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rvs.1.48 9 Shine on us with thy radiant light, O Usas, Daughter of the Sky,
rvs.1.79 Shine, thou of many forms, shine radiantly on us.
rvs.1.92 Shine thou on us this day, O Dawn auspiciously.
rvs.1.93 Shine forth an ample recompense.
rvs.1.113 Shine then today-, rich Maid, on him who lauds thee, shine down on us the gift of life and
rvs.1.123 Blessed art thou O Dawn. Shine yet more widely. No other Dawns have reached what thou attainest.
rvs.1.123 Shine thou on us today-, Dawn, swift to listen. With us be riches and with chiefs who worship.
rvs.1.124 Shine richly, Wealthy One, on those who worship, richly, glad.
rvs.3.10 Shine forth in thine own home as guardian of the Law.
rvs.3.15 4 Shine forth, a Bull invincible, O Agni, winning by conquest all the forts and treasures,
rvs.3.61 2 Shine forth, O Morning, thou auspicious Goddess, on thy bright car awaking pleasant voices.
rvs.5.21 Shine forth enkindled, Radiant One. Sit in the chamber of the Law, sit in the chamber of the food.
rvs.6.16 Shine forth and gleam, Eternal One.
rvs.6.65 6 Shine on us as of old, thou Child of Heavenon, him, rich Maid! who serves like Bharadvaja.
rvs.7.1 3 Shine thou before us, Agni, wellenkindled-, with flame, Most Youthful God, that never fadeth.
rvs.7.3 10 Shine this felicity on us, O Agni: may we attain to perfect understanding.
rvs.7.4 10 Shine this felicity on us, O Agni: may we attain to perfect understanding.
rvs.7.15 8 Shine forth at night and morn: through thee with fires are we provided well.
rvs.8.43 Shine, Agni, with thy sharpened flame.
rvs.8.47 Shine thou away the evil dream, O Dawn, whereof we are afraid. Yours are incomparable aids, and
rvs.8.49 6 Shine, Most Resplendent! blaze, send bliss unto the folk, and to thy worshipper
rvs.10.35 Shine ye on us today- auspicious, for renown. We pray to kindled Agni for felicity.
rvs.10.118 Shine guardian of Eternal Law.

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