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rvs.1.4 8 Thou, Satakratu, drankest this and wast the Vrtras' slayer; thou
rvs.1.4 9 We strengthen, Satakratu, thee, yea, thee the powerful in fight,
rvs.1.5 8 Our chants of praise have strengthened thee, O Satakratu, and our lauds
rvs.1.10 The priests have raised thee up on high, O Satakratu, like a pole.
rvs.1.16 9 Fulfil, O Satakratu, all our wish with horses and with kine:
rvs.1.30 15 That, Satakratu, thou to grace and please thy praisers, as it were,
rvs.1.51 Rushing in rapture; and over Satakratu came the gladdening shout that urged him on to victory.
rvs.1.54 6 Thou helpest Narya, Turvasa, and Yadu, and Vayyas' son Turviti, Satakratu!
rvs.1.105 O Satakratu, biting cares devour me, singer of thy praise, as rats devour the weavers' threads.
rvs.3.37 9 O Satakratu, powers which thou mid the Five Races hast displayed-
rvs.5.35 5 O Satakratu, Lord of Strength, O Indra, Caster of the Stone.
rvs.5.38 1. WIDE, Indra Satakratu, spreads the bounty of thine ample grace:
rvs.6.41 Rejoice thee, Satakratu! in the juices guard us in wars, guard us among our people.
rvs.6.45 25 O Indra Satakratu, these our songs have called aloud to thee,
rvs.8.13 O Satakratu, thou art strong, strong is our call.
rvs.8.32 11 He, Satakratu, even in fight acts as a Vrtraslayer- still,:
rvs.8.33 Thy car, O Maghavan, thy Bays are strong as bulls: thou, Satakratu, art a Bull.
rvs.8.36 1. THOU helpest him whose grass is trimmed, who sheds the juice, O Satakratu, drink Soma to make
rvs.8.36 2 Maghavan, help thy worshipper: let him help thee. O Satakratu, drink Soma to make thee glad.
rvs.8.36 O Satakratu, drink Soma to make thee glad.
rvs.8.36 4 Creator of the heaven, creator of the earth, O Satakratu, drink Soma to make thee glad.
rvs.8.36 5 Father of cattle, father of all steeds art thou. O Satakratu, drink Soma to make thee glad.
rvs.8.36 6 Stonehurler-, glorify the Atris' hymn of praise. O Satakratu, drink Soma to make thee glad.
rvs.8.50 He Satakratu! by his love hath gladdened thee, ambitious! ever pressing on!
rvs.8.50 We, seeking riches cry to Indra, Lord of wealth, to Satakratu with our lauds.
rvs.8.50 Thine arms, O Satakratu, are exceeding strong, arms which have grasped the thunderbolt.
rvs.8.65 7 O liberal Indra, Marutgirt-, muchlauded- Satakratu, drink
rvs.8.66 1. SCARCELY was Satakratu, born when of his Mother he inquired,
rvs.8.78 Let Satakratu, Vrtraslayer-, kill the foe with hundredknotted- thunderbolt.
rvs.8.80 Drawn, Satakratu! through the hole of car, of wagon, and of yoke.
rvs.8.81 Allconquering- Satakratu, most munificent of all who live.
rvs.8.81 12 We make thee, Satakratu, find enjoyment in the songs we sing.
rvs.8.81 13 For, Satakratu, Thunderarmed-, all that we craved, as men are wont,
rvs.8.81 16 O Satakratu Indra, now rejoice with that carouse of thine
rvs.8.82 27 O Satakratu, wondrous strength and all our lauds I bring to thee:
rvs.8.82 28 Bring to us all things excellent, O Satakratu, food and strength:
rvs.8.82 2 O Satakratu, bring to us all blessings, all felicity:
rvs.8.82 32 Known as best Vrtraslayer- erst, as Indra Satakratu, come
rvs.8.87 10 O Indra, bring great strength to us, bring valour, Satakratu, thou most active, bring
rvs.8.87 11 For, gracious Satakratu, thou hast ever been a Mother and a Sire to us,
rvs.8.87 12 To thee, Strong, Muchinvoked-, who showest forth thy strength, O Satakratu, do I speak:
rvs.8.88 8 Arranger of things unarranged, even Satakratu, source of might,
rvs.8.96 4 In whose laud thou didst joy, Indra, at the great deed, O Satakratu, Mighty One!
rvs.8.96 Eager for wealth we call on Indra, Lord of wealth, on Satakratu with our lauds.
rvs.8.97 As such, rousing thy power, we invocate thee now, thee Satakratu, Lord of Bays.
rvs.8.98 8 Thee would we worship, Indra, with our songs of praise: O Satakratu, be thou ours.
rvs.10.112 6 Found from of old is this thy cup, O Indra: Satakratu, drink therefrom the Soma.
rvs.10.134 4 As thou, O Satakratu, thou, O Indra, shakest all things down

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