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rvs.1.23 16 Along their paths the Mothers go, Sisters of priestly ministrants,
rvs.1.62 For many thousand holy works the Sisters wait on the haughty Lord like wives and matrons.
rvs.1.113 3 Common, unending is the Sisters' pathway; taught by the Gods, alternately they travel.
rvs.1.124 9 To all these Sisters who ere now have vanished a later one each day in course succeedeth.
rvs.1.164 Seven Sisters utter songs of praise together, in whom the names of the seven Cows are treasured.
rvs.1.178 2 Let not the Sovran Indra disappoint us in what shall bring both Sisters to our dwelling.
rvs.1.185 5 Faring together, young, with meeting limits, Twin Sisters lying in their Parents' bosom,
rvs.1.191 14 So have the peahens threetimesseven—, so have the maiden Sisters Seven
rvs.2.5 Is he not better than the Three, the Sisters who have come to us?
rvs.3.1 The Gods discovered in the midst of waters beautiful Agni with the Sisters' labour.
rvs.3.4 8 May Bharati with all her Sisters, Ila accordant with the Gods, with mortalls Agni,
rvs.3.33 9 List quickly, Sisters, to the bard who cometh to you from far away with car and wagon.
rvs.3.55 And yet these two, the dark, the red, are Sisters. Great is the Gods supreme and sole dominion.
rvs.4.22 7 With joy, O Indra, Lord of Tawny Coursers, the Sisters then, these Goddesses, extolled thee,
rvs.6.55 His Sisters' lover, will we laud.
rvs.6.61 9 She hath spread us beyond all foes, beyond her Sisters, Holy One,
rvs.7.2 8 May Bharati with all her Sisters, Ila accordant with the Gods, with mortals Agni,
rvs.8.41 Him dwelling at the rivers' source, surrounded by his Sisters Seven.
rvs.8.103 4 Dropping oil, sweet with Soma, pouring forth their stream, are the Seven Sisters in the seat of
rvs.9.26 5 Him, green, beloved, many eyed, the Sisters with prosing stones
rvs.9.28 4 Directed by the Sisters ten, bellowing on his way this Steer
rvs.9.37 Together with the Sisters, shine.
rvs.9.66 8 Driving thee in Vivasvans' course, the Seven Sisters with their hymns
rvs.9.82 The waters too have flowed, the Sisters, to the kine: he meets the pressingstones- at the beloved
rvs.9.86 36 The Sisters Seven, the Mothers, stand around the Babe, the noble, newborn- Infant, skilled in
rvs.10.5 5 He, calling loudly to the Seven red Sisters, hath, skilled in sweet drink, brought them to be
rvs.10.21 A Bull art thou when bellowing, at your glad carousethou- dost impregn the Sisters. Thou art
rvs.10.120 The spotless Sisters, they who are his Mothers, with power exalt him and impel him onward.
rvs.10.172 4 Dawn drives away her Sisters' gloom, and, through her excellence, makes her retrace her path.

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