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rvs.1.22 5 For my protection I invoke the goldenhanded- Savitar.
rvs.1.22 6 That he may send us succour, praise the Waters Offspring Savitar:
rvs.1.22 On Savitar who looks on men.
rvs.1.22 8 Come hither, friends, and seat yourselves Savitar, to be praised by us,
rvs.1.24 3 To thee, O Savitar, the Lord of precious things, who helpest us
rvs.1.34 Savitar sends, before the dawn of day, your car, fraught with oil, variouscoloured-, to our
rvs.1.35 HYMN XXXV. Savitar. 35
rvs.1.35 I call on Night who gives rest to all moving life; I call on Savitar the God to lend us help.
rvs.1.35 Borne in his golden chariot he cometh, Savitar, God who looks on every creature.
rvs.1.35 Savitar comes, the God from the far distance, and chases from us all distress and sorrow.
rvs.1.35 The manyrayed- One, Savitar the holy, bound, bearing power and might, for darksome regions.
rvs.1.35 Held in the lap of Savitar, divine One, all men, all beings have their place for ever.
rvs.1.35 God Savitar the goldeyed- hath come hither, giving choice treasures unto him who worships.
rvs.1.35 9 The goldenhanded- Savitar, farseeing-, goes on his way between the earth and heaven,
rvs.1.35 11 O Savitar, thine ancient dustless pathways are well established in the airs' midregion-:
rvs.1.36 13 Stand up erect to lend us aid, stand up like Savitar the God:
rvs.1.44 8 At dawn of day, at night, Usas and Savitar, the Asvins, Bhaga, Agnis' self:
rvs.1.73 2 He who like Savitar the God, trueminded- protecteth with his power. all acts of vigour,
rvs.1.95 7 Like Savitar his arms with might he stretches; awful, he strives grasping the worlds' two
rvs.1.107 3 This laud of ours may Varuna and Indra, Aryaman Agni, Savitar find pleasant.
rvs.1.110 Sons of Sudhanvan, after your long journeying, ye came unto the home of liberal Savitar.
rvs.1.110 3 Savitar therefore gave you immortality, because ye came proclaiming him whom naught can hide;
rvs.1.123 May Savitar the God, Friend of the homestead, declare before the Sun that we are sinless.
rvs.1.124 Savitar, God, hath sent us forth to labour, each quadruped, each biped, to be active.
rvs.1.157 The Asvins have equipped their chariot for the course. God Savitar hath moved the folk in sundry
rvs.1.159 5 This is today- the goodliest gift of Savitar: this thought we have when now the God is
rvs.1.164 May Savitar give goodliest stimulation. The caldron is made hot; I will proclaim it.
rvs.1.186 1. LOVED of all men, may Savitar, through praises offered as sacred food, come to our synod,
rvs.2.1 7 Giver of wealth art thou to him who honours thee; thou art God Savitar, granter of precious
rvs.2.30 1. THE streams unceasing flow to Indra, slayer of Ahi, Savitar, God, Laws' fulfiller,
rvs.2.31 Trita, Rbhuksan, Savitar shall joy in us, and the Floods' swift Child in our worship and our
rvs.2.38 HYMN XXXVIII. Savitar. 38
rvs.2.38 1. UPRISEN is Savitar, this God, to quicken, Priest who neglects not this most constant duty.
rvs.2.38 He hath arisen from rest, and parted seasons: Savitar hath approached, God, holyminded-.
rvs.2.38 The Mother gives her Son the goodliest portion, and Savitar hath sped to meet his summons.
rvs.2.38 The woods are given to the birds. These statutes of the God Savitar none disobeyeth.
rvs.2.38 Then seeks each bird his nest, each beast his lodging. In due place Savitar hath set each creature.
rvs.2.38 Nor evilhearted- fiends, here for my welfare him I invoke, God Savitar, with worship.
rvs.2.38 That good may come to us and wealth be gathered, may we be Savitar the Gods' beloved.
rvs.2.38 That it be well with friends and those who praise thee, and, Savitar, with the loudlauding- singer.
rvs.3.20 5 I call on Savitar the God, on Morning, Brhaspati, and Dadhikras, and Agni,
rvs.3.33 Savitar, God, the lovelyhanded-, led us, and at his sending forth we flow expanded.
rvs.3.38 8 Let no one here debar me from enjoying the golden light which Savitar diffuses.
