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rvs.1.3 10 Wealthy in spoil, enriched with hymns, may bright Sarasvati; desire,
rvs.1.3 Sarasvati accept our rite
rvs.1.3 12 Sarasvati, the mighty flood, she with her light illuminates,
rvs.1.13 9 Ila, Sarasvati, Mahi, three Goddesses who bring delight,
rvs.1.89 Aryaman, Varuna, Soma, the Asvins. May Sarasvati, auspicious, grant felicity.
rvs.1.142 9 Let Hotra pure, set among Gods, amid the Maruts Bharati, Ila, Sarasvati, Mahi, rest on the
rvs.1.164 Wealthgiver-, treasure. finder, free bestower, bring that, Sarasvati, that we may drain it.
rvs.1.188 8 You I address, Sarasvati, and Bharati, and Ila, all:
rvs.2.1 Thou art the hundredwintered- Ila to give strength, Lord of Wealth! Vrtraslayer- and Sarasvati.
rvs.2.3 8 Sarasvati who perfects our devotion, Ila divine, Bharati all surpassing,
rvs.2.30 8 Sarasvati, protect us: with the Maruts allied thou boldly conquerest our foemen,
rvs.2.32 8 Her, Sinivali, her, Gungu, her, Raka, her, Sarasvati, Indrani to mine aid I call, and Varunani
rvs.2.41 16 Best Mother, best of Rivers, best of Goddesses, Sarasvati, We are, as it were, of no repute and
rvs.2.41 17 In thee, Sarasvati, divine, all generations have their stay.
rvs.2.41 18 Enriched with sacrifice, accept Sarasvati, these prayers of ours,
rvs.3.4 Sarasvati with all her kindred Rivers, come to this grass, Three Goddesses, and seat them.
rvs.3.23 On man, on Apaya, Agni! on the rivers Drsadvati, Sarasvati, shine richly.
rvs.3.54 The Holy, and Sarasvati, shall hear us: ye Mighty, give us wealth with noble offspring.
rvs.5.5 8 Ila, Sarasvati, Mahi, three Goddesses who bring us weal,
rvs.5.42 And may the fair Ones honour and befriend us, Sarasvati, Brhaddiva, and Raka.
rvs.5.43 11 From high heaven may Sarasvati the Holy visit our sacrifice, and from the mountain.
rvs.5.46 May both Nasatyas, Rudra, heavenly Matrons, Pusan, Sarasvati, Bhaga, accept us.
rvs.6.49 7 So may Sarasvati, the Heros' Consort, brisk with rare life, the lightnings' Child, inspire us,
rvs.6.50 12 May Rudra and Sarasvati, accordant, Visnu and Vayu, pour down gifts and bless us;
rvs.6.52 6 Most near, most oft comes Indra with protection, and she Sarasvati, who swells with rivers -
rvs.6.61 HYMN LXI. Sarasvati. 61
rvs.6.61 Consumer of the churlish niggard, one and all, thine, O Sarasvati, are these effectual boons.
rvs.6.61 Let us invite with songs and holy hymns for help Sarasvati who slayeth the Paravatas.
rvs.6.61 3 Thou castest down, Sarasvati, those who scorned the Gods, the brood of every Brsaya skilled in
rvs.6.61 4 May the divine Sarasvati, rich in her wealth, protect us well,
rvs.6.61 5 Whoso, divine Sarasvati, invokes thee where the prize is set,
rvs.6.61 7 Yea, this divine Sarasvati, terrible with her golden path,
rvs.6.61 Sarasvati hath earned our praise.
rvs.6.61 11 Guard us from hate Sarasvati, she who hath filled the realms of earth,
rvs.6.61 Created vast for victory like a chariot, Sarasvati must be extolled by every sage.
rvs.6.61 14 Guide us, Sarasvati, to glorious treasure: refuse us not thy milk, nor spurn us from thee.
rvs.7.2 Sarasvati with all her kindred Rivers, come to this grass, Three Goddesses, and seat them.
rvs.7.9 Bring all the Gods that they may give us riches, Sarasvati, the Maruts, Asvins, Waters.
rvs.7.35 11 May all the fellowship of Gods befriend us, Sarasvati, with Holy Thoughts, be gracious.
rvs.7.36 6 Coming together, glorious, loudly roaring - Sarasvati, Mother of Floods, the seventh-
rvs.7.39 And Aryaman, and Aditi, and Visnu. Sarasvati be joyful, and the Maruts.
rvs.7.40 Him, too, Sarasvati and Agni further, and there is none to rob him of his riches.
rvs.7.95 HYMN XCV. Sarasvati. 95
rvs.7.95 1. THIS stream Sarasvati with fostering current comes forth, our sure defence, our fort of iron.
rvs.7.95 2 Pure in her course from mountains to the ocean, alone of streams Sarasvati hath listened.
rvs.7.95 4 May this Sarasvati be pleased and listen at this our sacrifice, auspicious Lady,
rvs.7.95 5 These offerings have ye made with adoration: say this, Sarasvati, and accept our praises;
rvs.7.95 6 For thee, O Blest Sarasvati, Vasistha hath here unbarred the doors d sacred Order.
rvs.7.96 HYMN XCVI. Sarasvati. 96
rvs.7.96 Sarasvati will I exalt with hymns and lauds, and, O Vasistha, Heaven and Earth.
rvs.7.96 3 So may Sarasvati auspicious send good luck; she, rich in spoil, is never niggardly in thought,
rvs.8.21 17 Indra or blest Sarasvati alone bestows such wealth, treasure so great, or thou,
rvs.8.21 18 Citra is King, and only kinglings are the rest who dwell beside Sarasvati.
rvs.8.98 4 May Pusan, Visnu, and Sarasvati befriend, and the Seven Streams, this call of mine:
rvs.9.5 Sarasvati and Bharati and Ila, Mighty One, attend.
rvs.9.67 Sarasvati draws forth for him water and butter, milk and meath.
rvs.9.81 The Maruts, Asvins, Vayu, and Brhaspati, Savitar, Tvastar, tractable Sarasvati.
rvs.10.17 7 The pious call Sarasvati, they worship Sarasvati while sacrifice proceedeth.
rvs.10.17 The pious called Sarasvati aforetime. Sarasvati send bliss to him who giveth.
rvs.10.17 8 Sarasvati, who camest with the Fathers, with them rejoicing thee in our oblations,
rvs.10.17 9 Thou, called on as Sarasvati by Fathers who come right forward to our solemn service,
rvs.10.30 Ye are the Queens of independent riches Sarasvati give full life to the singer!
rvs.10.64 9 Let the great Streams come hither with their mighty help, Sindhu, Sarasvati, and Sarayu with
rvs.10.65 1. MAY Agni, Indra, Mitra, Varuna consent, Aryaman, Vayu, Pusan, and Sarasvati,
rvs.10.65 Hear all the Gods my words, Sarasvati give ear together with Purandhi and with Holy Thoughts.
rvs.10.75 5 Favour ye this my laud, O Ganga, Yamuna, O Sutudri, Parusni and Sarasvati:
rvs.10.110 So let Sarasvati and both her fellows, deft Goddesses, on this fair grass be seated.
rvs.10.131 When thou, with might. hadst drunk the draught that gladdens, Sarasvati, O Maghavan, refreshed
rvs.10.141 Vata, Visnu, Sarasvati and the Strong Courser Savitar.
rvs.10.184 2 O Sinivali, set the germ, set thou the germ, Sarasvati:

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