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rvs.1.31 1 Thou, Agni, wast the earliest Angiras, a Seer; thou wast, a God thyself, the Gods auspicious
rvs.1.66 Like a Seer lauding, famed among the folk; like a steed friendly he vouchsafes us power.
rvs.6.14 2 Agni, in truth, is passing wise, most skilled in ordering, a Seer.
rvs.8.91 18 Wise Agni, Gods established thee, the Seer, noblest messenger,
rvs.9.12 4 Farsighted- Soma, Sage and Seer, is worshipped in the central point
rvs.9.47 4 Seer and Sustainer, he himself desireth riches for the sage

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