rvs.3.54 11 The fairtongued- Savitar, the goldenhanded-, comes thrice from heaven as Lord in our assembly.
rvs.3.54 Bear to the Gods this song of praise, and send us, then, Savitar, complete and perfect safety.
rvs.3.56 6 Do thou, O Savitar, from heaven thrice hither, three times a day, send down thy blessings daily.
rvs.3.56 7 Savitar thrice from heaven pours down abundance, and the fairhanded- Kings Varuna, Mitra;
rvs.3.56 And spacious Heaven and Earth, yea, and the Waters, solicit wealth that Savitar may send us.
rvs.3.62 10 May we attain that excellent glory of Savitar the God:
rvs.3.62 11 With understanding, earnestly, of Savitar the God we crave
rvs.3.62 12 Men, singers worship Savitar the God with hymn and holy rites,
rvs.4.6 Like Savitar he hath lifted up his splendour, and like a builder raised his smoke to heaven.
rvs.4.13 2 Savitar, God, hath spread on high his lustre, waving his flag like a spoilseeking- hero.
rvs.4.14 2 Producing light for all the world of creatures, God Savitar hath raised aloft his banner.
rvs.4.34 In full accord with Savitar, Divine One; in full accord with floods that pour forth riches.
rvs.4.53 HYMN LIII. Savitar. 53
rvs.4.53 1. OF Savitar the God, the sapient Asura, we crave this great gift which is worthy of our choice,
rvs.4.53 Clearsighted-, spreading far, filling the spacious realm, Savitar hath brought forth bliss that
rvs.4.53 Savitar hath stretched out his arms to cherish life, producing with his rays and lulling all that
rvs.4.53 4 Lighting all living creatures, Never to be deceived, Savitar, God, protects each holy ordinance.
rvs.4.53 5 Savitar thrice surrounding with his mightiness midair-, three regions, and the triple sphere of
rvs.4.53 May he vouchsafe us shelter, Savitar the God, for tranquil life, with triple bar against distress.
rvs.4.53 7 With the years' seasons hath Savitar, God, come nigh: may he prosper our home, give food and
rvs.4.54 HYMN LIV. Savitar. 54
rvs.4.54 1. Now must we praise and honour Savitar the God: at this time of the day the men must call to him,
rvs.4.54 Thereafter as a gift to men, O Savitar, thou openest existence, life succeeding life.
rvs.4.54 Absolve us from the guilt and make us free from sin, O Savitar, alike among both Gods and men.
rvs.4.54 4 None may impede that power of Savitar the God whereby he will maintain the universal world.
rvs.4.54 However they may fly and draw themselves apart, still, Savitar, they stand obeying thy behest.
rvs.4.54 6 May the libations poured to thee thrice daily, day after day, O Savitar, bring us blessing.
rvs.4.55 10 So then may Bhaga, Savitar, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, Indra, with bounty come to us.
rvs.5.42 So then let him, God Savitar, provide us excellent, ready, and resplendent treasures.
rvs.5.42 5 God Bhaga, Savitar who deals forth riches, Indra, and they who conquer Vrtras' treasures,
rvs.5.46 Visnu I call, Pusan, and Brahmanaspati, and Bhaga, Samsa, Savitar that they may help.
rvs.5.48 Naught by our human nature do we know of him, him from whom Bhaga Savitar bestows the boon.
rvs.5.49 1. THIS day I bring God Savitar to meet you, and Bhaga who allots the wealth of mortals.
rvs.5.49 2 Knowing full well the Asuras' time of coming, worship God Savitar with hymns and praises.
rvs.5.49 4 Sending the shelter which we ask, the foeless Savitar and the Rivers shall approach us.
rvs.5.81 HYMN LXXXI. Savitar. 81
rvs.5.81 He only knowing works assigns their priestly tasks. Yea, lofty is the praise of Savitar the God.
rvs.5.81 Excellent Savitar hath looked on heavens' high vault, and shineth after the outgoing of the Dawn.
rvs.5.81 He who hath measured the terrestrial regions out by his great power, he is the Courser Savitar.
rvs.5.81 4 To the three spheres of light thou goest, Savitar, and with the rays of Sidrya thou combinest
rvs.5.81 Yea, thou hast domination over all this world. Syavasva hath brought praise to thee, O Savitar,
rvs.5.82 HYMN LXXXII. Savitar. 82
rvs.5.82 1. WE crave of Savitar the God this treasure much to be enjoyed.
