma flowed.
rvs.1.103 6 To him the truly strong, whose deeds are many, to him the strong Bull let us pour the Soma.
rvs.1.105 Never fail us one like Soma sweet, the spring of our felicity. Mark this my woe, ye Earth and
rvs.1.105 7 I am the man who sang of old full many a laud when Soma flowed.
rvs.1.108 Take ye your stand and come to us together, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 So let this Soma be, Indra and Agni, made for your drinking till your soul be sated.
rvs.1.108 So IndraAgni-, seated here together, pour in, ye Mighty Ones, the mighty Soma.
rvs.1.108 Drawn by strong Soma juice poured forth around us, come, IndraAgni-, and display your favour.
rvs.1.108 The ancient and auspicious bonds of friendship, for sake of these drink of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 6 As first I said when choosing you, in battle we must contend with Asuras for this Soma.
rvs.1.108 So came ye unto this my true conviction, and drank libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libation of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.109 So offering to you this draught of Soma, I make you this new hymn, Indra and Agni,
rvs.1.109 4 For you the bowl divine, Indra and Agni, presses the Soma gladly to delight you.
rvs.1.110 Here, O ye Rbhus, is this sea for all the Gods: sate you with Soma offered with the hallowing word.
rvs.1.111 4 Indra, the Rbhus' Lord, I invocate for aid, the Rbhus, Vajas, Maruts to the Soma draught.
rvs.1.116 24 Asvins, ye raised, like Soma in a ladle Rebha, who for ten days and ten nights, fettered.
rvs.1.117 1. ASVINS, your ancient priest invites you hither to gladden you with draughts of meath of Soma.
rvs.1.117 True, he revealed to you, O WonderWorkers-, sweet Soma, Tvastars' secret, as your girdle.
rvs.1.120 To men unto the Soma draught.
rvs.1.130 2 O Indra, drink the Soma juice pressed out with stones. poured from the reservoir, as an ox
rvs.1.132 This day that now is close at hand bless him who pours the Soma juice.
rvs.1.134 juice we pour, to the first draught of Soma juice.
rvs.1.134 6 Thou, Vayu, who hast none before thee, first of all hast right to drink these offerings of Soma
rvs.1.135 2 Purified by the stones the Soma flows for thee, clothed with its lovely splendours, to the
rvs.1.135 For thee the Soma is poured forth, thy portioned share mid Gods and men.
rvs.1.135 6 These Soma juices pressed for you in waters here, borne by attendant priests, are offered up to
rvs.1.136 4 This Soma be most sweet to Mitra, Varuna: he in the drinkingfeasts-, shall have a share thereof,
rvs.1.137 These milky drops are yours, Mitra and Varuna, bright Soma juices blent with milk.
rvs.1.137 May ye come nigh us, may ye turn hither to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.1.137 The men pressed out this juice, Mitra and Varuna, pressed out this Soma for your drink.
rvs.1.139 Not with our thoughts or spirit, but with these our eyes, yea, with the eyes that Soma gives.
rvs.1.142 Spin out the ancient thread for him who sheds, with gifts, the Soma juice.
rvs.1.161 They gave themselves new names when Soma juice was shed, and under these new names the Maiden
rvs.1.163 Thou art divided thoroughly from Soma. They say thou hast three bonds in heaven
rvs.1.164 And what so ye have made, Indra and Soma, steeds bear as it were yoked to the regions' carpole-.
rvs.1.164 The Stallions' seed prolific is the Soma; this Brahman highest heaven where Speech abideth.
rvs.1.173 Indra, the hosts agree beside the Soma, and joy, for his great actions, in the Chieftain.
rvs.1.176 1. CHEER thee with draughts to win us bliss: Soma, pierce Indra in thy strength.
rvs.1.176 When Indra fought, O Soma, thou helpest the mighty in the fray.
rvs.1.177 Ascend thou these, and borne by them come hither: with Soma juice outpoured, Indra, we call thee.
rvs.1.177 3 Ascend thy mighty car: the mighty Soma is poured for thee and sweets are sprinkled round us.
rvs.1.177 4 Here is Godreaching- sacrifice, here the victim; here, Indra, are the prayers, here is the Soma.
rvs.1.179 5 This Soma I address that is most near us, that which hath been imbibed within the spirit,
rvs.1.182 From this our gathering where we offer Soma. May we find strengthening food in full abundance.
rvs.1.184 2 With us, ye Mighty, let yourselves be joyful, glad in our stream of Soma slay the niggards.
rvs.1.187 8 Whatever morsel we consume from waters or from plants of earth, O Soma, wax thou fat thereby.
rvs.1.187 9 What Soma, we enjoy from thee in milky food or barleybrew-, Vatapi, grow thou fat thereby.
rvs.1.191 6 Heaven is your Sire, your Mother Earth, Soma your Brother, Aditi
rvs.2.11 And, having drunk his fill of flowing Soma, baffled the guileful Danavas' devices.
rvs.2.11 11 Drink thou, O Hero Indra, drink the Soma; let the joygiving- juices make thee joyful.
rvs.2.11 And those whose minds accord with theirs, the Vayus, who drink the first libation of the Soma.
rvs.2.11 15 Let those enjoy in whom thou art delighted. Indra, drink Soma for thy strength and gladness.
rvs.2.11 17 Upon the great Trikadruka days, Hero, rejoicing thee, O Indra, drink the Soma.
rvs.2.12 Who, fairfaced-, favours him who presses Soma with stones made ready, He, O men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 14 Who aids with favour him who pours the Soma and him who brews it, sacrificer, singer.
rvs.2.12 Whom prayer exalts, and pouring forth of Soma, and this our gift, He, O ye men, Is Indra.
rvs.2.14 1. MINISTERS, bring the Soma juice for Indra, pour forth the gladdening liquor with the beakers.
rvs.2.14 Offer this draught, like Vita in the region: clothe him with Soma even as steeds with trappings.
rvs.2.14 Who cast down headlong Arbuda and slew him, speed ye that Indra to our offered Soma.
rvs.2.14 Who cast down Varcins' sons, a hundred thousand, to him, to Indra, offer ye the Soma.
rvs.2.14 Who quelled the valiant men of Atithigva, Kutsa, and Ayu, bring to him the Soma.
rvs.2.14 Bring to the Glorious One what bands have cleansed; to Indra bring, ye pious ones, the Soma.
rvs.2.14 Well pleased he longs for what your hands have tended: offer the gladdening Soma juice to Indra.
rvs.2.14 10 As the cows' udder teems with milk, Adhvaryus, so fill with Soma Indra, liberal giver.
rvs.2.14 Him, Indra, fill with Soma as a garner is filled with barley full: be this your labour.
rvs.2.15 In the Trikadrukas he drank the Soma: then in its rapture Indra slew the Dragon.
rvs.2.16 The Soma is within him, in his frame vast strength, the thunder in his hand and wisdom in his head.
rvs.2.16 Pay worship with oblation, strong and passing wise. Drink thou the Soma, Indra, through the mighty
rvs.2.16 Strong are the two Adhvaryus, strong are both the stones. They press the Soma that is strong for
rvs.2.16 Thou, Indra, Bull, art Lord of the strong gladdening drink. with the strong Soma, Indra, satisfy
rvs.2.17 When in the rapture of the Soma he unclosed with strength the solid firmshut- stables of the kine.
rvs.2.18 Come thou with eight, with ten, to drink the Soma. Here is the juice, brave Warrior: do not scorn
rvs.2.18 Come thou with fifty well trained coursers, Indra, sixty or seventy, to drink the Soma.
rvs.2.18 This Soma juice among the Sunahotras hath been poured out, in love, to glad thee, Indra.
rvs.2.21 Him who is Lord of horses, Lord of kine, of floods, to Indra, to the Holy bring sweet Soma juice.
rvs.2.22 quaffed the poured out Soma juice, all that he would.
rvs.2.30 Graciously favour us, Indra and Soma; give us firm standing in this time of danger.
rvs.2.30 7 Let it not vex me, tire me, make me slothful, and never let us say, Press not the Soma;
rvs.2.36 Drink, Indra, from the Hotars' bowl, first right is thine, Soma hallowed and poured with Vasat and
rvs.2.36 Sitting on sacred grass, ye Sons of Bharata, drink Soma from the Potars' bowl, O Men of heaven.
rvs.2.36 Accept for thy delight the proffered Soma meath: drink from the Kindlers' bowl and fill thee with
rvs.2.36 My prayer that bids them come goes forth to both the Kings: drink ye the Soma meath from the
rvs.2.37 Bring it him: seeking this he gives. Granter of Wealth, drink Soma with the Rtus from the Hotars'
rvs.2.37 Here brought by priests is Soma meath. Granter of Wealth, drink Soma with the Rtus from the
rvs.2.37 Drawing and seizing, Bold One, thou who grantest wealth, drink Soma with the Rtus from the
rvs.2.37 Mix the oblations, then come hither with the meath, and drink the Soma, ye rich in abundant
rvs.2.40 HYMN XL. Soma and Pusan. 40
rvs.2.40 With these, with Soma and with Pusan, India generates ripe warm milk in the raw milchcows-.
rvs.2.40 3 Soma and Pusan, urge your chariot hither, the sevenwheeled- car that measures out the region,
rvs.2.40 Soma and Pusan, aid my thought with favour: with you may we oercome in all encounters.
rvs.2.40 6 May Pusan stir our thought, the allimpelling-, may Soma Lord of riches grant us riches.
rvs.2.41 Teamborne-, to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.2.41 4 This Soma hath been shed for you, Lawstrengtheners-, MitraVaruna-!
rvs.2.41 Today- to drink the Soma here.
rvs.3.12 With Soma let these sate them here.
rvs.3.22 1 THIS is that Agni whence the longing Indra took the pressed Soma deep within his body.
rvs.3.25 4 Come to the sacrifice, Agni and Indra come to the offerers' house who hath the Soma.
rvs.3.25 Come, friendlyminded-, Gods, to drink the Soma.
rvs.3.29 So surely hast thou worshipped, surely hast thou toiled: come thou unto the Soma, wise and knowing
rvs.3.30 1. THE friends who offer Soma long to find thee: they pour forth Soma and present their viands.
rvs.3.32 1. DRINK thou this Soma, Indra, Lord of Soma; drink thou the draught of noonday which thou Iovest.
rvs.3.32 2 Quaff it pure, mealblent-, mixt with milk, O Indra; we have poured forth the Soma for thy
rvs.3.32 5 Pleased, like a man, with our libation, Indra, drink, for enduring hero might, the Soma.
rvs.3.32 9 Herein, O Guileless One, is thy true greatness, that soon as born thou drankest up the Soma.
rvs.3.32 10 As soon as thou wast born in highest heaven thou drankest Soma to delight thee, Indra;
rvs.3.32 12 Sacrifice, Indra, made thee wax so mighty, the dear oblation with the flowing Soma.
rvs.3.32 Presented on the right, dear Soma juices have brought us Indra, to rejoice him, hither.
rvs.3.35 Thou, hastening to us, shalt drink the Soma. Hail, Indra. We have poured it for thy rapture.
rvs.3.35 Mounting thy firm and easy car, O Indra, wise and allknowing- come thou to the Soma.
rvs.3.35 Pass by them all and hasten onward hither: with Soma pressed we will prepare to feast thee.
rvs.3.35 6 Thine is this Soma: hasten to approach it. Drink thou thereof, benevolent, and cease not.
rvs.3.35 7 The grass is strewn for thee, pressed is the Soma; the grain is ready for thy Bays to feed on.
rvs.3.35 9 The Maruts, they with whom thou sharedst Soma, Indra, who made thee strong and were thine army,
rvs.3.35 With these accordant, eagerly desirous drink thou this Soma with the tongue of Agni.
rvs.3.36 Vaster is Indra even than his dwelling, what time the stalk milked out, the Soma, fills him.
rvs.3.36 7 Eager to mingle with the sea, the rivers carry the wellpressed- Soma juice to Indra.
rvs.3.36 8 Like lakes appear his flanks filled full with Soma: yea, he contains libations in abundance.
rvs.3.36 When Indra had consumed the first sweet viands, he, after slaying Vrtra, claimed the Soma.
rvs.3.37 8 Drink thou the Soma for our help, bright, vigilant, exceeding strong,
rvs.3.39 These songs, O Somadrinker-, cheered by Soma, Indra, accept from thy most zealous poet.
rvs.3.40 1. THEE, Indra, we invoke, the Bull, what time the Soma is expressed.
rvs.3.40 2 Indra, whom many laud, accept the strengthconferring- Soma juice:
rvs.3.40 4 Lord of the brave, to thee proceed these drops of Soma juice expressed,
rvs.3.40 5 Within thy belly, Indra, take juice, Soma the most excellent: Thine are the drops celestial.
rvs.3.40 He drinks the Soma and is strong
rvs.3.41 1. INVOKED to drink the Soma juice, come with thy Bay Steeds, Thunderarmed-
rvs.3.42 1. COME to the juice that we have pressed, to Soma, Indra, bleat with milk:
rvs.3.42 4 Hither with songs of praise we call Indra to drink the Soma juice:
rvs.3.42 8 Indra, for thee, in thine own place, I urge the Soma for thy draught:
rvs.3.42 9 We call on thee, the Ancient One, Indra, to drink the Soma juice,
rvs.3.43 Make me a Rsi having drunk of Soma; Wilt thou not give me wealth that lasts for ever?
rvs.3.44 1. May this delightsome Soma be expressed for thee by tawny stones.
rvs.3.44 Disclosed the Soma juice pressed out by tawny stones, with tawny steeds drave forth the kine.
