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rvs.1.10 That Sakra may take pleasure in our friendship and drinkofferings-.
rvs.1.10 For Indra, he is Sakra, he shall aid us while he gives us wealth.
rvs.1.54 2 Sing hymns of praise to Sakra, Lord of power and might; laud thou and magnify Indra who heareth
rvs.1.62 Thou hast, with speeders, with Dasagvas, Indra, Sakra, with thunder rent obstructive Vala.
rvs.1.177 Strewn is the sacred grass: come hither, Sakra; seat thee and drink: unyoke thy two Bay Coursers.
rvs.3.35 Accept the sacrificial gift, O Sakra, from the Adhvaryus' hand or from the Hotars'.
rvs.3.37 11 Come to us either from anear, Or, Sakra, come from far away.
rvs.4.16 6 Sakra who knoweth well all human actions hath with his eager Friends let loose the waters.
rvs.6.35 5 Lead otherwise this present foeman, Sakra! Hence art thou praised as Hero, foe destroyer
rvs.6.47 Sakra I call, Indra invoked of many. May Indra Maghavan prosper and bless us.
rvs.7.104 Sakra makes sharp his weapon for the wicked: now, let him cast his bolt at fiendish wizards.
rvs.7.104 Yea, Sakra, like an axe that splits the timber, attacks and smashes them like earthen vessels.
rvs.8.1 May Sakra make it swell sent forth with every prayer and asking, as it were, for strength.
rvs.8.2 23 O presser, offer Soma first to Indra, Hero, Sakra, him
rvs.8.4 May he with wisdom, Sakra! Looser! Muchinvoked-! aid us to riches and to seed.
rvs.8.12 17 Or, Sakra, if thou gladden thee afar or in the sea of air,
rvs.8.13 15 If, Sakra, Vrtraslayer-, thou be far away or near to us.
rvs.8.31 2 Sakra protects from woe the man who gives him sacrificial cake.
rvs.8.45 10 Thine enmity may we escape, and, Sakra, for thy bounty, rich
rvs.8.55 3 Sakra, who like a currycomb- for horses or a golden goad,
rvs.8.67 5 Indra can never be brought low, Sakra can never be subdued:
rvs.8.80 Bearing it to her home she said, For Indra will I press thee out, for Sakra will I press thee out.
rvs.8.81 11 We sought the wisdom of the wise. Sakra, Kinegiver-, Thunderarmed-!
rvs.8.81 Sakra, at hand that thou mayst give.
rvs.8.82 May Sakra listen to our prayers.
rvs.8.86 4 Whether, O Sakra, thou be far, or, Vrtraslayer-, near at hand,
rvs.8.86 14 Thou knowest well, O Sakra, thou Most Potent, with thy strength, Indra, to destroy these
rvs.8.96 1. As, Sakra, thou with Manu called Vivasvan drankest Soma juice,
rvs.10.38 Sakra, may we be thine, the friendly Conquerors': even as we desire, O Vasu, so do thou.
rvs.10.42 Sakra, let my intelligence be active, and bring us luck that finds great wealth, O Indra.
rvs.10.43 The man in whose libations Sakra hath delight by means of potent Somas vanquisheth his foes.
rvs.10.134 With all thy powers, O Sakra, all thine helps, O Indra, shake them down:
rvs.10.167 2 Let us call Sakra to libations here effused, winner of light who joyeth in the potent juice.

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