rvs.5.82 3 For Savitar who is Bhaga shall send riches to his worshipper.
rvs.5.82 4 Send us this day, God Savitar, prosperity with progeny.
rvs.5.82 5 Savitar, God, send far away all sorrows and calamities,
rvs.5.82 Savitar whose decrees are true.
rvs.5.82 Is Savitar the thoughtful God.
rvs.5.82 And brings them forth, is Savitar.
rvs.6.15 Nestlike-, bedewed with oil. Bear this our worship to Savitar who sacrifices rightly.
rvs.6.21 Pusan and Visnu, Agni and Purandhi, Savitar also, and the Plants and Mountains.
rvs.6.49 14 Sweet be this song of mine to Ahibudhnya, Parvata, Savitar, with Floods and Lightnings;
rvs.6.50 On Aryaman who gives unasked, the gracious, on Gods who save, on Savitar and Bhaga.
rvs.6.50 8 May Savitar come hither and approach us, the God who rescues, Holy, goldenhanded,
rvs.6.50 13 May this God Savitar, the Lord, the Offspring of Waters, pouring down his dew be gracious,
rvs.6.71 HYMN LXXI. Savitar. 71
rvs.6.71 1. FULL of effectual wisdom Savitar the God hath stretched out golden arms that he may bring forth
rvs.6.71 2 May we enjoy the noblest vivifying force of Savitar the God, that he may give us wealth:
rvs.6.71 3 Protect our habitation, Savitar, this day, with guardian aids around, auspicious, firm and true.
rvs.6.71 4 This Savitar the God, the goldenhanded-, Friend of the home, hath risen to meet the twilight.
rvs.6.71 5 Like a Director, Savitar hath extended his golden arms, exceeding fair to look on.
rvs.6.71 6 Fair wealth, O Savitar, today-, tomorrow-, fair wealth produce for us each day that passes.
rvs.7.15 12 Thou, Agni, givest hero fame: Bhaga and Savitar the God,
rvs.7.35 10 Prosper us Savitar, the God who rescues, and let the radiant Mornings be propitious.
rvs.7.37 8 Promise us gifts, O Savitar: may riches come unto us in Parvatas' full bounty.
rvs.7.38 HYMN XXXVIII. Savitar. 38
rvs.7.38 1. ON high hath Savitar, this God, extended the golden lustre which he spreads around him.
rvs.7.38 2 Rise up, O Savitar whose hands are golden, and hear this man while sacrifice is offered,
rvs.7.38 3 Let Savitar the God he hymned with praises, to whom the Vasus, even, all sing glory.
rvs.7.38 6 This may the Lord of Life, entreated, grant us, the wealth which Savitar the God possesses.
rvs.7.40 whatever God Savitar this day produces, may we be where the Wealthy One distributes.
rvs.7.45 HYMN XLV. Savitar. 45
rvs.7.45 1. MAY the God Savitar, rich in goodly treasures, filling the region, borne by steeds, come hither,
rvs.7.45 3 May this God Savitar, the Strong and Mighty, the Lord of precious wealth, vouchsafe us treasures.
rvs.7.45 4 These songs praise Savitar whose tongue is pleasant, praise him whose arms are full, whose hands
rvs.7.52 3 The everprompt- Angirases, imploring riches from Savitar the God, obtained them.
rvs.7.63 This Savitar, God, is my chief joy and pleasure, who breaketh not the universal statute.
rvs.7.66 Bhaga, and Savitar sendus forth.
rvs.7.72 God Savitar hath sent aloft his splendour, and fires sing praises with the kindled fuel.
rvs.7.79 Thy cattle, closely shutting up the darkness, as Savitar spreads his arms, give forth their lustre.
rvs.8.18 3 Now soon may Bhaga, Savitar, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman
rvs.8.27 12 Excellent Savitar hath mounted up on high for you, ye sure and careful Guides.
rvs.8.75 5 About the holy Law toils Savitar the God the horn of holy Law hath he spread far and wide.
rvs.9.67 25 Savitar, God, by both of these, libation, purifying power,
rvs.9.67 26 Cleanse us, God Savitar, with Three, O Soma, with sublimest forms,
rvs.9.81 The Maruts, Asvins, Vayu, and Brhaspati, Savitar, Tvastar, tractable Sarasvati.