rvs.3.46 4 To Indra, even as rivers to the ocean, flow forth from days of old the Soma juices;
rvs.3.46 5 The Soma, Indra, which the earth and heaven bear for thee as a mother bears her infant,
rvs.3.47 1. DRINK, Indra, Marutgirt-, as Bull, the Soma, for joy, for rapture even as thou listest.
rvs.3.47 Pour down the flood of meath within thy belly: thou from of old art King of Soma juices.
rvs.3.47 2 Indra, accordant, with the banded Maruts, drink Soma, Hero, as wise Vrtraslayer-.
rvs.3.47 3 And, drinker at due seasons, drink in season, Indra, with friendly Gods, our pressedout- Soma.
rvs.3.47 4 Drink Soma, Indra, banded with the Maruts who, Maghavan, strengthened thee at Ahis' slaughter,
rvs.3.48 Drink thou thy fill, according to thy longing, first, of the goodly mixture blent with Soma.
rvs.3.48 3 Desiring food he came unto his Mother, and on her breast beheld the pungent Soma.
rvs.3.48 even from his birthtime- Indra conquered Tvastar, bore off the Soma and in beakers drank it.
rvs.3.49 1. GREAT Indra will I laud, in whom all people who drink the Soma have attained their longing;
rvs.3.50 1. LET Indra drink, Allhail-! for his is Soma, the mighty Bull come, girt by Maruts, hither.
rvs.3.50 Impetuous God, when thou hast drunk the Soma, enraptured send us cattle in abundance.
rvs.3.51 7 Here, Indra, drink thou Soma with the Maruts, as thou didst drink the juice beside Saryata.
rvs.3.51 8 So eagerly desirous drink the Soma, our juice, O Indra, with thy friends the Maruts,
rvs.3.52 1. INDRA, accept at break of day our Soma mixt with roasted corn,
rvs.3.52 Eat thou the mealcake-, banded with the Maruts, wise Hero, Vrtraslayer-, drink the Soma.
rvs.3.52 Indra, may hymns accordant with thee daily strengthen thee, Bold One, for the draught of Soma.
rvs.3.53 2 Stay still, O Maghavan, advance no farther. a draught of wellpressed- Soma will I give thee.
rvs.3.53 Whenever we press out for thee the Soma, let Agni as our Herald speed to call thee.
rvs.3.53 6 Thou hast drunk Soma, Indra, turn thee homeward; thy joy is in thy home, thy racious Consort;
rvs.3.58 Nasatyas, joying in the third days' Soma, drink it, not hostile, Very Bounteous Givers.
rvs.3.58 9 Asvins, your Soma sheds delicious sweetness: drink ye thereof and come unto our dwelling.
rvs.3.60 5 O Indra, with the Rbhus, Mighty Ones, pour down the Soma juice effused, wellblent-, from both
rvs.3.62 13 Soma who gives success goes forth, goes to the gathering place of Gods,
rvs.3.62 14 To us and to our cattle may Soma give salutary food,
rvs.3.62 15 May Soma, strengthening our power of life, and conquering our foes,
rvs.4.2 13 Good guidance hast thou for the priest, O Agni, who, Youngest God! with outpoured Soma serves
rvs.4.14 Here for your draught of meath are Soma juices: at this our sacrifice rejoice, ye Mighty.
rvs.4.17 6 All Soma juices are his own for ever, most gladdening draughts are ever his, the Mighty,
rvs.4.17 17 Be thou our guardian, show thyself our kinsman, watching and blessing those who pour the Soma;
rvs.4.18 In Tvastars' dwelling India drank the Soma, a hundredworth of juice pressed from the mortar.
rvs.4.18 My consort I beheld in degradation. The Falcon then brought me the pleasant Soma.
rvs.4.20 4 Loving us well, benevolent, close beside us, drink, Godlike Indra, of the wellpressed- Soma.
rvs.4.22 He who comes wielding in his might the thunder, Maghavan, gives prayer, praise, and laud, and Soma.
rvs.4.23 1. How, what priests' sacrifice hath he made mighty, rejoicing in the Soma and its fountain?
rvs.4.24 Hence let the Soma banish those who pour not: even hence I joy to pay the Strong One worship.
rvs.4.24 6 Indra gives comfort to the man who truly presses, for him who longs for it, the Soma,
rvs.4.24 7 He who this day for Indra presses Soma, prepares the brew and fries the grains of barley;
rvs.4.24 The matron calls to the Strong God whom pressers of Soma have encouraged in the dwelling.
rvs.4.25 Who with enkindled flame and flowing Soma laudeth him for his great protecting favour?
rvs.4.25 Of whose pressed stalk of Soma drink the Asvins, Indra, and Agni, wellinclined- in spirit?
rvs.4.25 7 Not with the wealthy churl who pours no Soma doth Indra, Somadrinker-, bind alliance.
rvs.4.26 3 In the wild joy of Soma I demolished Sambaras' forts, ninetyandnine—, together;
rvs.4.26 Swift he returned with sweetness of the Soma, and hence the Falcon hath acquired his glory.
rvs.4.26 Friend of the Gods, brought, grasping fast, the Soma which be bad taken from yon loftiest heaven.
rvs.4.26 7 The Falcon took and brought the Soma, bearing thousand libations with him, yea, ten thousand.
rvs.4.26 The Bold One left Malignities behind him, wise, in wild joy of Soma, left the foolish.
rvs.4.28 1. ALLIED with thee, in this thy friendship, Soma, Indra for man made waters flow together,
rvs.4.28 5 So, of a truth, Indra and Soma, Heroes, ye burst the stable of the kine and horses,
rvs.4.31 8 And verily to him who toils and presses Soma juice for thee
rvs.4.32 Thou wroughtest when the Soma flowed.
rvs.4.32 And hundred jars of Soma juice.
rvs.4.34 7 Close knit with Varuna drink the Soma, Indra; closeknit-, Hymnlover-! with the Maruts drink it:
rvs.4.35 2 Hither is come the Rbhus' gift of riches; here was the drinking of the wellpressed- Soma,
rvs.4.35 Now for the gladdening draught press out the liquor, and drink, O Rbhus, of die meath of Soma.
rvs.4.37 So, Manuslike-, mid younger folk I offer, to you who are aloft in heaven, the Soma.
rvs.4.41 When they, as Friends inclined to friendship, honoured with dainty food, delight in flowing Soma.
rvs.4.41 For glory have they gone, as milk to Soma, to IndraVaruna- my thoughts and praises.
rvs.4.42 When lauds and Soma juice have made me joyful, both the unbounded regions are affrighted.
rvs.4.44 Drink of the pleasant liquor of the Soma give riches to the people who adore you.
rvs.4.45 When with pure hands the prudent energetic priest hath with the stones pressed out the Soma rich
rvs.4.46 To drink the Soma, to the feast.
rvs.4.46 Here for your draught of Soma juice.
rvs.4.47 Come thou to drink the Soma juice, God, longedfor-, on thy teamdrawn- car.
rvs.4.47 Come to our succour with your team, that ye may drink the Soma juice.
rvs.4.49 2 This lovely Soma is effused, O Indra and Brhaspati,
rvs.4.49 3 As Somadrinkers- to our house come, Indra and Brhaspatiand- Indrato- drink Soma juice.
rvs.4.49 With songs, to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.4.49 6 Drink, Indra and Brhaspati, the Soma in the givers' house:
rvs.4.50 10 Indra, Brhaspati, rainers of treasure, rejoicing at this sacrifice drink the Soma.
rvs.4.58 Where Soma flows and sacrifice is ready, thither the streams of holy oil are running.
rvs.5.19 A gold chain Brhaduktha wears, as, through this Soma, seeking spoil.
rvs.5.27 The gifts of Asvamedha, like thricemingled- draughts of Soma juice.
rvs.5.29 2 What time the Maruts sang their song to Indra, joyous when he had drunk of Soma juices,
rvs.5.29 3 And, O ye Brahmans, Maruts, so may Indra drink draughts of this my carefully pressed Soma;
rvs.5.29 5 Thus all the Gods, O Maghavan, delivered to thee of their free will the draught of Soma;
rvs.5.29 Soma.
rvs.5.29 Soma,
rvs.5.29 Rjisivan drew thee into friendship dressing the sacred food, and thou hast drunk his Soma.
rvs.5.29 12 Navagvas and Dasgvas with libations of Soma juice sing hymns of praise to Indra.
rvs.5.30 6 These blissful Maruts sing their psalm to praise thee, and pour to thee libation of the Soma.
rvs.5.30 These Indra reunited- with his helpers, what time the wellpressed- Soma made him joyful.
rvs.5.31 12 This Indra, O ye men, hath come to see you, seeking a friend who hath expressed the Soma.
rvs.5.33 Be friendly in the fray to those who offer the skin of beautiful and wellpressed- Soma.
rvs.5.34 3 Illustrious is the man whoever presseth out Soma for him in sunshine or in cloud and rain.
rvs.5.36 Even as a thirsty steer who roams the deserts may he drink eagerly the milkedout- Soma.
rvs.5.36 2 Lord of Bay Horses, Hero, may the Soma rise to thy cheeks and jaws like mountainridges-.
rvs.5.37 For him may mornings dawn without cessation who saith, Let us press Soma out for Indra.
rvs.5.37 4 No troubles vex that King in whose home Indra drinks the sharp Soma juice with milk commingled.
rvs.5.37 Dear shall he be to Surya, dear to Agni, who with pressed Soma offers gifts to India.
rvs.5.40 1. COME thou to what the stones have pressed, drink Soma, O thou Somas' Lord,
rvs.5.40 2 Strong is the stone, the draught is strong, strong is this Soma that is pressed,
rvs.5.43 5 The Soma hath been pressed for thee, its lover, to give thee power and might and high enjoyment.
rvs.5.43 Exalted, worshipped with our gifts and homage, who knoweth holy Law, to drink sweet Soma.
rvs.5.44 This Soma saith unto the man who watches, I rest and have my dwelling in thy friendship.
rvs.5.44 Agni is watchful, to him saith this Soma, I rest and have my dwelling in thy friendship.
rvs.5.45 Down on the Soma swooped the rapid Falcon. Bright was the young Sage moving mid his cattle.
rvs.5.46 4 May Visnu also and Vata who injures none, and Soma granter of possessions give us joy;
rvs.5.51 4 To Indra and to Vayu dear, this Soma, by the mortar pressed,
rvs.5.51 Drink of the Soma juice effused come to the food.
rvs.5.51 7 For Indra and for Vayu pressed are Soma juices blent with curd,
rvs.5.51 9 Associate with Varuna, with Mitra, Soma, Visnu, come,
rvs.5.51 12 Let us solicit Vayu for prosperity, and Soma who is Lord of all the world for weal;
rvs.5.60 8 O Agni, with the Maruts as they gleam and sing, gathered in troop, rejoicing drink the Soma
rvs.5.61 18 From me to Rathaviti say, when he hath pressed the Soma juice,
rvs.5.64 Supporting Arcananas, speed, ye Heroes, with your active feet hither to my pressed Soma juice.
rvs.5.71 This Soma of the worshipper.
rvs.5.72 1 To Varuna and Mitra we offer with songs, as Atri did. Sit on the sacred grass to drink the Soma
rvs.5.72 Sit on the sacred grass to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.5.72 Sit on the sacred grass to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.5.85 Set intellect in hearts, fire in the waters, Surya in heaven and Soma on the mountain.
rvs.6.8 A pure and fresher hymn flows to Vaisvanara, even as for Agni lovely Soma is made pure.
rvs.6.16 To drink the draught of Soma juice.
rvs.6.17 1. DRINK Soma, Mighty One, for which, when lauded, thou breakest through the cattlestall-, O Indra;
rvs.6.19 5 With steadfast laws, wealthgiver-, strong through Soma, he hath much fair and precious food to
rvs.6.20 Lord of the bolt that breaketh forts in pieces, became the King of the sweet juice of Soma..
rvs.6.20 Dabhiti lit the flame for thee, and worshipped with fuel, hymns, poured Soma, dressed oblations.
rvs.6.23 1. THOU art attached to pressedout- Soma, Indra, at laud, at prayer, and when the hymn is chanted;
rvs.6.23 3 Let Indra drink the pressedout- Soma, Helper and mighty Guide of him who sings his praises.
rvs.6.23 4 even humble rites with his Bay steeds he visits: he wields the bolt, drinks Soma, gives us
rvs.6.23 While Soma flows we will sing hymn, and laud him, so that our prayer may streng. then Indras'
rvs.6.23 May we, by the pressed Soma, Somadrinker! bring thee, with sacrifice, blissful sweet refreshment.
rvs.6.23 7 Mark well our sacrificial cake, delighted Indra, drink Soma and the milk commingled.
rvs.6.23 9 Friends, when thejuices flow, replenish duly your own, your bounteous Indra with the Soma.
rvs.6.23 10 While Soma flowed, thus Indra hath been lauded, Ruler of nobles, mid the Bharadvajas,
rvs.6.24 1. STRONG rapturous joy, praise, glory are with Indra: impetuous God, he quaffs the juice of Soma:
rvs.6.26 1. O INDRA, hear us. Raining down the Soma, we call on thee to win us mighty valour.
rvs.6.27 1 WHAT deed hath Indra done in the wild transport, in quaffing or in friendship with, the Soma?
rvs.6.28 5 To me the Cows seem Bhaga, they seem Indra, they seem a portion of the firstpoured- Soma.
rvs.6.29 4 That Soma when effused hath best consistence, for which the food is dressed and grain is mingled;
rvs.6.34 4 As brightness mingles with the Moon in heaven, the offered Soma yearns to mix with Indra.
rvs.6.37 May Indra drink of this, our guest aforetime, Celestial King of the strong draught of Soma.
