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rvs.1.112 16 Wherewith, O Heroes, ye vouchsafed deliverance to Sayu, Atri, and to Manu long ago;
rvs.1.116 And with your might, to help the weary Sayu, ye made the barren cow yield milk, Nasatyas.
rvs.1.117 20 Ye, WonderWorkers-, filled with milk for Sayu the milkless cow, emaciated, barren;
rvs.1.118 8 For ancient Sayu in his sore affliction ye caused his cow to swell with milk, O Asvins.
rvs.1.119 Ye made the cow of Sayu stream refreshing milk, and Vandana was holpen to extended life.
rvs.6.62 Bounteous, ye filled the cow with milk for Sayu: thus, swift and zealous Ones, ye showed your
rvs.10.40 8 Krsa and Sayu ye protect, ye Asvins Twain: ye Two assist the widow and the worshipper;

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