rvs.9.97 Sweetest in waters, rich in meath, and holy, as Savitar the God is, truthfulminded.
rvs.9.110 And Savitar the God opens as it were a stall.
rvs.10.12 There let God Savitar, Aditi, and Mitra proclaim to Varuna that we are sinless.
rvs.10.17 Thither let Savitar the God transport thee, where dwell the pious who have passedbefore- thee.
rvs.10.27 To me hath Savitar, this God, declared it: He will perform, whose food is wood and butter.
rvs.10.31 4 Pleased be the Eternal Lord who loves the household with this man whom God Savitar created.
rvs.10.34 8 Merrily sports their troop, the threeandfifty—, like Savitar the God whose ways are faithful.
rvs.10.34 There are thy cattle there thy wife, O gambler. So this good Savitar himself hath told me.
rvs.10.35 7 Send us today- a portion choice and excellent, O Savitar, for thou art he who dealeth wealth.
rvs.10.36 13 All ye, the Gods whom Savitar the Father of truth, and Varuna and Mitra govern,
rvs.10.36 14 Savitar, Savitar from cast and westward, Savitar, Savitar from north and southward,
rvs.10.36 Savitar send us perfect health and comfort, Savitar let our days of life be lengthened!
rvs.10.64 They with one mind, one thought attend the sacrifice, urged by the favouring aid of Savitar the
rvs.10.66 We call upon Adityas, on the Gods, for help, on Vasus, Rudras, Savitar of wondrous deeds.
rvs.10.85 The SunGod- Savitar bestowed his willing Surya on her Lord.
rvs.10.85 13 The bridal pomp of Surya, which Savitar started, moved along.
rvs.10.85 24 Now from the noose of Varuna I free thee, wherewith Most Blessed Savitar hath bound thee.
rvs.10.85 Gods, Aryaman, Bhaga, Savitar, Purandhi, have given thee to be my households' mistress.
rvs.10.87 May the God Savitar give them up to ruin, and be their share of plants and herbs denied them.
rvs.10.92 Varuna, Indra, Mitra were of one accord, and Savitar and Bhaga, Lords of holy might.
rvs.10.93 9 O God Savitar, harmed by none, lauded, give us a place among wealthy princes.
rvs.10.100 Savitar with the Gods protect us: hear ye Twain. We ask for freedom and complete felicity.
rvs.10.100 3 May Savitar the God send us full life, to each who sacrifices, lives aright and pours the juice
rvs.10.100 8 May Savitar remove from us our malady, and may the Mountains keep it far away from where
rvs.10.100 Our guard to be adored is Savitar this God. We ask for freedom and complete felicity.
rvs.10.130 4 Closely was Gayatri conjoined with Agni, and closely Savitar combined with Usnih.
rvs.10.139 HYMN CXXXIX. Savitar. 139
rvs.10.139 Savitar, like a God, whose Law is constant, stands in the battle for the spoil like Indra.
rvs.10.141 Vata, Visnu, Sarasvati and the Strong Courser Savitar.
rvs.10.149 HYMN CXLIX. Savitar. 149
rvs.10.149 Savitar milked, as it were a restless courser, air, sea bound fast to what no foot had trodden.
rvs.10.149 2 Well knoweth Savitar, O Child of Waters, where ocean, firmly fixt, overflowed its limit.
rvs.10.149 As man to wife, let Savitar come downward to us, heavens' bearer, Lord of every blessing.
rvs.10.149 5 Like the Angirasa Hiranvastupa, I call thee, Savitar, to this achievement:
rvs.10.158 2 Thou Savitar whose flame deserves hundred libations, be thou pleased:
rvs.10.158 3 May Savitar the God, and may Parvata also give us sight;
rvs.10.161 Through hundredlived- oblation Indra, Agni, Brhaspati, Savitar yield him for a hundred!
rvs.10.174 3 Soma and Savitar the God have made thee a victorious King
rvs.10.175 1. MAY Savitar the God, O Stones, stir you according to the Law:
rvs.10.175 4 May Savitar the God, O Stones, stir you as Law commands for him
rvs.10.181 1. Vasistha mastered the Rathantara, took it from radiant Dhatar, Savitar, and Visnu,
rvs.10.181 From radiant Dhatar, Savitar, and Visnu, from Agni, Bharadvaja brought the Brhat.
rvs.10.181 From radiant Dhatar, Savitar, and Visnu, from Surya did these sages bring the Gharma.

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