rvs.6.38 4 Indra, whom sacrifice shall strengthen, Soma, and song and hymn, and praises and devotion,
rvs.6.39 1. OF this our charming, our celestial Soma, eloquent, wise, Priest, with inspired devotion,
rvs.6.40 The men, the pressingstones-, the cows, the waters have made this Soma ready for thy drinking.
rvs.6.40 3 The fire is kindled, Soma pressed, O Indra: let thy Bays, best to draw, convey thee hither.
rvs.6.40 4 Indra, come hither: evermore thou camest through our great strong desire to drink the Soma.
rvs.6.41 3 This drop, steerstrong- and omniform, the Soma, hath been made ready for the Bull, for India.
rvs.6.41 4 Soma when pressed excels the unpressed Soma, better, for one who knows, to give him pleasure.
rvs.6.41 5 We call on thee, O Indra: come thou hither: sufficient be the Soma for thy body.
rvs.6.42 2 With Soma go ye nigh to him chief drinker of the Somas' juice:
rvs.6.42 3 What time, with Soma, with the juice effused, ye come before the God,
rvs.6.43 This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra: drink!
rvs.6.43 This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra drink!
rvs.6.43 This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra: drink!
rvs.6.43 This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra drink!
rvs.6.44 Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
rvs.6.44 Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
rvs.6.44 Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
rvs.6.44 Proclaim aloud to him the savoury Soma so that the Hero, strong of jaw, may drink it.
rvs.6.44 15 May Indra drink this Soma poured to please him, and cheered therewith slay Vrtra with his
rvs.6.44 Indra, they bring to thee, the Strong and Mighty, Soma of juices shed by mighty pressstones-.
rvs.6.44 This Soma Set with power within the milchkine- a spring whose ripe contents ten fingers empty.
rvs.6.47 He formed the nectar in three headlong rivers. Soma supports the wide midair- above us.
rvs.6.47 6 Drink Soma boldly from the beaker, Indra, in war for treasures, Hero, Vrtraslayer-!
rvs.6.51 14 Soma, these pressingstones- have called aloud to win thee for our Friend.
rvs.6.52 3 Why then, O Soma, do they call thee keeper of prayer? Why then our guardian from reproaches?
rvs.6.57 2 One by the Soma sits to drink juice which the mortar hath expressed:
rvs.6.59 Come near us, drawn by all our songs, to drink of this our Soma juice.
rvs.6.60 Come ye to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.6.60 Come and enjoy the offerings, drink the sweetlyflavoured- Soma juice.
rvs.6.68 10 True to Law, IndraVaruna-, drinkers of the juice, drink this pressed Soma which shall give you
rvs.6.68 11 Indra and Varuna, drink your fill, ye Heroes, of this invigorating sweetest Soma.
rvs.6.69 2 Ye who inspire all hymns, Indra and Visnu, ye vessels who contain the Soma juices,
rvs.6.69 3 Lords of joygiving- draughts, Indra and Visnu, come, giving gifts of treasure, to the Soma.
rvs.6.69 5 This your deed, IndraVisnu-, must be lauded: widely ye strode in the wild joy of Soma.
rvs.6.69 Fed with the holy oil, vouchsafe us riches ye are the lake, the vat that holds the Soma.
rvs.6.69 7 Drink of this meath, O Indra, thou, and Visnu; drink ye your fill of Soma, WonderWorkers-.
rvs.6.72 1. GREAT is this might of yours, Indra and Soma: the first high exploits were your own
rvs.6.72 3 Ye slew the flood obstructing- serpent Vrtra, Indra and Soma: Heaven approved your exploit.
rvs.6.72 4 Ye in the unripe udders of the milchkine- have set the ripe milk, Indra, thou, and Soma.
rvs.6.72 5 Verily ye bestow, Indra and Soma, wealth, famed, victorious, passing to our children.
rvs.6.74 2 Soma and Rudra, chase to every quarter the sickness that hath visited our dwelling.
rvs.6.74 4 Armed with keen shafts and weapons, kind and loving, be gracious unto us, Soma and Rudra.
rvs.6.75 May Soma kindly speak to us, and Aditi protect us well.
rvs.6.75 18 Thy vital parts I cover with thine Armour: with immortality King Soma clothe thee.
rvs.7.20 Lord of Bays, Indra, brandishing his thunder, is gratified with Soma at the banquet.
rvs.7.21 We wake thee, Lord of Bays, with sacrifices: mark this our laud in the wild joy of Soma.
rvs.7.22 1. DRINK Soma, Lord of Bays, and let it cheer thee: Indra, the stone, like a well guided courser,
rvs.7.24 That thou, to prosper us, mayst be our Helper, vouchsafe us wealth, rejoice with draughts of Soma.
rvs.7.24 2 Indra, thy wish, twicestrong-, is comprehended: pressed is the Soma, poured are pleasant juices.
rvs.7.24 3 Come, thou Impetuous; God, from earth or heaven; come to our holy grass to drink the Soma.
rvs.7.26 2 At every laud the Soma gladdens Indra: pressed juices please him as each psalm is chanted,
rvs.7.29 1. THIS Soma hath been pressed for thee, O Indra: come hither, Lord of Bays, for this thou lovest.
rvs.7.32 4 These Soma juices, mixed with curd, have been expressed for Indra here.
rvs.7.32 8 For Indra, Somadrinker-, armed with thunder, press the Soma juice.
rvs.7.32 9 Grudge not, ye Soma pourers; stir you, pay the rites, for wealth, to the great Conqueror.
rvs.7.33 2 With Soma they brought Indra from a distance, Over Vaisanta, from the strong libation.
rvs.7.33 Indra preferred Vasisthas to the Soma pressed by the son of Vayata, Pasadyumna.
rvs.7.35 Indra and Soma give health, strength and comfort, Indra and Pusan be our help in battle.
rvs.7.35 7 Blest unto us be Soma, and devotions, blest be the Sacrifice, the Stones for pressing.
rvs.7.37 Fill you, fairhelmeted-! with mighty Soma, thricemixed-, at our libations to delight you.
rvs.7.41 Bhaga at dawn, Pusan, and Brahmanaspati, Soma at dawn, Rudra we will invoke at dawn.
rvs.7.48 1. YE liberal Heroes, Vajas and Rbhuksans, come and delight you with our flowing Soma.
rvs.7.49 4 They from whom Varuna the King, and Soma, and all the Deities drink strength and vigour,
rvs.7.51 May they, the Guardians of the world, protect us, and, to show favour, drink this day our Soma.
rvs.7.59 O Maruts, of our Soma juice effused today- drink all of you with eager haste.
rvs.7.59 To take delight, ye Maruts, Friends of all, with Svaha, in sweet Soma juice.
rvs.7.64 5 To you this laud, O Varuna and Mitra is offered like bright Soma juice to Vayu.
rvs.7.65 5 To you this laud, O Varuna and Mitra, is offered, like bright Soma juice to Vayu.
rvs.7.66 And Mitra, to the Soma draught.
rvs.7.66 Press near and drink the Soma juice.
rvs.7.66 Drink Soma, ye who strengthen Law.
rvs.7.67 Hitherward let your vigorous horses bear you: drink ye with us the wellpressed- Soma juices.
rvs.7.74 Accordant, both of you, drive your car down to us, and drink the savoury Soma juice.
rvs.7.85 1. FOR you I deck a harmless hymn, presenting the Soma juice to Varuna and Indra-
rvs.7.90 Drive, Vayu, bring thine harnessed horses hither: drink the pressed Soma till it make thee joyful.
rvs.7.90 2 Whoso to thee, the Mighty, brings oblation, pure Soma unto thee, puredrinking- Vayu,
rvs.7.91 O ye puredrinkers-, drink with us pure Soma: sit on this sacred grass, Indra and Vayu.
rvs.7.92 When ministering priests with strong devotion bring to you Twain the first taste of the Soma.
rvs.7.93 Stand ye beside the godly, smite the godless; and still assist the men who press the Soma.
rvs.7.94 Beside the Soma juice effused.
rvs.7.98 1. PRIESTS, offer to the Lord of all the people the milkedout- stalk of Soma, radiantcoloured-.
rvs.7.98 No wildbull- knows his drinkingplace- like Indra who ever seeks him who hath pressed the Soma,
rvs.7.98 O Indra, gratified in heart and spirit, drink eagerly the Soma set before thee.
rvs.7.98 3 Thou, newlyborn-, for strength didst drink the Soma; the Mother told thee of thy future
rvs.7.98 When he had conquered godless wiles and magic, Soma became his own entire possession.
rvs.7.103 8 These Brahmans with the Soma juice, performing their yearlong- rite, have lifted up their voices;
rvs.7.104 1. INDRA and Soma, burn, destroy the demon foe, send downward, O ye Bulls, those who add gloom to
rvs.7.104 2 Indra and Soma, let sin round the wicked boil like as a caldron set amid the flames of fire.
rvs.7.104 3 Indra and Soma, plunge the wicked in the depth, yea, cast them into darkness that hath no
rvs.7.104 4 Indra and Soma, hurl your deadly crushing bolt down on the wicked fiend from heaven and from the
rvs.7.104 5 Indra and Soma, cast ye downward out of heaven your deadly darts of stone burning with fiery
rvs.7.104 6 Indra and Soma, let this hymn control you both, even as the girth encompasses two vigorous
rvs.7.104 Indra and Soma, let the wicked have no bliss who evermore assails us with malignity.
rvs.7.104 May Soma give them over to the serpent, or to the lap of Nirrti consign them.
rvs.7.104 Of these two that which is the true and honest, Soma protects, and brings the false to nothing.
rvs.7.104 13 Never doth Soma aid and guide the wicked or him who falsely claims the Warriors' title.
rvs.7.104 19 Hurl down from heaven thy bolt of stone, O Indra: sharpen it, Maghavan, made keen by Soma.
rvs.7.104 25 Look each one hither, look around Indra and Soma, watch ye well.
rvs.8.1 17 Press out the Soma with the stones, and in the waters wash it clean.
rvs.8.1 19 For India press the Soma out, most gladdening and most excellent.
rvs.8.1 20 Let me not, still beseeching thee with earnest song at Soma rites,
rvs.8.1 Thou fillest like a lake thy vast capacious bulk with Soma and with draughts besides.
rvs.8.1 So may the longmaned- Bays, yoked by devotion, bring Indra to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.2 1. HERE is the Soma juice expressed; O Vasu, drink till thou art full:
rvs.8.2 4 Beloved of all, Indra alone drinks up the flowing Soma juice
rvs.8.2 7 For him, for Indra, for the God, be pressed three draughts of Soma juice
rvs.8.2 18 The Gods seek him who presses out the Soma; they desire not sleep
rvs.8.2 23 O presser, offer Soma first to Indra, Hero, Sakra, him
rvs.8.2 25 Pressers, for him blend Soma juice, each draught most excellent, for him
rvs.8.2 28 Sweet are the Soma juices, come! Blent are the Soma juices, come!
rvs.8.2 The Soma hath full well inspired.
rvs.8.3 7 Men with their lauds are urging thee, Indra, to drink the Soma first.
rvs.8.3 Come with the High Ones hither, Maghavan, to us, Mighty, to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.3 20 Bright were the flaming fires, the Sun gave forth his shine, and Soma, Indras' juice, shone
rvs.8.4 Soma pressed in the mortar didst thou take and drink, and hence hast won surpassing might.
rvs.8.4 10 Come like a thirsty antelope to the drinkingplace-: drink Soma to thy hearts' desire.
rvs.8.4 11 Priest, let the Soma juice flow forth, for Indra longs to drink thereof.
rvs.8.4 12 The man with whom thou fillcst thee with Soma deems himself a pious worshipper.
rvs.8.4 13 Press out the Soma juice, ye priests, for Indra borne upon his car.
rvs.8.6 O Indra, drink this Soma juice.
rvs.8.6 Chief drinker of the Soma juice.
rvs.8.8 Wonderful, borne on paths of gold, drink ye the meath with Soma juice.
rvs.8.8 Here Kanvas' son hath pressed for you the pleasant meath of Soma juice.
rvs.8.8 5 Come, Asvins, to give car to us, to drink the Soma, Asvins, come.
rvs.8.9 This your sweet Soma juice, ye Lords of ample wealth, through which ye think upon the foe.
rvs.8.9 Let the Atharvan pour the warm oblation forth, and Soma very rich in sweets.
rvs.8.10 These who foreknow the holy work of sacrifice, and by their Godhead drink the sweets of Soma juice.
rvs.8.12 16 If, Indra, thou drink Soma by Visnus' or Trta Aptyas' side,
rvs.8.12 20 With worship, him whom men adore, with Soma, him who drinks it most,
rvs.8.13 1. INDRA, when Soma juices flow, makes his mind pure and meet for lauds.
rvs.8.13 Or in the sea, thou art the guard of Soma juice.
rvs.8.13 32 Strong is the pressstone-, strong thy joy, strong is the flowing Soma juice:
rvs.8.14 12 Let the two longmaned- Bay Steeds bring Indra to drink the Soma juice,
rvs.8.17 1. COME, we have pressed the juice for thee; O Indra, drink this Soma here
rvs.8.17 We, Indra, bringing Soma juice.
rvs.8.17 Sweet be the Soma to thine heart.
rvs.8.17 The drop of Soma breaketh all the strongholds down, and Indra is the Rsis' Friend.
rvs.8.17 Lead on the wild horse Indra with his vigorous grasp forward to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.19 Him who controls this sacred food with Soma blent, who hath first claim to sacrifice.
rvs.8.21 Drink thou the Soma, Somas' Lord!
rvs.8.21 With all the forms thou hast, comic thou of bulllike- strength, come near to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.22 8 This Soma pressed with stones is yours, ye Heroes, Lords of plenteous wealth.
rvs.8.22 Approach to drink the Soma, come, drink in the worshippers' abode.
rvs.8.24 13 For Indra pour ye out the drops meath blent with Soma let him drink
rvs.8.27 And pressed the Soma, call you, Varuina, like men, with sacrificial fires aflame.
rvs.8.31 And offers Soma blent with milk.
rvs.8.31 Press out and wash the Soma juice.
rvs.8.32 4 Bold, to your famous Soma I call the fairvisored- God for aid,
rvs.8.32 24 Now to the Hero fair of cheek, Adhvaryu, pour the Soma forth:
rvs.8.32 28 Indra, who in the wild delight of Soma juice considers here
rvs.8.33 1. WE compass thee like waters, we whose grass is trimmed and Soma pressed.
rvs.8.33 2 Men, Vasu! by the Soma, with lauds call thee to the foremost place:
rvs.8.33 13 Come, thou most potent Indra, come to drink the savoury Soma juice.
rvs.8.34 3 The stones' rim shakes the Soma here like a wolf worrying a sheep.
rvs.8.35 Accordant, of one mind with Surya and with Dawn, O Asvins, drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.35 Accordant. of one mind with Surya and with Dawn, O Asvins, drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.35 Accordant, of one mind with Surya and with Dawn, O Asvins, drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.35 7 Ye fly as starlings fly unto the forest trees; like buffaloes ye seek the Soma we have shed.
rvs.8.35 8 Ye fly like swans, like those who travel on their way; like buffaloes ye seek the Soma we have
rvs.8.35 9 Ye fly to our oblation like a pair of hawks; like buffaloes ye seek the Soma we have shed.
rvs.8.35 Accordant, of One mind with Surya and with Dawn, the- pressers' Soma, Asvins drink.
rvs.8.35 Accordant, of one mind with Surya and with Dawn, the pressers' Soma, Asvins drink.
rvs.8.35 Accordant, of one mind with Surya and with Dawn, the pressers' Soma, Asvins drink.
rvs.8.35 20 Further like running streams Syavasvas' eulogies who presses out the Soma, ye who reel in joy.
rvs.8.35 21 Seize, as ye grasp the reins, Syavasvas' solemn rites who presses out the Soma, ye who reel in
rvs.8.36 1. THOU helpest him whose grass is trimmed, who sheds the juice, O Satakratu, drink Soma to make
rvs.8.36 2 Maghavan, help thy worshipper: let him help thee. O Satakratu, drink Soma to make thee glad.
rvs.8.36 O Satakratu, drink Soma to make thee glad.
rvs.8.36 4 Creator of the heaven, creator of the earth, O Satakratu, drink Soma to make thee glad.
rvs.8.36 5 Father of cattle, father of all steeds art thou. O Satakratu, drink Soma to make thee glad.
rvs.8.36 6 Stonehurler-, glorify the Atris' hymn of praise. O Satakratu, drink Soma to make thee glad.
rvs.8.37 O Vrtraslayer-, from libation poured at noon, drink of the Soma juice, thou blameless Thunderer.
rvs.8.38 4 Accept our sacrifice for weal, sharers of praise! the Soma shed:
rvs.8.38 IndraAgni- to the Soma draught!
rvs.8.43 Who bears the Soma on his back.
rvs.8.45 16 Indra, these friends of ours, supplied with Soma, wait and look to thee,
rvs.8.45 22 Hero, the Soma being shed, I pour the juice for thee to drink:
rvs.8.45 26 In battle of a thousand arms Indra drank Kadrus' Soma juice:
rvs.8.45 38 Hero, insatiate enjoy this Soma juice so near to thee,
rvs.8.46 Him, rich in wealth, let swift Steeds bring to us, his Bays, to Soma juice for his carouse:
rvs.8.46 Through these our Somadraughts- and those who press, to give, drinker of pure bright Soma Juice.
rvs.8.48 HYMN XLVIII. Soma. 48
rvs.8.48 3 We have drunk Soma and become immortal; we have attained the light, the Gods discovered.
rvs.8.48 4 Absorbed into the heart, be sweet, O Indu, as a kind father to his son, O Soma,
rvs.8.48 As a wise Friend to friend: do thou, wideruler-, O Soma, lengthen out our days for living.
rvs.8.48 For in carouse I think of thee, O Soma, Shall I, as a rich man, attain to comfort?
rvs.8.48 O Soma, King, prolong thou our existence as Surya makes the shining days grow longer.
rvs.8.48 8 King Soma, favour us and make us prosper: we are thy devotees; of this be mindful.
rvs.8.48 9 For thou hast settled in each joint, O Soma, aim of mens' eyes and guardian of our bodies.
rvs.8.48 This Soma now deposited within me. For this, I pray for longer life to Indra.
rvs.8.48 Soma hath risen in us, exceeding mighty, and we are come where men prolong existence.
rvs.8.48 So let us serve this Soma with oblation, and rest securely in his grace and favour.
rvs.8.48 13 Associate with the Fathers thou, O Soma, hast spread thyself abroad through earth and heaven.
rvs.8.48 But evermore may we, as friends of Soma, speak to the synod with brave sons around us.
rvs.8.48 15 On all sides,. Soma, thou art our lifegiver-: aim of all eyes, lightfinder-, come within us.
rvs.8.50 And mightiest Maghavan with thought inclined to us come near to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.50 Thou seatest thee as first among thy peers in place, for thy soul longs for Soma juice.
rvs.8.50 When with the Soma juice which we have shed we make Indra, the Mighty One, our Friend.
rvs.8.50 So Indra, Maghavan, thou Lover of the Song, we with pressed Soma call on thee,
rvs.8.51 Who with strong Soma serveth thee, still ready with his reverent prayers.
rvs.8.52 2 Him, Maker of the sky, let stones wet with the Soma Never forsake,
rvs.8.52 Soma as cattle take their corn.
rvs.8.53 3 Thou art the Lord of Soma pressed, Soma impressed is also thine.
rvs.8.53 6 We call on thee both night and day to taste the flowing Soma juice:
rvs.8.53 10 For thee among mankind, among the Purus is this Soma shed.
rvs.8.53 11 This, growing by Soma and by Saryanavan, dear to thee,
rvs.8.54 Or in the sea in Soma juice.
rvs.8.54 Come hither, drink our Soma juice.
rvs.8.54 6 We who have shed the Soma and prepared the feast are calling thee.
rvs.8.54 8 The men with stones have milked for thee this nectar of the Soma juice:
rvs.8.55 1. LOUD singing at the sacred rite where Soma flows we priests invoke
rvs.8.55 6 To Soma, Muchinvoked-, Boltarmed-! for thy carouse, Celestial, Somadrinker- come.
rvs.8.55 15 Now let your Soma juice be poured; be not afraid, O Kalis' sons.
rvs.8.57 14 Six men, yea, two and two, made glad with Soma juice, come near to me
rvs.8.58 3 The dappled kine who stream with milk prepare his draught of Soma juice:
rvs.8.58 Seize quickly, as it bursts away, the Soma juice for Indras' drink.
rvs.8.61 17 I took some Soma when the Sun rose up, O Mitra, Varuna.
rvs.8.65 That he might drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.65 That he may drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.65 The Soma at this sacrifice.
rvs.8.65 8 To thee, O Indra, Marutgirt-, these Soma juices, Thunderer!
rvs.8.65 9 Drink, Indra, with thy Marut Friends, pressed Soma at the morning rites,
rvs.8.65 The Soma which the mortar pressed.
rvs.8.66 Pails that were filled with Soma juice.
rvs.8.67 1. BRING us a thousand, Indra, as our guerdon for the Soma juice:
rvs.8.67 8 In thee all treasures are combined, Soma all blessed things in thee,
rvs.8.68 HYMN LXVIII. Soma. 68
rvs.8.68 1. THIS here is Soma, Never restrained, active, allconquering- bursting forth,
rvs.8.68 3 Thou, Soma, givest wide defence against the hate of alien men,
rvs.8.68 Be sweet, O Soma, to our heart.
rvs.8.68 8 O Soma, terrify us not; strike us not with alarm, O King:
rvs.8.71 5 This Soma here expressed with stones and dressed with milk for thy carouse,
rvs.8.71 7 The Soma, Indra, which is shed in chalices and vats for thee,
rvs.8.71 8 The Soma seen within the vats, as in the flood the Moon is seen,
rvs.8.74 To drink the savoury Soma juice.
rvs.8.74 To drink the savoury Soma juice.
rvs.8.74 To drink the savoury Soma juice.
rvs.8.74 To drink the savoury Soma juice.
rvs.8.74 To drink the savoury Soma juice.
rvs.8.74 To drink the savoury Soma juice.
rvs.8.74 To drink the savoury Soma juice.
rvs.8.74 To drink the savoury Soma juice.
rvs.8.74 To drink the savoury Soma juice.
rvs.8.76 4 Drink ye the Soma rich in meath, ye Asvins Twain: sit gladly on the sacred grass.
rvs.8.76 Ye Lords of splendour, wondrous, borne on paths of gold, drink Soma, ye who strengthen Law.
rvs.8.80 1. DOWN to the stream a maiden came, and found the Soma by the way.
rvs.8.80 Drink thou this Soma pressed with teeth, accompanied with grain and curds, with cake of meal and
rvs.8.81 1. INVITE ye Indra with a song to drink your draught of Soma juice,
rvs.8.81 The Soma juice with barley mixt.
rvs.8.81 5 Call Indra loudly with your songs of praise to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.81 23 Thou, wakeful Hero, by thy might hast taken food of Soma juice,
rvs.8.81 24 O Indra, Vrtraslayer-, let Soma be ready for thy maw,
rvs.8.81 26 Here, Indra, thou art ready by our Soma juices shed for thee,
rvs.8.81 In the pressed Soma blent with milk.
rvs.8.82 6 Thou, Indra, goest unto all Soma libations shed for thee,
rvs.8.82 Bright, meet for Soma, famed in song.
rvs.8.82 WheNever the Soma juice is shed.
rvs.8.82 The foe, to drink the Soma juice?
rvs.8.82 30 Bearing the Soma juice we call, best Vrtraslayer-, unto thee:
rvs.8.82 33 O Vrtraslayer-, thou art he who drinks these drops of Soma: come
rvs.8.83 4 Here is the Soma ready pressed of this the Maruts drink, of this
rvs.8.83 9 1 call, to drink the Soma, those Maruts who spread all realms of earth
rvs.8.83 I call to drink this Soma juice.
rvs.8.83 Invoke to drink this Soma juice.
rvs.8.84 1. SONGLOVER-! like a charioteer come songs to thee when Soma flows.
rvs.8.84 3 Drink Soma to inspirit thee, juice, Indra, which the Falcon brought:
rvs.8.84 Pure, send thou riches down to us, and, meet for Soma, pure, be glad.
rvs.8.85 Doer of many deeds for mans' advantage, like Soma quaffed, for friends we must invoke him.
rvs.8.86 Grant to the worshipper who presses Soma and gives guerdon, not unto the churl.
rvs.8.86 6 Thou Somadrinker-, Lord of Strength, beside our flowing Soma juice
rvs.8.86 11 Bards joined in song to Indra so that he might drink the Soma juice,
rvs.8.89 2 The food of meath in foremost place I give thee, thy Soma shall be pressed, thy share appointed.
rvs.8.89 The Falcon went to heaven and brought the Soma to the Thunderer.
rvs.8.90 Then, Lord of harnessed teams I drink of the twofold draught, bright Soma mingled with the milk.
rvs.8.94 5 He rushes hurrying like a steed to Soma that adorns our rite,
rvs.8.95 1. As with Manu Samvarani, Indra, thou drankest Soma juice,
rvs.8.95 We with our Soma ready, Lover of the Song! call, Indra Maghavan, on thee.
rvs.8.96 1. As, Sakra, thou with Manu called Vivasvan drankest Soma juice,
rvs.8.96 Drunk Soma with Rjunas, Syumarasmi, by Dasonyas' Dasasipras' side.
rvs.8.96 3 it is he who made the lauds his own and boldly drank the Soma juice,
rvs.8.96 Pure, brightlyshining-, mingled with the milk, the draughts of Soma have made Indra glad.
rvs.8.97 Even among Sistas are the stalks that make thee glad, where thou with Soma satest thee.
rvs.8.101 Accepting this our worship and libation, O Asvins bright with fire, drink ye the Soma.
rvs.8.101 Drink among us the Soma full of sweetness, and with your powers assist the man who worships.
rvs.8.103 4 Dropping oil, sweet with Soma, pouring forth their stream, are the Seven Sisters in the seat of
rvs.9.1 HYMN I. Soma Pavamana. 1
rvs.9.1 flow pure, O Soma, on thy way,
rvs.9.1 Thy Soma that is foaming forth.
rvs.9.1 The fresh young Soma with their milk.
rvs.9.2 HYMN II. Soma Pavamana. 2
rvs.9.2 1. Soma, flow on, inviting Gods, speed to the purifying cloth:
rvs.9.2 5 The lake is brightened in the floods. Soma, our Friend, heavens' prop and stay,
rvs.9.3 HYMN III. Soma Pavamana. 3
rvs.9.4 HYMN IV. Soma Pavamana. 4
rvs.9.4 1. O Soma flowing on thy way, win thou and conquer high renown;
rvs.9.4 2 Win thou the light, win heavenly light, and, Soma, all felicities;
rvs.9.4 3 Win skilful strength and mental power. O Soma, drive away our foes;
rvs.9.4 4 Ye purifiers, purify Soma for Indra, for his drink:
rvs.9.4 7 Wellweaponed- Soma, pour to usa stream of riches doubly great;
rvs.9.6 HYMN VI. Soma Pavamana. 6
rvs.9.7 HYMN VII. Soma Pavamana. 7
rvs.9.7 8 The streams of pleasant Soma flow to Bhaga, MitraVaruna-,
rvs.9.8 HYMN VIII. Soma Pavamana. 8
rvs.9.8 1. OBEYING Indras' dear desire these Soma juices have flowed forth,
rvs.9.8 3 Soma, as thou art purified, incite to bounty Indras' heart,
rvs.9.8 6 When purified within the jars, Soma, brightred and goldenhued-,
rvs.9.8 O Soma, victory in war.
rvs.9.9 HYMN IX. Soma Pavamana. 9
rvs.9.10 HYMN X. Soma Pavamana. 10
rvs.9.10 The Soma juices in a stream.
rvs.9.11 HYMN XL Soma Pavamana. 11
rvs.9.11 4 Sing a praisesong- to Soma brown of hue, of independent might.
rvs.9.11 5 Purify Soma when effused with stones which bands move rapidly,
rvs.9.11 7 Soma, foeque- chief over men, doing the will of pour forth
rvs.9.11 8 Heartknower-, Sovran of the heart, thou art effused, O Soma, that Indra may drink thee and
rvs.9.11 9 O Soma Pavamana, give us riches and heroic strength,
rvs.9.12 HYMN XII. Soma Pavamana. 12
rvs.9.12 1. To Indra have the Soma drops, exceeding rich in sweets, been poured,
rvs.9.12 Called him to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.9.12 3 In the streams' wave wise Soma dwells, distilling rapture, in his seat,
rvs.9.12 4 Farsighted- Soma, Sage and Seer, is worshipped in the central point
rvs.9.12 5 In close embraces Indu holds Soma when
rvs.9.12 8 The Wise One, with the Sages' stream, the Soma urged to speed, flows on
rvs.9.13 HYMN XIII. Soma Pavamana. 13
rvs.9.13 1. PASSED through, the fleece in thousand streams the Soma, purified, flows on
rvs.9.14 HYMN XIV. Soma Pavamana. 14
rvs.9.14 Come, Soma, as our faithful Friend.
rvs.9.15 HYMN XV. Soma Pavamana. 15
rvs.9.16 HYMN XVI. Soma Pavamana. 16
rvs.9.16 3 Pour on the sieve the Soma, Never subdued in waters, waterless,
rvs.9.16 4 Moved by the purifiers' thought, the Soma flows into the sieve:
rvs.9.16 8 Thus, Soma, purifying himwho knoweth song mid living men,
rvs.9.17 HYMN XVII. Soma Pavamana. 17
rvs.9.17 2 The drops of Soma juice effused fall like the rain upon the earth:
rvs.9.17 3 With swelling wave the gladdening drink, the Soma, flows into the sieve,
rvs.9.17 5 Soma, thou shinest mounting heaven as it were above lights' triple realm,
rvs.9.18 HYMN XVIII. Soma Pavamana. 18
rvs.9.18 1. THOU, Soma, dweller on the hills, effused, hast flowed into the sieve,:
rvs.9.19 HYMN XIX. Soma Pavamana. 19
rvs.9.19 2 For ye Twain, Indra, Soma, are Lords of the light, Lords of the kine:
rvs.9.19 7 Soma, bring down the foemans' might, his vigorous strength and vital power',
rvs.9.20 HYMN XX Soma Pavamana. 20
rvs.9.20 As such, O Soma, find us fame.
rvs.9.20 5 As thou art cleansed, O Wondrous Steed, O Soma, thou hast entered, like
rvs.9.20 6 He, Soma, like a courser in the floods invincible, made clean
rvs.9.20 7 Disporting, like a liberal chief, thou goest, Soma, to the sieve,
rvs.9.21 HYMN XXI. Soma Pavamana. 21
rvs.9.22 HYMN XXII. Soma Pavamana. 22
rvs.9.22 3 These Soma juices, blent with curds, purified, skilled in sacred hymns,
rvs.9.22 7 Thou, Soma, boldest wealth in kine which thou hast seized from niggard churls:
rvs.9.23 HYMN XXIII. Soma Pavamana. 23
rvs.9.23 1. SWIFT Soma drops have been effused in streams of meath, the gladdening drink,
rvs.9.23 5 Soma gows on intelligent, possessing sap and mighty strength,
rvs.9.23 6 For Indra, Soma! thou art cleansed, a feastcompanion- for the Gods:
rvs.9.24 HYMN XXIV Soma Pavamana. 24
rvs.9.24 1. HITHERWARD have the Soma streamed,
rvs.9.24 3 O Soma Pavamana, thou art flowing to be Indras' drink:
rvs.9.24 4 Victorious, to be hailed with joy, O Soma, flow, delighting men,
rvs.9.24 7 Pure, purifying is he called the Soma of the meath eflused,
rvs.9.25 HYMN XXV. Soma Pavamana. 25
rvs.9.25 5 To Indra Soma flows, the Red, engendering song, exceeding wise,
rvs.9.26 HYMN XXVI. Soma Pavamana. 26
rvs.9.27 HYMN XXVII. Soma Pavamana. 27
rvs.9.27 3 The men conduct him, Soma, Steer, Omniscient, and the Head of Heaven,
rvs.9.28 HYMN XXVIII. Soma Pavamana. 28
rvs.9.28 2 Within the filter hath he flowed, this Soma for the Gods effused,
rvs.9.28 6 This Soma being purified, flows mighty and infallible,
rvs.9.29 HYMN XXIX. Soma Pavamana. 29
rvs.9.29 3 These things thou winnest lightly while purified, Soma, Lord of wealth:
rvs.9.29 4 Winning all precious things at once, flow on, O Soma, with thy stream
rvs.9.30 HYMN XXX. Soma Pavamana. 30
rvs.9.30 3 Pour on us, Soma, with thy stream manconquering might which many crave,
rvs.9.30 4 Hither hath Pavamana flowed, Soma flowed hither in a stream,
rvs.9.30 6 For Indra, for the Thunderer press the Soma very rich in sweets,
rvs.9.31 HYMN XXXI. Soma Pavamana. 31
rvs.9.31 Soma, they multiply thy power.
rvs.9.31 4 Soma, wax great. From every side may vigorous powers unite in thee:
rvs.9.32 HYMN XXXII. Soma Pavamana. 32
rvs.9.32 4 O Soma, viewing heaven and earth, thou runncst like a darting deer
rvs.9.33 HYMN XXXIII. Soma Pavamana. 33
rvs.9.33 1. LIKE waves of waters, skilled in song the juices of the Soma speed
rvs.9.33 The drops of Soma juice effused.
rvs.9.33 6 From every side, O Soma, for our profit, pour thou forth four seas
rvs.9.34 1. THE drop of Soma juice effused flows onward with this stream impelled.
rvs.9.34 To Visnu, flows the Soma juice.
rvs.9.34 3 With stones they press the Soma forth, the Strong conducted by the strong:
rvs.9.35 HYMN XXXV. Soma Pavamana. 35
rvs.9.35 Soma, the Guardian of the folk;
rvs.9.36 HYMN XXXVI. Soma Pavamana. 36
rvs.9.36 2 Thus, Soma, watchful, bearing well, cheering the Gods, flow past the sieve,
rvs.9.36 5 May Soma pour all treasures of the heavens, the earth, the firmament
rvs.9.36 6 Thou mountest to the height of heaven, O Soma, seeking steeds and kine,
rvs.9.37 HYMN XXXVII. Soma Pavamana. 37
rvs.9.37 5 This Vrtraslaying- Steer, effused, Soma roomgiver-, Never deceived,
rvs.9.38 HYMN XXXVIII. Soma Pavamana. 38
rvs.9.39 HYMN XXXIX Soma Pavamana. 39
rvs.9.40 HYMN XL. Soma Pavamana. 40
rvs.9.40 3 O Indu, Soma, send us now great opulence from every side, Pour on us treasures thousandfold.
rvs.9.40 4 O Soma Pavamana, bring, Indu, all splcndours hitherward:
rvs.9.40 6 O Indu, Soma, being cleansed, bring hither riches doublypiled,
rvs.9.41 HYMN XLI. Soma Pavamana. 41
rvs.9.41 6 On every side, O Soma, flow round us with thy protecting stream,
rvs.9.42 HYMN XLII. Soma Pavamana. 42
rvs.9.42 2 According to primeval plan this Soma, with his stream, effused
rvs.9.42 5 Soma, while purifying, sends hither all things to be desired,
rvs.9.42 6 Soma, effused, pour on us wealth in kine, in heroes, steeds, and spoil,
rvs.9.43 HYMN XLIII. Soma Pavamana. 43
rvs.9.43 3 Soma flows on when purified, beloved and adorned with songs,
rvs.9.43 4 O Soma Pavamana, find exceeding glorious wealth for us,
rvs.9.43 Soma, bestow heroic power.
rvs.9.44 HYMN XLIV. Soma Pavamana. 44
rvs.9.44 2 Pleased with the hymn, impelled by prayer, Soma is hurried far away,
rvs.9.44 Soma, most active, travels on.
rvs.9.44 5 May Soma, ever bringing power to Bhaga and to Vayu, Sage
rvs.9.45 HYMN XLV. Soma Pavamana. 45
rvs.9.46 HYMN XLVI. Soma Pavamana. 46
rvs.9.46 5 Thus, Soma, Conqueror of wealth! flow, finding furtherance for us,
rvs.9.47 HYMN XLVII. Soma Pavamana. 47
rvs.9.47 1. GREAT as he was, Soma hath gained strength by this high solemnity:
rvs.9.47 3 Soon as his song of praise is born, the Soma, Indras' juice, becomes
rvs.9.48 HYMN XLVIII. Soma Pavamana. 48
rvs.9.49 HYMN XLIX. Soma Pavamana. 49
rvs.9.50 HYMN L. Soma Pavamana. 50
rvs.9.51 HYMN LI. Soma Pavamana. 51
rvs.9.51 1. ADHVARYU, on the filter pour the Soma juice expressed with stones,
rvs.9.51 4 For, Soma, thou hast been effused, strengthening for the wild carouse,
rvs.9.52 HYMN LII. Soma Pavamana. 52
rvs.9.53 HYMN LIII. Soma Pavamana. 53
rvs.9.54 HYMN LIV. Soma Pavamana. 54
rvs.9.54 Soma, a God as Surya is.
rvs.9.55 HYMN LV. Soma Pavamana. 55
rvs.9.55 And, Soma, all felicities.
rvs.9.55 3 And, finding for us kine and steeds, O Soma, with thy juice flow on
rvs.9.56 HYMN LVI. Soma Pavamana. 56
rvs.9.56 1. SWIFT to the purifying sieve flows Soma as exalted Law,
rvs.9.56 2 When Soma pours the strengthening food a hundred everactive- streams
rvs.9.56 O Soma, thou art decked to win.
rvs.9.57 HYMN LVII. Soma Pavamana. 57
rvs.9.58 HYMN LVIII. Soma Pavamana. 58
rvs.9.59 HYMN LIX. Soma Pavamana. 59
rvs.9.59 1. FLOW onward, Soma, winning kine, and steeds, and all that gives delight:
rvs.9.59 3 Soma, as Pavamana, pass over all trouble and distress:
rvs.9.60 HYMN LX. Soma Pavamana. 60
rvs.9.60 4 That Indra may be bounteous, flow, most active Soma, for our weal:
rvs.9.61 HYMN LXI. Soma Pavamana. 61
rvs.9.61 Soma; be gracious unto us.
rvs.9.61 6 O Soma, being purified, bring us from all sides, for thou canst,
rvs.9.61 15 Soma, pour blessings on our kine, pour forth the food that streams with milk
rvs.9.61 23 Soma who rainest gifts, may we win riches with our hero sons:
rvs.9.61 Watch, Soma, at our solemn rites.
rvs.9.61 25 Chasing our foemen, driving off the godless, Soma flowcth on,
rvs.9.62 HYMN LXII. Soma Pavamana. 62
rvs.9.62 16 Pressed by the men, as it were to war hath Soma Pavamana sped,
rvs.9.62 21 Pour for the Gods into the sieve our Soma very rich in sweets,
rvs.9.62 22 Into his stream who gladdens best these Soma juices have been poured,
rvs.9.62 25 Soma, as leader of the song flow onward with thy wondrous aids,
rvs.9.62 27 O Soma, O thou Sage, these worlds stand ready to attest thy might:
rvs.9.62 30 Soma, true, Pavamana, Sage, is seated in the cleansing sieve,
rvs.9.63 HYMN LXIII. Soma Pavanana. 63
rvs.9.63 1. POUR hitherward, O Soma, wealth in thousands and heroic strength,
rvs.9.63 3 For Indra and for Visnu poured, Soma hath flowed into the jar:
rvs.9.63 11 O Soma Pavamana, find wealth for us not to be assailed,
rvs.9.63 13 Soma the God, expressed with stones, like Surya, floweth on his way,
rvs.9.63 16 Soma, do thou most rich in sweets, a gladdening drink most dear to Gods,
rvs.9.63 18 Pour for us, Soma, wealth in gold, in horses and heroic sons,
rvs.9.63 Caused Soma, active Steer, to roar.
rvs.9.63 23 O Soma, Pavamana, thou pourest out wealth that brings renown:
rvs.9.63 24 Soma thou flowest chasing foes and bringing wisdom and delight:
rvs.9.63 25 The Pavamanas have been poured, the brilliant drops of Soma juice,
rvs.9.63 28 O Soma, Indu, very wise, drive, being purified, with thy stream
rvs.9.63 29 Driving the Raksasas afar, O Soma, bellowing, pour for us
rvs.9.63 30 Soma, do thou secure for us the treasures of the earih and heaven,
rvs.9.64 HYMN LXIV. Soma Pavamana. 64
rvs.9.64 1. Soma, thou art a splendid Steer, a Steer, O God, with steerlike sway:
rvs.9.64 6 These Soma juices shall pour forth all treasures for the worshipper
rvs.9.64 Soma, thou swellest like a sea.
rvs.9.64 16 Accelerated by the hymn, the rapid drops of Soma juice
rvs.9.64 25 O Soma, Indu, thou while thou art purified urgest onward speech.
rvs.9.64 26 Yea, Soma, Indu, while thou art purified do thou bring to us
rvs.9.64 30 Specially, Soma, coming as a Sage from heaven to prosper us,
rvs.9.65 HYMN LXV. Soma Pavamana. 65
rvs.9.65 7 Sing forth your songs, as Vyasva sang, to Soma Pavamana, to,
rvs.9.65 Soma, be thou our prosperer.
rvs.9.65 18 Pressed for the banquet of the Gods, O Soma, bring us might, and speed,
rvs.9.65 19 Soma, flow on exceeding bright with loud roar to the wooden vats,
rvs.9.65 20 Soma, the Waterwinner- flows to Indra, Vayu, Varuna,
rvs.9.65 21 Soma , bestowing food upon our progeny, from every sides,
rvs.9.65 22 The Soma juices which have been expressed afar or near at hand,
rvs.9.66 HYMN LXVI. Soma Pavamana. 66
rvs.9.66 2 Over all thou rulest with these Two which, Soma Pavamana, stand,
rvs.9.66 3 Wise Soma Pavamana, thou encompassest on every side
rvs.9.66 Soma, spread purifying power.
rvs.9.66 6 O Soma, these Seven Rivers flow, as being thine, to give command:
rvs.9.66 7 Flow onward, Soma in a stream, effused to gladden Indras' heart,
rvs.9.66 12 Like milchkine- coming home, the drops of Soma juice have reached the lake,
rvs.9.66 15 Flow on, O Soma, for the great Viewer of men, for gain of Indu
rvs.9.66 16 Best art thou, Soma, of the great, Strongest of strong ones, Indu: thou
rvs.9.66 18 Soma, as Sura, bring us food, win offspring of our bodies: we
rvs.9.66 29 This Soma, through the pressingstones-, is sporting on the oxhide, and
rvs.9.67 HYMN LXVII. Soma and Others. 67
rvs.9.67 1. THOU, Soma, hast a running stream, joyous, most strong at sacrifice:
rvs.9.67 And, Soma, spoil and wealth in kine.
rvs.9.67 Bring wealth, O Soma, thousandfold.
rvs.9.67 8 For Indra floweth excellent Indu, the noblest Soma juice
rvs.9.67 11 This Soma flows like gladdening oil for him who wears the braided locks:
rvs.9.67 12 This Soma juice, O glowing God, flows like pure oil, effused for thee:
rvs.9.67 13 Flow onward, Soma, in thy stream, begetter of the sages' speech:
rvs.9.67 15 Soma, thy juice hath been effused and poured into the pitcher: like
rvs.9.67 16 For Indra flow most rich in sweets, O Soma, bringing him delight.
rvs.9.67 19 Bruised by the pressstones- and extolled, Soma, thou goest to the sieve,
rvs.9.67 26 Cleanse us, God Savitar, with Three, O Soma, with sublimest forms,
rvs.9.67 28 Fill thyself full of juice, flow forth, O Soma, thou with all thy stalks,
rvs.9.67 30 Lost is Alayyas' axe. O Soma, God do thou send it back hither in thy flow
rvs.9.67 Even, Soma, God, if it were a mole.
rvs.9.68 HYMN LXVIII. Soma Pavamana. 68
rvs.9.68 1. THE drops of Soma juice like cows who yield their milk have flowed forth, rich in meath, unto
rvs.9.68 7 Together with the Rsis, with their prayers and hymns ten women deck thee, Soma, friendly when
rvs.9.68 8 Songs resonant with praise have celebrated him. Soma, Friend, springing forth with his fair
rvs.9.68 9 He sends it into all the region forth from heaven. Soma, while he is filtcred, settles in the
rvs.9.68 10 Even thus poured forth How on thy way, O Soma, vouchsafing us most manifold lively vigour.
rvs.9.69 HYMN LXIX. Soma Pavamana. 69
rvs.9.69 As one who cometh first with full stream she is milked the Soma is impelled to this mans' holy
rvs.9.69 Onward hath Soma passed through the sheeps' fair bright fleece, and hath, as it were, endued a
rvs.9.69 Well be it with the men and cattle in our home. May powers, O Soma, may the people stay with us.
rvs.9.69 Ye, Soma, are my Fathers, lifted up on high as heads of heaven and makers of the strength of life.
rvs.9.69 9 These Pavamanas here, these drops of Soma, to Indra have sped forth like cars to booty.
rvs.9.70 HYMN LXX. Soma Pavamana. 70
rvs.9.70 1. THE three times seven Milchkine- in the eastern heaven have for this Soma poured the genuine
rvs.9.70 Soma assumes his seat in the wellfashioned- place: the cowhide and the sheepskin are his ornament.
rvs.9.70 9 Flow on for the Gods' banquet, Soma, as a Steer, and enter Indras' heart, the Somas' reservoir.
rvs.9.70 10 Urged like a carsteed- flow to strength, O Soma: Indu, flow onward to the throat of Indra.
rvs.9.71 HYMN LXXI. Soma Pavamana, 71
rvs.9.71 Down to the earth hath looked the heavenly Falcon: Soma with wisdom views all living creatures.
rvs.9.72 HYMN LXXII. Soma Pavamana. 72
rvs.9.72 1. THEY cleanse the Goldhued-: like a red Steed is he yoked, and Soma in the jar is mingled with
rvs.9.72 2 The many sages utter words in unison, while into Indras' throat they pour the Soma juice,
rvs.9.72 Most liberal, completing sacrifice for men, O Indra, pure bright Soma, Indu, flows for thee.
rvs.9.72 5 O Indra, urged by arms of men and poured in streams, Soma flows on for thee after his Godlike
rvs.9.72 As Indras' thunderbolt, Steer with farspreading wealth, Soma is flowing on to make the heart
rvs.9.73 HYMN LXXIII. Soma Pavamana. 73
rvs.9.74 HYMN LXXIV. Soma Pavamana 74
rvs.9.74 Soma juice;
rvs.9.74 7 Soma assumes white colour when he strives to gain: the bounteous Asura knows full many a
rvs.9.74 9 Soma, thy juice when thou art blended with the streams, flows, Pavamana, through the long wool
rvs.9.75 HYMN LXXV. Soma Pavamana. 75
rvs.9.75 5 Flow onward, Soma, flow to bring prosperity: cleansed by the men, invest thee with the milky
rvs.9.76 HYMN LXXVI. Soma Pavamana. 76
rvs.9.76 3 Soma, as thou art purified with flowing wave, exhibiting thy strength enter thou Indras' throat.
rvs.9.77 HYMN LXXVII. Soma Pavamana. 77
rvs.9.77 1. MORE beauteous than the beautiful, as Indras' bolt, this Soma, rich in sweets, hath clamoured
rvs.9.77 3 May those first freshest drops of Soma juice effused flow on, their way to bring us mighty
rvs.9.78 HYMN LXXVIII. Soma Pavamana. 78
rvs.9.78 2 Thou, Soma, art effused for Indra by the men, balmed in the wood as wave, Sage, Viewer of
rvs.9.78 3 Apsarases who dwell in waters of the sea, sitting within, have flowed to Soma wise of heart.
rvs.9.78 4 Soma flows on for us' as winner of the kine, winner of thousands, cars, water, and light, and
rvs.9.78 5 Soma, as Pavamana thou, our faithful Friend, making for us these real treasures, flowest on.
rvs.9.79 HYMN LXXIX. Soma Pavamana. 79
rvs.9.79 1. SPONTANEOUS let our drops of Soma juice flow on, pressed, goldenhued-, among the Gods of lofty
rvs.9.79 As thirst subdueth in the desert, conquer thou, O Soma Pavamana, men of evil thoughts.
rvs.9.80 HYMN LXXX. Soma Pavamana. 80
rvs.9.80 1. ON flows the stream of Soma who beholds mankind: by everlasting Law he calls the Gods from
rvs.9.80 2 Thou, powerful Soma, thou to whom the cows have lowed-, ascendest bright with sheen, thine
rvs.9.80 Soma who winnest thousands, driven by the men, expressed with stones, bring, as thou flowest, all
rvs.9.80 Thou, Soma, gladdening Indra, and the Heavenly Host, flowest as Pavamana like a rivers' wave.
rvs.9.81 HYMN LXXXI. Soma Pavamana. 81
rvs.9.81 1. ONWARD to Indras' throat move, beauteously adorned, the waves of Soma as he purifies himself,
rvs.9.81 2 Hither hath Soma flowed unto the beakers, like a chariothorse-, a stallion swift upon his way.
rvs.9.81 3 While thou art cleansed, O Soma, scatter wealth on us; Indu, bestow great bounty as a liberal
rvs.9.82 HYMN LXXXII. Soma Pavamana. 82
rvs.9.82 1. EVEN as a King hath Soma, red and tawny Bull, been pressed: the Wondrous One hath bellowed to
rvs.9.82 O Soma, be thou gracious, driving off distress: thou goest, clothed in butter, to a robe of state.
rvs.9.82 Amid the holy songs go on that we may live: in time of trouble, Soma, watch thou free from blame.
rvs.9.83 HYMN LXXXIII. Soma Pavamana. 83
rvs.9.84 HYMN LXXXIV. Soma Pavamana. 84
rvs.9.84 2 He who hath come anear to creatures that have life, Immortal Soma flows onward to all of them.
rvs.9.84 He, poured forth in a stream flows with the lightnings' flash, Soma who gladdens Indra and the
rvs.9.84 4 Winner of thousands, he, this Soma, flows along, raising a vigorous voice that wakens with the
rvs.9.84 5 The kine with milk dress him who makes the milk increase, Soma, amid the songs, who finds the
rvs.9.85 HYMN LXXXV. Soma Pavamana. 85
rvs.9.85 1. FLOW on to Indra, Soma, carefully effused: let sickness stay afar together with the fiends.
rvs.9.85 Smite thou our enemies who raise the shout of joy: Indra, drink Soma juice, and drive away our
rvs.9.85 Winning us land and waters, flow thou hitherward: Rainer of bounties, Soma, make broad way for us.
rvs.9.85 Carefully cleansed and decked like a prizewinning steed, O Soma, thou hast flowed down within
rvs.9.86 HYMN LXXXVI. Soma Pavamana. 86
rvs.9.86 The drops of Soma juice, those eagles of the heavens, most cheering, rich in meath, rest in the
rvs.9.86 A Steer that over the woolly surface seeks the sieve, Soma while purified for Indras' nourishment.
rvs.9.86 The Rsis have poured in continuous Soma drops, ordainers who adorn thee, Friend whom Rsis love.
rvs.9.86 Pervading with thy natural powers thou flowest on, and as the whole worlds' Lord, O Soma, thou art
rvs.9.86 7 Served with fair rites he flows, ensign of sacrifice: Soma advances to the special place of Gods.
rvs.9.86 Soma flows on obtaining Indras' friendly love, and, as they purify him, settles in the jars.
rvs.9.86 O Indra, through thy wisdom, b thy thought, O Sage, Soma flows bright and pure between the earth
rvs.9.86 Soma speeds onward like a youth to youtlitial maids, and gains the beaker by a course of bundred
rvs.9.86 Worshippers have exalted Soma with their hymns, and milch kine have come near to meet him with
rvs.9.86 18 O Soma, Indu, while they cleanse thee, pour on us accumulateds Plentiful, nutritious food,
rvs.9.86 19 Farseeing- Soma flows, the Steer, the Lord of hymns, the Furtherer of day, of morning, and of
rvs.9.86 He made the Three Times Seven pour out the milky flow: Soma, the Cheerer, yields whatever the
rvs.9.86 22 Flow, onward, Soma, in thine own celestial forms, flow, Indu, poured within the beaker and the
rvs.9.86 Farsighted- Soma, now thou lookest on mankind: thou didst unbar the cowstall for the Angirases.
rvs.9.86 24 In thee, O Soma, while thou purifitedst thee, highthoughted- sages, seeking favour, have
rvs.9.86 30 Thou in the filter, Soma Pavamana, art purified to support the region for the Gods.
rvs.9.86 Gandharva of the floods, divine, beholding men, Soma, that he may reign as King of all the world.
rvs.9.86 May they pour forth for thee milk and oil rich in sweets: O Soma, let the folk abide in thy decree.
rvs.9.86 38 O Soma, thou beholdest men from every side: O Pavamana, Steer, thou wanderest through these.
rvs.9.86 Rich in brave men art thou, Soma, who winnest all: these holy singers wait upon thee with the song.
rvs.9.86 When, Indu, thou art. balmed with milk within the bowl, thou sinkest in the jars, O Soma, when
rvs.9.86 48 Winner of power, flow, Soma, worthy of our laud: run onward to the fleece as wellbeloved- meath.
rvs.9.87 HYMN LXXXVII. Soma Pavamana. 87
rvs.9.87 4 This thine own Soma rich in meath, O Indra, Steer for the Steer, hath flowed into the filter.
rvs.9.87 7 This Soma, pressed into the cleansing filter, hath run as it were a host let loose, the Courser;
rvs.9.87 9 Cleansing thyselr, and borne along with Indra, Soma, thou goest round the herd of cattle.
rvs.9.88 HYMN LXXXVIII. Soma Pavamana. 88
rvs.9.88 1. FOR thee this Soma is effused, O Indra: drink of this juice; for thee the stream is flowing-
rvs.9.88 Soma, which thou thyself hast made and chosen, even Indu, for thy special drink to cheer thee.
rvs.9.88 Thou art thyself like the WealthGiver-, Soma! who grants all boons, like songinspiring- Pusan.
rvs.9.88 4 Like Indra who hath done great deeds, thou, Soma, art slayer of the Vrtras, Fortdestroyer-.
rvs.9.88 Like Pedus' horse who killed the brood of serpents, thus thou, O Soma, slayest every Dasyu.
rvs.9.88 Like one who fights, the roaring of the mighty, thus Soma Pavamana sends his current.
rvs.9.88 8 Thine are King Varunas' eternal statutes, lofty and deep, O Soma, is thy glory.
rvs.9.88 Allpure- art thou like Mitra the beloved, adorable, like Aryaman, O Soma.
rvs.9.89 HYMN LXXXIX. Soma Pavamana. 89
rvs.9.89 With us hath Soma with a thousand currents sunk in the wood, upon his Mothers' bosom.
rvs.9.89 7 Fighting, uninjured come where Gods are feasted; Soma, as Vitraslayer- flow for Indra.
rvs.9.90 HYMN XC. Soma Pavamana, 90
rvs.9.90 5 O Soma, gladden Varuna and Mitra; cheer, Indu Pavamana! Indra, Visnu.
rvs.9.91 HYMN XCI. Soma Pavamana. 91
rvs.9.91 2 The drop of Soma, pressed by wise Nahusyas, becomes the banquet of the Heavenly People-
rvs.9.91 Give us health, ample land, and lights, O Soma, and grant us long to look upon the sunshine.
rvs.9.92 HYMN XCII. Soma Pavamana. 92
rvs.9.92 3 Shared by all Gods, mobt wise, propitious, Soma goes, while they cleanse him, to his constant
rvs.9.92 4 In thy mysterious place, O Pavamana Soma, are all the Gods, the ThriceEleven-.
rvs.9.92 Soma hath sought the beakers while they cleansed him, and like a wild bull, in the wood hath
rvs.9.93 HYMN XCIII. Soma Pavamana. 93
rvs.9.94 HYMN XCIV. Soma Pavamana. 94
rvs.9.94 All ther are easy things for thee to master thou, Pavamana Soma, quellest foemen.
rvs.9.95 HYMN XCV Soma Pavamana. 95
rvs.9.95 3 Hastening onward like the waves of waters, our holy hymns are pressing nigh to Soma.
rvs.9.96 HYMN XCVI. Soma Pavamana 96
rvs.9.96 Soma endues his robes of lasting colours, and blesses, for his friends, their calls on Indra.
rvs.9.96 3 O God, for service of the Gods flow onward, for food sublime, as Indras' drink, O Soma.
rvs.9.96 This is the wish of these friends assembled: this is my wish, O Soma Pavamana.
rvs.9.96 5 Father of holy hymns, Soma flows onward the Father of the earth, Father of heaven:
rvs.9.96 Falcon amid the vultures, Axe of forests, over the cleansing sieve goes Soma singing.
rvs.9.96 7 He, Soma Pavamana, like a river, hath stirred the wave of voice, our songs and praises.
rvs.9.96 9 Dear, grateful to the Gods, on to the beaker moves Soma, sweet to Indra, to delight him.
rvs.9.96 11 For our sage fathers, Soma Pavamana, of old performed, by thee, their sacred duties.
rvs.9.96 13 Flow onward, Soma, rich in sweets and holy,. enrobed in waters on the fleecy summit.
rvs.9.96 15 Purified with our holy hymns, this Soma overtakes malignities like some strong charger,
rvs.9.96 Pour booty, like a horse, for love of glory God, Soma, send us kine, and send us Vayu.
rvs.9.96 By songs a Poet and a Sage by wisdom, Soma joes singing through the cleansing filter.
rvs.9.96 A Steer who strives to gain his third form, Soma is, like Viraj, resplendent as a Singer.
rvs.9.96 As a bird flies and settles in the forest, thus Soma settles, purified, in goblets.
rvs.9.96 24 With full stream and abundant milk, O Soma, thy beams come, like a woman, as they cleanse thee.
rvs.9.97 HYMN XCVII. Soma Pavamana 97
rvs.9.97 4 Let us sing praises to the Gods: sing loudly, send ye the Soma forth for mighty riches.
rvs.9.97 10 Strong Indu, bathed in milk, flows on for Indra, Soma exciting strength, to make him joyful.
rvs.9.97 Raising a shout thou flowest as they cleanse thee, when thou, O Soma, art effused for Indra.
rvs.9.97 Flow to us wearing thy resplendent colour, effused and eager for the kine, O Soma.
rvs.9.97 18 Part, like a knotted tangle, while they cleanse thee, O Soma, righteous and unrighteous conduct.
rvs.9.97 These brilliant drops of Soma juice run forward. Do ye, O Deities, come nigh to drink them.
rvs.9.97 May Soma grant us riches sought with longing, mighty, exceeding strong, with store of heroes.
rvs.9.97 Give us food ample, thousandfold: be, Soma, the finderout- of riches when they cleanse thee.
rvs.9.97 27 So, God, for service of the Gods flow onward, flow, drink of Gods, for ample food, O Soma.
rvs.9.97 33 Pouring out streams at the Gods feast with service, thou, Soma, lookest down, a heavenly Eagle.
rvs.9.97 To the Cows' Master come the Cows inquiring: the hymns with eager longing come to Soma.
rvs.9.97 35 To Soma come the Cows, the Milchkine- longing, to Soma sages with their hvmns inquiring.
rvs.9.97 Soma, effused, is purified and blended our hymns and Trstup songs unite in Soma.
rvs.9.97 36 Thus, Soma, as we pour thee into vessels, while thou art purified flow for our welfare.
rvs.9.97 37 Singer of true songs, everwatchful-, Soma hath settled in the ladles when they cleanse him.
rvs.9.97 39 He, being cleansed, the Strengthener and Increaser, Soma the Bounteous, helped us with his
rvs.9.97 Steer, in the filter, on the fleecy summit, Soma, the Drop effused, hath waxen mighty.
rvs.9.97 41 Soma the Steer, in that as Child of Waters he chose the Gods, performed that great achievement.
rvs.9.97 Gladden the Gods, gladden the host of Maruts: make Heaven and Earth rejoice, O God, O Soma.
rvs.9.97 45 Strong Soma, pressed, like an impetuous courser, hath flowed in stream as a flood speeding
rvs.9.97 46 Strong, wise, for thee who longest for his coming this Soma here flows to the bowls, O Indra.
rvs.9.97 48 Now, chariotborne-, flow unto us, God Soma, as thou art purified flow to the saucers,
rvs.9.97 God Soma, send us chariotdrawing- horses that they may bring us treasures bright and golden.
rvs.9.97 56 This Soma here, the Wise, the Allobtainer-, flows on his way as King of all existence.
rvs.9.97 58 Soma, may we, with thee as Pavamana, pile up together all our spoil in battle.
rvs.9.98 HYMN XCVIII. Soma Pavamana 98
rvs.9.98 10 For Vrtraslaying- Indra, thou, Soma, art poured that he may drink,
rvs.9.99 HYMN XCIX. Soma Pavamana. 99
rvs.9.99 6 Soma, best Cheerer, takes his seat, the while they cleanse him in the bowls.
rvs.9.100 HYMN C. Soma Pavamana. 100
rvs.9.100 2 O Indu, while they cleanse thee bring, O Soma, doublywaxing- wealth
rvs.9.100 All treasures of the earth and heaven, O Soma, thou dost multiply.
rvs.9.100 5 Flow on, Sage Soma, with thy stream to give us mental power and strength,
rvs.9.100 O Soma, as most rich in sweets for Indra, Visnu, and the Gods.
rvs.9.101 HYMN CI. Soma Pavamana 101
rvs.9.101 3 The men with allpervading- song send unassailable Soma forth,
rvs.9.101 Even Soma, Lord of opulence, the Friend of Indra, day by day.
rvs.9.101 7 As Pusan, Fortune, Bhaga, comes this Soma while they make him pure.
rvs.9.101 The drops as they were purified, the Soma juices, made then paths.
rvs.9.101 10 For us the Soma juices flow, the drops best furtherers of our weal,
rvs.9.101 12 These Soma juices, skilled in song, purified, blent with milk and curd,
rvs.9.101 16 Soma upon the oxs' skin through the sheeps' wool flows purified.
rvs.9.102 HYMN CIL Soma Pavamana. 102
rvs.9.103 HYMN CIII. Soma Pavamana. 103
rvs.9.103 1. To Soma who is purified as ordering Priest the song is raised:
rvs.9.103 Goldenhued- Soma, being cleansed, hath reached the bowls.
rvs.9.104 HYMN CIV. Soma Pavamana. 104
rvs.9.105 HYMN CV. Soma Pavamana 105
rvs.9.106 HYMN CVI. Soma Pavamana. 106
rvs.9.106 Soma bethinks him of the Conqueror, as he knows.
rvs.9.106 4 Flow vigilant for Indra, thou Soma, yea, Indu, run thou on:
rvs.9.106 Rich in meath, Soma, in our beaker take thy place.
rvs.9.106 9 Stream opulence to us, ye drops of Soma, pressed and purified,
rvs.9.106 10 Soma, while filtered, with his wave flows through the long wool of the sheep,
rvs.9.107 HYMN CVII. Soma Pavamana. 107
rvs.9.107 I., HENCE sprinkle forth the juice effused,. Soma, the best of sacred gifts,
rvs.9.107 Who, friend of man, hath run amid the waterstreams-. He hath pressed Soma out with stones.
rvs.9.107 4 Cleansing thee, Soma, in thy stream, thou flowest in a watery robe:
rvs.9.107 6 O Soma, while they cleanse thee, dear and watchful in the sheeps' long wool,
rvs.9.107 7 Bountiful, best of furtherers, Soma floweth on, Rsi and Singer, keen of sight.
rvs.9.107 8 Pressed out by pressers, Soma goes over the fleecy backs of sheep,
rvs.9.107 10 Effused by stones, O Soma, and urged through the long wool of the sheep,
rvs.9.107 Even Soma Pavamana who shall be the joy of sages and of holy bards.
rvs.9.107 12 O Soma, for the feast of Gods, riverlike- he hath swelled with surge,
rvs.9.107 14 The living drops of Soma juice pour, as they flow, the gladdening drink,
rvs.9.107 17 Soma, the gladdening juice, flows pressed for Indra with his Marut host:
rvs.9.107 18 Purified in the bowl and gendering the hymn, wise Soma joys among the Gods.
rvs.9.107 19 O Soma, Indu, every day thy friendship hath been my delight.
rvs.9.107 20 Close to thy bosom am I, Soma, day and night. O Tawnyhued-, for friendship sake.
rvs.9.107 Thou flowest, Soma Pavamana, balmed with milk unto the special place of Gods.
rvs.9.107 Thou, Soma, as Exhilarator wast the first to spread the sea abroad for Gods.
rvs.9.107 24 Flow to the realm of earth, flow to the realm of heaven, O Soma, in thy righteous ways.
rvs.9.108 HYMN CVIII. Soma Pavamana. 108
rvs.9.108 1. FOR Indra, flow thou Soma on, as gladdening juice most sweet, intelligent,
rvs.9.108 Soma who brings us quiet homes:
rvs.9.108 15 Soma, for Indras' drink do thou, led by the men, wellwcaponcd- and most gladdening,
rvs.9.109 HYMN CIX. Soma Pavamana. 109
rvs.9.109 1. PLEASANT to Indras' Mitras', Pusans' Bhagas' taste, sped onward, Soma, with thy flowing stream.
rvs.9.109 2 Let Indra drink, O Soma, of thy juice for wisdom, and all Deities for strength.
rvs.9.109 4 Flow onward, Soma, as a mighty sea, as Father of the Gods to every form.
rvs.9.109 5 Flow on, O Soma, radiant for the Gods and Heaven and Earth and bless our progeny.
rvs.9.109 7 Soma, flow splendid with thy copious stream through the great fleece as in the olden time.
rvs.9.109 8 Soma, led by men, joyous, and purified, let the Lightfinder- make all blessings flow:
rvs.9.109 10 Flow on for wisdom, Soma, and for power, as a strong courser bathed, to win the prize.
rvs.9.109 11 The pressers purify this juice of thine, the Soma, for delight, and lofty fame
rvs.9.109 12 They deck the Goldhued- Infant, newlyborn, even Soma, Indu, in the sieve for Gods.
rvs.9.109 18 Pressed out with stones, directed by the men, go fortli, O Soma, into Indras' throat.
rvs.9.109 19 The mighty Soma with a thousand streams is poured to Indra through the cleansing sieve.
rvs.9.110 HYMN CX. Soma Pavamana. 110
rvs.9.110 2 In thee, effused, O Soma, we rejoice ourselves for great supremacy in fight.
rvs.9.110 7 Soma, the men of old whose grass was trimmed addressed the hymn to thee for mighty strength and
rvs.9.110 10 In the sheeps' wool hath Soma Pavamana flowed, while they cleanse him, like a playful infant,
rvs.9.110 Wellarmed- and conquering our foes, O Soma.
rvs.9.111 HYMN CXI. Soma Pavamana. 111
rvs.9.112 HYMN CXII. Soma Pavamana. 112
rvs.9.113 HYMN CXIII. Soma Pavamana. 113
rvs.9.113 1. LET Vrtraslaying- Indra drink Soma by Saryanavans' side,
rvs.9.113 2 Lord of the Quarters, flow thou on, boon Soma, from Arjika land,
rvs.9.113 Gandharvas have seized bold of him, and in the Soma laid the juice. Flow, Indu, flow for Indras'
rvs.9.113 Enouncing faith, King Soma! thou, O Soma, whom thy maker decks. Flow, Indu, flow for Indras' sake.
rvs.9.113 Lords it over Soma with the stone, with Soma bringing forth delight, flow, Indu, flow for Indras'
rvs.9.114 HYMN CXIV. Soma Pavamana. 114
rvs.9.114 Men call him rich in children, him, O Soma, who hath met thy thought. Flow, Indu, flow for Indras'
rvs.9.114 Pav reverence to King Soma born the Sovran Ruler of the plants. Flow, Indu, flow for Indras' sake.
rvs.9.114 Seven are the Aditya Deities, with these, O Soma, guard thou us. Flow, Indu, flow for Indras' sake.
rvs.9.114 4 Guard us with this oblation which, King Soma, hath been dressed for thee.
rvs.10.13 Take your place, ye who know your proper station: be near, be very near unto our Soma.
rvs.10.14 6 Our Fathers are Angirases, Navagvas, Atharvans, Bhrgus who deserve the Soma.
rvs.10.14 13 To Yama pour the Soma, bring to Yama consecrated gifts:
rvs.10.15 1. MAY they ascend, the lowest, highest, midmost, the Fathers who deserve a share of Soma-
rvs.10.15 5 May they, the Fathers, worthy of the Soma, invited to their favourite oblations.
rvs.10.15 8 Our ancient Fathers who deserve the Soma, who came, most noble, to our Soma banquet,
rvs.10.16 May Agni who devoureth all things heal it and Soma who hath passed into the Brahmans.
rvs.10.16 8 Forbear, O Agni, to upset this ladle: the Gods and they who merit Soma love it.
rvs.10.19 Agni and Soma, ye who bring riches again, secure us wealth.
rvs.10.22 15 Drink, drink the Soma, Hero Indra; be not withheld as thou art good, O Treasuregiver-.
rvs.10.24 1. O INDRA, drink this Soma, pressed out in the mortar, full of sweets.
rvs.10.25 HYMN XXV. Soma. 25
rvs.10.25 2 rn all thy forms, O Soma, rest thy powers that influence the heart.
rvs.10.25 3 Even if, O Soma, I neglect thy laws through my simplicity,
rvs.10.25 Soma, that we may live, grantat- your glad carousefull- powers of mind, like beakers. Thou art
rvs.10.25 5 O Soma, through thy might who art skilful and strong, these longing men,
rvs.10.25 6 Our herds thou guardest, Soma, and the moving world spread far and wide.
rvs.10.25 7 On all sides, Soma, be to us a Guardian Never to be deceived.
rvs.10.25 8 Be watchful, Soma, passing wise, to give us store of vital strength.
rvs.10.27 1. THIS, singer, is my firm determination, to aid the worshipper who pours the Soma.
rvs.10.28 So might he eat the grain and drink the Soma, and, satisfied, return unto; his dwelling.
rvs.10.28 That man I guard and save in all his troubles who fills my flanks when he hath shed the Soma.
rvs.10.28 3 Men with the stone press out for thee, O Indra, strong, gladdening Soma, and thereof thou
rvs.10.28 12 They were well occupied with holy duties who sped in person with their lauds to Soma.
rvs.10.30 A consecrated wave he now will give you, so press for him the Soma rich in sweetness.
rvs.10.30 5 Those in which Soma joys and is delighted, as a young man with fair and pleasant damsels.
rvs.10.30 Bearing the wellpressed- Soma juice to Indra, they harmonize in spirit with Adhvaryus.
rvs.10.30 Adhvaryus, press the Soma juice for Indra so will the service of the Gods be easy.
rvs.10.32 May Indra graciously accept both gifts from us, when he hath knowledge of the flowing Soma juice.
rvs.10.32 May he, O wealthy princes, and this Soma which I am bearing in my heart, reward you.
rvs.10.34 Dearer to me the die that never slumbers than the deep draught of Mujavans' own Soma.
rvs.10.35 For innocence we pray to Surya and to Dawn. So may the flowing Soma bring us bliss today-.
rvs.10.36 May we control that Power, Soma whose rays are bright. We crave this gracious favour of the Gods
rvs.10.39 Asvins, bestow on us a glorious heritage, and give our princes treasure fair as Soma is.
rvs.10.42 Quell with your voice the wickeds' voice, O sages. Singer, make Indra rest beside the Soma.
rvs.10.43 Sit, Wonderful! as King upon the sacred grass, and let thy drinkingplace- be by the Soma juice.
rvs.10.43 4 As on the fairleafed- tree rest birds, to Indra flow the gladdening Soma juices that the bowls
rvs.10.43 7 When Soma streams together unto Indra flow like waters to the river, rivulets to the lake,
rvs.10.45 5 The spring of glories and support of riches, rouser of thoughts and guardian of the Soma,
rvs.10.48 Pressing the Soma, ask riches from me alone: ye, Purus, in my friendship shall not suffer harm.
rvs.10.48 10 One of the two hath Soma, seen within it; the Herdsman with the bone shows forth the other.
rvs.10.49 Soma juice.
rvs.10.50 7 They who with flowing Soma pray to thee, O Sage, to pour on them thy gifts of opulence and
rvs.10.50 May they come forward, through their spirit, on the path of bliss, in the wild joy of Soma juice
rvs.10.53 7 Lovers of Soma, bind the chariot traces fast: set ye the reins in order and embellish them.
rvs.10.55 The Hero, waxing, after draughts of Soma, blew far from heaven the Dasyus with his weapon.
rvs.10.57 3 We call the spirit hither with the Soma of our parted sires,
rvs.10.57 6 O Soma with the spirit still within us, blest with progeny,
rvs.10.59 4 Give us not up as prey to death, O Soma still let us look upon the Sun arising.
rvs.10.59 May Soma give us once again our body, and Pusan show the Path of peace and comfort.
rvs.10.65 Adityas, Maruts, Visnu, Soma, lofty Sky, Rudra and Aditi, and Brahmanaspati.
rvs.10.65 And Soma blent with oil, putting his greatness forth, have with their power filled full the mighty
rvs.10.65 Winners of wealth, we call, and wise Brhaspati, destroyer of our foes, and Soma Indras' Friend.
rvs.10.66 7 To win us strength I glorify the Mighty Twain, Agni and Soma, Mighty Ones whom many laud.
rvs.10.69 11 Vadhryasvas' Agni evermore hath vanquished his foes with heroes who had pressed the Soma.
rvs.10.73 9 May the sweet Soma juices make him happy to cast his quoit that lies in depth of waters.
rvs.10.76 More rapidly than Vayu seize the Soma juice, better than Agni give us food, to you I sing.
rvs.10.76 7 The Stones press out the Soma, swift as carborne- men, and, eager for the spoil, drain forth the
rvs.10.76 8 Ye, present men, have been most skilful in your work, even ye, O Stones who pressed Soma for
rvs.10.77 Soma.
rvs.10.85 By Law the Adityas stand secure, and Soma holds his place in heaven.
rvs.10.85 2 By Soma are the Adityas strong, by Soma mighty is the earth.
rvs.10.85 Thus Soma in the midst of all these constellations hath his place.
rvs.10.85 Of him whom Brahmans truly know as Soma no one ever tastes.
rvs.10.85 4 Soma, secured by sheltering rules, guarded by hymns in Brhati,
rvs.10.85 9 Soma was he who wooed the maid: the groomsmen were both Asvins, when
rvs.10.85 40 Soma obtained her first of all; next the Gandharva was her lord.
rvs.10.85 41 Soma to the Gandharva, and to Agni the Gandharva gave:
rvs.10.86 Yet nowhere else thou findest place wherein to drink the Soma juice. Supreme is Indra over all.
rvs.10.86 I look upon the wise, and drink the simple votarys' Soma juice. Supreme is Indra over all.
rvs.10.89 Is Soma; forest trees and all the bushes deceive not Indra with their offered likeness.
rvs.10.89 6 Soma hath flowed to him whom naught can equal, the earth, the heavens, the firmament, the
rvs.10.91 15 Into thy mouth is poured the offering, Agni, as Soma into cup, oil into ladle.
rvs.10.94 When, rich with Soma juice, Stones of the mountain, ye, united, swift to Indra bring the sound of
rvs.10.94 They have been first to drink the flowing Soma juice, first to enjoy the milky fluid of the stalk.
rvs.10.94 Like tillers of the ground when they are sowing seed, they mix the Soma, nor, devouring, minish it.
rvs.10.96 Many libations flow for him who loveth them: to Indra have the goldhued- Soma juices run.
rvs.10.96 Gladden thee, Indra, with the meathrich- Soma: pour it down ever, Mighty One! within thee.
rvs.10.97 7 Herbs rich in Soma, rich in steeds, in nourishments, in strengthening power,
rvs.10.97 18 Of all the many Plants whose King is, Soma, Plants of hundred forms,
rvs.10.97 19 O all ye various Herbs whose King is Soma, that overspread the earth,
rvs.10.97 22 With Soma as their Sovran Lord the Plants hold colloquy and say:
rvs.10.99 When the Hawk comes in body to the Soma, armed with his iron claws he slays the Dasyus.
rvs.10.100 4 May Indra evermore be gracious unto us, and may King Soma meditate our happiness,
rvs.10.101 Bring quickly down, O priests, hither to give us aid, to drink the Soma, Indra Son of Nistigri.
rvs.10.103 8 Indra guide these: Brhaspati precede them, the guerdon, and the sacrifice, and Soma;
rvs.10.104 1. Soma hath flowed for thee, Invoked of mat Speed to our sacrifice with both thy Coursers.
rvs.10.104 O Indra, hearer of the laud, with Soma which stones have mixed for thee enhance thy rapture.
rvs.10.104 6 Lord of the Bays, come with thy two Bay Horses, come to our prayers, to drink the juice of Soma.
rvs.10.104 7 Him of a thousand powers, subduing foemen, Maghavan praised with hymns and pleased with Soma,
rvs.10.106 8 With your bellies full of the Soma, like two saucepans, preservers of wealth, destroyers of
rvs.10.107 They who give gold are blest with life eternal. they who give robes prolong their lives, O Soma.
rvs.10.108 8 Rsis will come inspirited with Soma, Angirases unwearied, and Navagvas.
rvs.10.108 Kine which Brhaspati, and Soma, Rsis, sages, and pressingstones- have found when hidden.
rvs.10.109 2 King Soma first of all, without reluctance, made restitution of the Brahmans' consort.
rvs.10.109 Through him Brhaspati obtained his consort, as the Gods gained the ladle brought by Soma.
rvs.10.112 2 Thou hast a car more swift than thought, O Indra; thercon come hither, come to drink the Soma.
rvs.10.112 5 Pressed for thy joyous banquet is the Soma, Soma whereof thou, Indra, ever drinking,
rvs.10.112 6 Found from of old is this thy cup, O Indra: Satakratu, drink therefrom the Soma.
rvs.10.113 When he came showing forth his majesty and power, he drank of Soma juice and waxed exceeding
rvs.10.113 8 Then all the Gods extolled, with eloquence inspired by draughts of Soma juice, thy deeds of
rvs.10.114 While they at sacrifices fix the metres, they measure out twelve chalices of Soma.
rvs.10.114 Who will declare to us the ford Apnana, the path whereby they drink first draughts of Soma?
rvs.10.116 1. DRINK Soma juice for mighty power and vigour, drink, Strongest One, that thou mayst smite down
rvs.10.116 2 Drink of the foodful juice stirred into motion, drink what thou choosest of the flowing Soma.
rvs.10.116 3 Let heavenly Soma gladden thee, O Indra, let that effused among mankind delight thee.
rvs.10.116 8 Eat, Indra, these oblations which approach thee: be pleased with food made ready and with Soma.
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.119 Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
rvs.10.124 Away pass Agni, Varuna and Soma. Rule ever changes: this I come to favour.
rvs.10.124 Let us two slaughter Vrtra. Forth, O Soma! Thou art oblation: we therewith will serve thee.
rvs.10.125 2 I cherish and sustain highswelling- Soma, and Tvastar I support, Pusan, and Bhaga.
rvs.10.128 Let us not lose our children or our bodies: let us not benefit the foe, King Soma!
rvs.10.130 Brilliant with Ukthas, Soma joined Anustup: Brhaspatis' voice by Brhati was aided.
rvs.10.131 4 Ye, Asvins, Lords of Splendour, drank full draughts of grateful Soma juice,
rvs.10.139 4 Waters from sacrifice came to the Gandharva Visvavasu, O Soma, when they saw him.
rvs.10.141 3 We call King Soma to our aid, and Agni with our songs and hymns,
rvs.10.148 As by a fountains' side, we bring the Soma that lay concealed, closehidden- in the waters.
rvs.10.149 So worshipping and lauding thee for favour I watch for thee as for the stalk of Soma.
rvs.10.154 1. FOR some is Soma purified, some sit by sacrificial oil:
rvs.10.160 O Indra, pleased today- with this libation, come, thou who knowest all and drink the Soma.
rvs.10.160 3 Whoso, devoted to the God, effuses Soma for him with yearning heart and spirit,
rvs.10.160 Never doth Indra give away his cattle: for him he makes the lovely Soma famous.
rvs.10.160 4 He looks with Ioving favour on the mortal who, like a rich man, pours for him the Soma.
rvs.10.169 3 Those who have offered to the Gods their bodies, whose varied forms are all well known to Soma,
rvs.10.173 May Soma speak a benison, and Brahmanaspati, on him.
rvs.10.173 6 On constant Soma let us think with constant sacrificial gift
rvs.10.174 3 Soma and Savitar the God have made thee a victorious King

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